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GS92A3 车充大电流IC

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供应大电流车充IC GSTEK GS92A3- 5V/ 3A / 4A / 5A

宽输入电压范围:3 V ~ 28 V

可调0.8 V ~ 20V 输出范围

输出负载范围宽: 0到8A

负载输出电压精度 ±1%



集成18 mΩLDO = 5 V、N沟道 MOSFET的高边

综合9.5 mΩLDO = 5 V、N沟道 MOSFET的低端

选择迫使PWM或自动  烤瓷/ PWM模式

欠压保护 低电压保护





绿色产品(RoHS无铅, 符合无卤)


GS92A3 应用:


High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter 132-4387-4338 Aber GS92A3 Features  Wide Input Voltage Range:3V~28V  Adjustable 0.8V~20V Output Range  Wide output load range: 0 to 8A  ±1% Output Voltage Accuracy over Line and Load  Constant-on-time control scheme for fast transient and high Efficiency  Programmable Operation Frequency from 100kHz to 600kHz  Integrated 18 mΩ at LDO=5V N-Channel MOSFET For High Side  Integrated 9.5 mΩ at LDO=5V N-Channel MOSFET For Low Side  Selectable Forced PWM or automatic PFM/PWM mode  Under-Voltage Protection  Over-Voltage Protection  FB Short Protection  Internal 5V Pre-regulator  External Adjustable Soft-Start and Soft-Stop  Over Temperature Protection  Programmable Over Current Protection  TQFN23-4x4 package  Green Product (RoHS, Lead-Free, Halogen-Free Compliant) Applications  Notebook computers  CPU core/IO Supplies  Chip/RAM Supplies General Description The GS92A3 is small size chip with a relative constant on-time synchronous buck switching converter suitable for applications in notebook computers and other battery operated portable devices. Features include wide input voltage range, high efficiency and fast dynamic response The GS92A3 has a unique power save mode, which can save battery power supply by decreasing frequency when load current falls down below preset critical current point. The fast dynamic transient response means that buck converter applications based on GS92A3 will provide about 100ns-order response to load when output voltage falls down or rises up. The frequency will increase or decrease to meet the change in output load. Moreover, the GS92A3 will take the same method to regulate the output voltage when input voltage changes. When transient response regulated, the converter will maintain a new steady-state operation. Both the transient response state and the new state, the GS92A3 always has the same on-time width. The GS92A3 is suitable for the solutions which have the output voltage between 0.8V and 20V. An external setting resistor and output voltage can set the on-time width, duty-cycle and frequency for the converter. The integrated gate drivers feature adaptive shoot-through protection, fast signal transmission. Additional features include current limit, soft-start, over-voltage and under-voltage protection and soft discharge upon shutdown. The GS92A3 is available in package TQFN23-4x4. This document is GStek's confidential information. Anyone having confidential obligation to GStek shall keep this document confidential. Any unauthorized disclosure or use beyond authorized purpose will be considered as violation of confidentiality and criminal and civil liability will be asserted. Green Solution Technology Co., LTD. Rev.:1.0 1 Nov-14 High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter Typical Application 132-4387-4338 Aber GS92A3 4.5V~5.5V CLDO DEM Floating CCM OFF CSS AIN VIN VCC TON BOOT GS92A3 LX EN/DEM CS FB VOUT SS AGND RTON 3V~28V CVIN Option for MLCC Application CBOOT RR CR CC RCS L1 RFB1 RFB2 CVOUT PGND Option for Vout > 2.5V RVO1 RVO2 Figure 1a Typical Application of GS92A3 CLDO DEM Floating CCM OFF CSS AIN VIN VCC TON BOOT GS92A3 LX EN/DEM CS FB VOUT SS AGND RTON 6V~28V CVIN Option for MLCC Application CBOOT RR CR CC RCS L1 RFB1 RFB2 CVOUT PGND Option for Vout > 2.5V RVO1 VOUT RVO2 Figure 1b Typical Application of GS92A3 Green Solution Technology Co., LTD. Rev.:1.0 2 Nov-14 High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter Function Block Diagram AIN 7 VCC SS 21 23 132-4387-4338 Aber GS92A3 BOOT 20 VIN 8,9,22 EN/DEM 1 VOUT 5 TON 6 Enable/ Mode selection Pre Reg Bandgap Vref=0.8V VCC UVLO TON Generator 1V 0.36V Error AMP Error AMP OVP UVP 0.8V GM Error AMP Protection Logic PWM CMP Soft Start LDO UVLO Gate Control Logic OCP 4 FB Pin Configuration 3 2 AGND CS Figure 2 Function Block Diagram SS VIN VCC BOOT PGND LX 23 22 21 20 19 18 DRV High Side MOS DRV Low Side MOS 10, 11 16~18 LX 12~15, 19 PGND EN/ DEM 1 CS 2 24 25 AGND 