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晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 1 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY SPECIFICATION MODEL NO: SJ23N-01V0F This module uses ROHS material CUSTOMER: 聚福康 d Customer Approval: □ Approve Specification Only re □ Approve Specification and Sample te APPROVED BY egis DATE: nR ISSUED DATE: 2015/5/4 U PREPARED BY CHECKED BY APPROVED BY 郑清 地址: 电话: 深圳市宝安区福永塘尾华丰科技园 4 栋 3 楼 0755-29607776/29607929 传真: 0755-89474558 SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD SJ23N-01V0F Ver. 0.0 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 2 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY RECORDS OF REVISION DATE REF.PAGE PARAGRAPH DRAWING No. 2012/10/18 ALL REVISED No. 0.0 SUMMARY FIRST ISSUE REMARK UnRegistered SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD SJ23N-01V0F Ver. 0.0 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 3 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY Contents 1 Introduction----------------------------------------------- 4 2 General specification------------------------------------- 5 3 Mechanical drawing-------------------------------------- 6 4 Absolute maximum ratings------------------------------ 7 5 Electrical characteristics---------------------------------- 7 6 7 8 9 Optical characteristics ------------------------------------ d MCU Interface Pin function ----------------------------- Caution ------------------------------------------------------ UnRegistere LCM quality criteria--------------------------------------- 8-9 10 11 12-17 SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD SJ23N-01V0F Ver. 0.0 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 4 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY 1. Introduction 1.1 Scope of application This specification applies to the Normally White type TFT transmissive dot matrix LCD module that is supplied by SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY . This LCD module should be designed for mobile phone use. LCD specification: Duty 1/320, Dots 240xRGBx320. As to basic specification of the driver IC, refer to the IC (ILI9342) specification and datasheet. d Structure: e Single display structure: r TFT MODULE+ BL FULL 65K Color 2.4Inch TFT LCD size for main LCD; te One bare chip with gold bump (COG) TECH; CPU 6 BIT RGB interface; is 1.3 TFT features: g Structure: TFT PANNEL+IC +FPC+BL Transmissive Type LCD e 240dot-source and 320dot-gate outputs; 65K Color can be selected by software; R White LED back light; n CPU 6BIT RGB interface; U 1.4 Applications: Mobile phone SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD SJ23N-01V0F Ver. 0.0 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 5 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY 2. General specification ITEM Standard value LCD Type TFT Transmissive Driver element TFT Active matrix Number of Dots 320*(RGB)*240 Pixel Arrangement RGB Vertical Stripe Dot Size (W*H) / Dot Pitch (W*H) Active Area d Viewing Area (W*H) e Glass Area (W*H) r LCD Duty te LCD Bias Viewing Direction is Control IC Module Size(W*H*T) g Approx. Weight UnRe Back Light 0.146*0.146 46.75*35.06 / / / / 6:00 O’CLOCK ILI9342 54.70*47.05*2.72MAX TBD White LED UNIT --- Dots mm mm mm mm mm mm g 3. Mechanical drawing SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD SJ23N-01V0F Ver. 0.0 Ver. 0.0 SJ23N-01V0F SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD 4. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS VER. #0 DESCRIPTION THE FIRST ISSUE DATE 2015.01.12 UnRegistered 单层区 掏空 单层区 单层区 PI补强T=0.3MM KA 成品型号 设计 结构审核 电子审核 喻孜 日期 日期 日期 NC NC VGL C4P C4M VGH NC VCAC VINT3 C3P C3N VINT2 C2P C2N NC C1P C1N GND VDD NC LED+ NC LEDNC GND VCC CS SDA SCL HSYNC VSYNC DCLK D5-D0 NC 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 6 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 7 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY Parameter Symbol Min Max Supply voltage for logic VDD -0.3 4.6 Input voltage for logic VIN -0.5 VDD +0.3 Supply current (one LED) ILED 20 Operating temperature TOP -20 +70 Storage temperature TST -30 +80 tered 5. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS is Item Symbol Min Typ Max Uni t g Supply voltage for logic VDDI 1.65 1.8 3.6 V e Supply voltage(DC/DC) R Input voltage Un Input leakage current VDD 2.4 2.8 3.6 V VIL VSS - 0.3VDDI V VIH 0.7VDD - VDD V I µ ILKG A LED Forward voltage Vf - 3.2 - V Input backlight current ILED(one - 15 mA LED) Unit V V mA °C °C Applicable terminal IOVCC VDD -- 6. OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD SJ23N-01V0F Ver. 0.0 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 8 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY SPECIFICATION ITEM CONDITIO S UNI SYMBOL NS MIN TYP. MA T NOTE . X Brightness B TBD 3800 TBD Cd/m2 Contrast Ratio CR -- 500 -- -- Response Time Red CIE Color coordinate Green Blue White Hor. Viewing Angle Ver. Uniformity Un Tr+Tf -- 25 40 ms XR 0.614 0.644 0.674 YR Viewing 0.290 0.320 0.350 d XG normal angle 0.270 0.300 0.330 e YG 0.540 0.570 0.600 r XB 0.104 0.134 0.164 te YB 0.097 0.127 0.157 XW 0.267 0.297 0.327 is YW 0.302 0.332 0.362 g q X + -- 45 -- e q X - Center -- 45 -- Deg. qY + CR>=10 -- 35 -- R qY- -- 15 -- Un -- 58 -- % All left side data are based on SHENGJING’s product reference only SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD SJ23N-01V0F Ver. 0.0 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 9 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY tered Note 2: Definition of contrast ratio CR: UnRegis Note 3: Definition of response time (TR, TF) 7. MCU Interface Pin Function SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD SJ23N-01V0F Ver. 0.0 NO. 1-2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33-38 39-40 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 10 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY SYMBOL NC Description NC VGL capacitor C4P capacitor C4N capacitor VGH capacitor NC NC VCAC capacitor VINT3 capacitor C3P capacitor C3N capacitor VINT2 C2P C2N d NC e C1P r C1N GND te VDD NC is LED+ NC LED- g NC e GND VCC R CS SDA n SCL UHS capacitor capacitor capacitor NC capacitor capacitor Ground Power +2.8V NC Led positive NC Led negative NC Ground Power +2.8V Chip selection High, Serial in/out signa This pin is used to select “Data or Command” in the parallel interface Line synchronizing signal for RGB interface operation VS Frame synchronizing signal for RGB interface operation DCLK D5-D0 LCD Data bus NC NC SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD SJ23N-01V0F Ver. 0.0 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 11 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY 8. Caution 8.1 Handling of LCM . Be sure to ground the body when handling the LCM. . Don’t give external shock . Don’t apply excessive force on the surface. . Liquid in LCD is hazardous substance. Must not lick and swallow. When the liquid is attach to your hand, skin, cloth etc. Wash it out thoroughly and immediately. d . Don’t operate it above the absolute maximum rating. e . Don’t disassemble the LCM ter 8.2 Storage .Store in an ambient temperature of 5℃ to 45℃,and in a relative humidity is of 40% to 60%. Don’t expose to sunlight or intensive ultraviolet rays g . Storage in a clean environment, free from dust, active gas, and solvent. e . Store in anti-static electricity container. UnR . Store without any physical load. SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD SJ23N-01V0F Ver. 0.0 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 12 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY 9.LCM Quality Criteria 9.1 VISUAL & FUNCTION INSPECTION STANDARD 9.1.1 Inspection conditions Inspection performed under the following conditions is recommended. Temperature : 25±5℃ Humidity : 65%±10%RH Viewing Angle : Normal viewing Angle. Illumination: Single fluorescent lamp (300 to 700Lux) ed Viewing distance:30-50cm Upper Polarizer gister 9.1.2 Definition e Zone B Light Source Bottom glass Bottom Polarizer Upper Glass Zone A Zone C nR Zone A : Effective Viewing Area(Character or Digit can be seen) U Zone B : Viewing Area except Zone A Zone C : Outside (Zone A+