3 VIN LX FB 4 VOUT 5 TON 6 17 LX 16 LX 15 PGND 14 PGND 13 PGND 12 PGND 7 89 AIN VIN VIN 10 11 LX LX (Top view ) Figure 3 TQFN23-4x4 Package Green Solution Technology Co., LTD. Rev.:1.0 3 Nov-14 High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter 132-4387-4338 Aber GS92A3 Pin Descriptions No. Name 1 EN/DEM 2 CS 3 AGND 4 FB 5 VOUT 6 TON 7 8, 9, 22,24 10, 11, 16~18,25 12~15, 19 AIN VIN LX PGND 20 BOOT 21 VCC 23 SS I/O Description Buck Enable Control Pin. EN=Low, Shutdown; EN=High, I Auto-DEM Mode; EN=Floating, Forced CCM. Current Limit Detecting Input Pin. Connect LX Pin though an I/O external resistor to set the current limit threshold. O Signal GND. Feedback Input. Adjust the output voltage with a resistive I voltage-divider between the regulator’s output and AGND. VOUT Pin offers the output information to the chip, in order to make the frequency setting more accuracy. When OVP I condition occurs, through this pin discharge the energy of vout capacitor. On-Time Setting Input. Connect a resistor between VIN and I/O TON to set the on time width. I/O Supply Input for internal analog circuitry. Supply Input. VIN is the regulator input. All VIN pins must be I connected together. Upper Driver Floating Ground for Buck Controller. Connect I/O to an external inductor. O Power Ground. Bootstrap Capacitor Connection. Connect a capacitor I between BOOT and LX Pin. I/O Internal Linear Regulator Output. Soft-Start Time Setting Pin. Connect a capacitor between I/O SS and AGND to set the soft-start time. Green Solution Technology Co., LTD. Rev.:1.0 4 Nov-14 High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter Ordering Information GS92A3TQ-R 1. Package 2. Shipping 132-4387-4338 Aber GS92A3 No Item Contents 1 Package TQ:TQFN23-4x4 2 Shipping R: Tape & Reel Example: GS92A3 TQFN23-4x4 Tape & Reel ordering information is “GS92A3TQ-R” Absolute Maximum Rating (Note 1) Parameter VIN, AIN to GND TON to GND VCC to GND EN/DEM to GND VOUT, FB to GND BOOT Voltage BOOT to LX Voltage LX to GND DC <200ns Package Power Dissipation at TA≦25°C Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Lead Temperature (Soldering) 10S ESD (Human Body Mode) (Note 2) ESD (Machine Mode) (Note 2) Symbol VIN, VAIN VTON VCC VEN/DEM VOUT, VFB VBOOT-GND VBOOT-LX VLX PD_TQFN23-4x4 TJ TSTG TLEAD VESD_HBM VESD_MM Limits -0.3 ~ 30 -0.3 ~ 30 -0.3 ~ 6 -0.3 ~ 30 -0.3 ~ 6 -0.3 ~ 40 -0.3 ~ 6 -0.7 ~ 30 -8 ~ 32 3546 - 45 ~ 150 - 55 ~ 150 260 2K 200 Units V V V V V V V V mW °C °C °C V V Green Solution Technology Co., LTD. Rev.:1.0 5 Nov-14 High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter 132-4387-4338 Aber GS92A3 Thermal Information (Note 3) Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Symbol θJA_TQFN23-4x4 Limits 28.2 Units °C/W Recommend Operating Condition (Note 4) Parameter Symbol VIN to GND (Note 5) AIN to GND (Note 5) VCC to GND EN/DEM to GND Junction Temperature Ambient Temperature VIN VAIN VVCC VEN/DEM TJ TA Limits 3~28 6~28 4.5~5.5 VEN/DEM= VAIN -40 ~125 -40 ~ 85 Units V V V V °C °C Electrical Characteristics (RTON=300KOhm, VIN=12V, VOUT=1.2V, EN/DEM=VIN, TA =25°C, unless otherwise specified) Parameter Symbol Conditions Min Typ Max Supply Voltage (VAIN) Under voltage lock out (Rising) VAIN_UVLO 5.5 UVLO Hysteresis VAIN_UVLOHYS 0.2 5V Pre-regulator (VVCC) Output Voltage Under voltage lock out (Rising) UVLO Hysteresis Reference Voltage VVCC VVCC_UVLO VVCC_UVLOHYS 5.15 4.15 0.3 FB Reference Voltage VFB VVCC=5V 0.8 Enable Logic EN Logic Low Voltage EN Floating Voltage VEN_L VEN_F EN Falling VIN Power On, Stable State(Forced CCM) 0.6 2.2 EN Logic High Voltage VEN_H EN Rising(DEM) 3.1 Current Parameters Units V V V V V V V V V Quiescent IQ FB=0.85V, VIN=12V 830 uA Green Solution Technology Co., LTD. Rev.:1.0 6 Nov-14 High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter 132-4387-4338 Aber GS92A3 Soft start current ISS Vss=0 10 uA EN=0, I(VIN) 4 uA Shutdown Current ISHTDN EN=0, I(TON) EN=0, I(EN) 0.01 uA -2 -1 uA Logic Input Current EN=12V IEN EN=0V 13 uA -2 -1 uA System Time & Driver On-Resistance On-Time Minimum On-Time Minimum Off-Time High Side MOS RDSON High Side Leakage Low Side MOS RDSON Low Side Leakage Current Sensing TON TON_Min TOFFMIN RDSH ILEAKH RDSL ILEAKL VIN=12V, VFB=0.79V, RTON=300K, VOUT=1.2V VIN=12V, VFB=0.79V, RTON=1K, VOUT=1.2V VIN=12V, VFB=0.79V, RTON=300K BOOT-LX=5V VCC-GND=5V 300 ns 100 ns 440 ns 18 mohms 10 uA 9.5 mohms 10 uA CS Set Source Current ICS VCS=1V 20 uA ICS current temperature coefficient TCS On the bias of TA=25°C 4900 ppm/°C Current Limit 1 (Rising) Current Limit 2 (Rising) ILIM1 GND-LX, RCS=18K ILIM2 GND-LX, RCS=10K 324 360 396 mV 180 200 220 mV Current Limit 3 (Rising) Zero Crossing Threshold ILIM3 GND-LX, RCS=2.5K VT_0 GND-LX 35 50 65 mV -10 10 mV Voltage Fault Protection UVP Threshold VUV_TH Measure at VFB, with respect to reference voltage 45 % UVP Blank Time TUV_B From Enable to UVP 80mV2.5V GS92A3 can increase the duty-cycle automatically as input voltage falls down. Because of the constant on-time in each switching period, the converter Fsw=VOUT/ (VIN×TON) RTON is a resistor connected from the input supply (VIN) to the TON pin. maintains the relative frequency when the input For heavy load (more than 8A) application, due to voltage changes ground bounced and the high impedance of RTON, the At the beginning of each switching cycle, upper TON pin should always be bypassed to GND using a power MOSFET is turned on, after typical fixed several nF-order ceramic capacitor for reliable system on-time, the upper MOSFET is turned off, and then operation. lower power MOSFET is turned on after internal EN, PFM/PWM Mode and Shutdown Soft-Discharge dead time. The upper MOSFET will not be turned on The EN/DEM pin enables the power supply. When at the beginning of next cycle until output voltage falls EN/DEM is tied to high voltage (over VEN_H) the GS92A3 down below the preset voltage and the dead time is enabled and diode-emulated mode (DEM, which is passes. The same events repeat the following power save mode) will be also enabled. When the switching cycles. To avoid the surge inductor current EN/DEM is floating or tri-stated, an internal tri-stated during large load transient, a minimum Off-time is judged logic module will activate the controller and the added. Typical minimum off-time is around 440ns. DEM Mode will be disabled. The too small on-time can affect soft-start and In DEM mode, when the loads goes low, GS92A3 starts anti-noise ability, so in order to avoid the on-time too power save mode in order to maintain the on-time and small to be eliminated; a minimum on-time is set to decrease the system clock frequency to skip PWM around 110ns. This should to be noted in the small pulses for better efficiency. If DEM Mode is enabled, the duty applications. GS92A3 zero crossing comparator will sense the Green Solution Technology Co., LTD. Rev.:1.0 12 Nov-14 High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter 132-4387-4338 Aber GS92A3 inductor current and judge its value by comparing the LX node (LX) to PGND. Once the LX node voltage is equal to the PGND node voltage, the converter will enter the DEM Mode and turn off the low side power MOSFET. As the load current is further decreased, it takes longer time to discharge the output capacitor to the level than required the next switching cycle. The on-time is kept the same as that in the heavy-load condition. If the EN/DEM pin is pulled low, the GS92A3 internal logic will shutdown the switching clock and stop the buck converter, and Discharge Module works to discharge the related output voltage through the VOUT pin. This will ensure that the output is in a defined state next time when it is enabled. Since this is a soft discharge, that there are no dangerous negative voltage excursions to be concerned about. In order to maintain the correct function of the soft-discharge module, the chip power supply must be online. Output Voltage Selection The output voltage is set by the feedback resistors RFB1 and RFB2 of Figure1a and Figure1b. The internal reference is 0.8V, so the voltage at the feedback pin is also 0.8V. Therefore the output can be set by the equation below: VOUT= (1+RFB1/RFB2) ×0.8V Current Limit The GS92A3 uses the on-state resistance of the low-side power MOSFET as a current-sense resistor. In this case, the RCS resistor between the LX pin and CS pin sets the over current threshold. This resistor RCS is connected to a 20uA current source within the GS92A3 which is turned on when the low side power MOSFET turns on. When the voltage drop across the low side power MOSFET equals the voltage crossing the current limit resistor RCS, positive current limit will activate. The high side Power MOSFET will not be Green Solution Technology Co., LTD. Rev.:1.0 turned on until both the voltage drop across the sense element (low side power MOSFET) falls below the voltage across the RCS resistor and the output voltage falls to pre-set value. The current sensing circuit actually regulates the inductor valley current. This means that if the magnitude of the current-sense signal at CS pin is above the current-limit threshold, the PWM is not allowed to initiate a new switching cycle. The equation for the current limit threshold is as follows: IL_LIMIT=20uA× RCS/RDSL Where, RDSL is the resistance of low side power MOSFET. It is diagramed by the graph below: IL IL Average Current Limit Threshold Maximum IOUT Ensure that noise and DC errors do not corrupt the current-sense signal seen by CS and PGND. Mount the IC close t the low side power MOSFET and sense resistor with short, direct traces, making a Kelvin sense connection to the sense resistor. Output Over-Voltage Protection When the output voltage rises up to 125% of the preset voltage, the internal fault-logic module delays about 20us and turns on the low side Power MOSFET. It stays latched on and the GS92A3 is latched off until Power Reset or EN Reset. Output Under-Voltage Protection When the output voltage falls down to 45% of the preset voltage, the internal fault-logic module will delay about 20us and turns off both the high side and low side Power MOSFETs. Both switches stay latched off and the GS92A3 is latched off until Power Reset or EN Reset. During soft-start, the UVP will be blanked, until soft-start procedure finished. The blank time depended 13 Nov-14 High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter 132-4387-4338 Aber GS92A3 on the value of the capacitor connected to SS Pin. the Vout Pin provides a discharge path from output to But if the output voltage rises up above the UVP gnd. threshold tolerance during the counter period, the External Devices Selection UVP counter is released immediately. For loop stability, the 0 dB frequency (f0), defined in the UVLO and Soft-Start follow equation: An internal under voltage lockout (UVLO) module is used to sense the VCC power supply. The PWM f0  1 2  RESR COUT  fSW 4 converter is forbidden by the under voltage lockout The loop stability is determined by the output capacitor. module. When VCC rises about 4.15V, the GS92A3 Specialty polymer capacitors have COUT in the order of will initial the control logic circuitries and soft-start several 100uF and RESR in range of 10mohm is ramping generator, and then allows switching to recommended. However, ceramic capacitors have f0 at occur. When VCC falls down to about 3.85V, the more than 700 KHz, which is not recommended. PWM converter is forbidden again. In order for the right regulate manner, the ripple voltage When VAIN rises about 5.5V, the LDO output voltage at the feedback pin (FB), should be approximately (VCC) of GS92A3 enables and regulates a 5.15V 15mV. This generates Vripple= (VOUT/0.8) ×15mV at the voltage. After VAIN falls down to 5.3V the LDO (VCC) output node. The output capacitor RESR should meet will turn off. this equation. After soft-start module starting, the GS92A3 The external device selection is list below: converter will release the current limit threshold Choose Feedback Voltage Divider Resistor followed the soft-start ramp. After UVP blanking time, the output under voltage protection is enabled. FB Short Protection Set RFB2=1K~20K ohm RFB1  (VOUT  0.8 0.8)  RFB2 Because the UVP protection is blanked during the Choose RTON soft-start period, if FB pin short to GND, the output voltage will increase continuously without OVP TON(Max)  1 fSW  VOUT VIN(Min) protection. It is a very dangerous condition. The GS92A3 build in a safety protection scheme to avoid RTON(MAX)  (VIN  0.8) 375K this situation. When soft-start procedure begins, the Choose Inductor GS92A3 monitors the output situations, if FB Pin Set the ripple current approximately 1/4 to 1/2 of the short condition happens, the device will stop the maximum output current. 1/3 is recommended. The switching cycle and latch on. Only Power on Reset recommended inductor can be calculated from the and EN Reset can release this latch condition. output current, indicated by formula below VOUT Pin The Vout Pin offers feedback information of output voltage. This information makes the ton more LIND 3 IIOUT(max)  f  (VIN(max) VOUT ) VOUT VIN(max) accurate, so the switching frequency variation is very For applications that require fast transient response small even when the GS92A3 operates on very wide with minimum VOUT overshoot, consider a smaller input voltage range. When any fault condition occurs, inductance than above. The cost of a small inductance Green Solution Technology Co., LTD. Rev.:1.0 14 Nov-14 High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter value is higher steady state ripple, larger line regulation, and higher switching loss. Choose Output Capacitors RESR  1  VOUT  0.015 Iripple 0.8  3  VOUT  0.015 IOUT(max) 0.8 RESR  VOUT 75(mohm) IOUT(max) Organic semiconductor capacitors are recommended. Choose Soft-Start Capacitor When SS ramp rise up to about 1.6V, the chip thinks the soft-start procedure is over, and then, release the UVP protection function. At the same time, the VOUT voltage will reach the target set by the FB resistor divider. So, the total soft-start time is defined by the formula below: TSS  1.6 CSS ISS 1.6 108 CSS (ms) Where, the unit of TSS is mS. For example, the typical TSS is equal to 1.6mS with 10nF CSS. 132-4387-4338 Aber GS92A3 Green Solution Technology Co., LTD. Rev.:1.0 15 Nov-14 High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter Package Dimensions, TQFN23-4x4 L2 132-4387-4338 Aber GS92A3 E1 pin 1 dot A A1 D (Top view) (Side view) E A3 D1 k D1 L1 L1 D2 D3 21 L e b (Bottom view) Symbol A A1 A3 b D D1 D2 D3 E E1 E2 E3 L L1 L2 e k Dimensions in Millimeters Min. Max. 0.70 0.80 0.00 0.05 0.203 REF. 0.20 0.30 3.90 4.10 0.65 0.85 0.85 1.05 1.24 1.44 3.90 4.10 2.95 3.15 2.60 2.70 2.95 3.15 0.35 0.45 0.57 0.67 0.23 0.33 0.50 REF. 0.33 0.37 Note 1. Min.: Minimum dimension specified. 2. Max.: Maximum dimension specified. 3. REF.: Reference. Normal/Regular dimension specified for reference. Green Solution Technology Co., LTD. Rev.:1.0 16 Nov-14 High Performance Single Synchronous Buck Converter 132-4387-4338 Aber GS92A3 DISCLAIMERS Please read the notice stated in this preamble carefully before Admission e accessing any contents of the document attached. Admission of GStek’s statement therein is presumed once the document is released to the receiver. Notice: Firstly, GREEN SOLUTION CO., LTD. (GStek) reserves the right to make corrections, modifications, enhancements, improvements, and other changes to its information herein without notice.. And the aforesaid information does not form any part or parts of any quotation or contract between GStek and the information receiver. Further, no responsibility is assumed for the usage of the aforesaid information. GStek makes no representation that the interconnect of its circuits as described herein will not infringe on exiting or future patent rights and other intellectual property rights, nor do the descriptions contained herein express or imply that any licenses under any GStek patent right, copyright, mask work right, or other GStek intellectual property right relating to any combination, machine, or process in which GStek products or services are used. Besides, the product in this document is not designed for use in life support appliances, devices, or systems where malfunction of this product can reasonably be expected to result in personal injury. GStek customers’ using or selling this product for use in such applications shall do so at their own risk and agree to fully indemnify GStek for any damage resulting from such improper use or sale. At last, the information furnished in this document is the property of GStek and shall be treated as highly confidentiality; any kind of distribution, disclosure, copying, transformation or use of whole or parts of this document without duly authorization from GStek by prior written consent is strictly prohibited. The receiver shall fully compensate GStek without any reservation for any losses thereof due to its violation of GStek’s confidential request. The receiver is deemed to agree on GStek’s confidential request therein suppose that said receiver receives this document without making any expressly opposition. In the condition that aforesaid opposition is made, the receiver shall return this document to GStek immediately without any delay. Green Solution Technology Co., LTD. Rev.:1.0 17 Nov-14




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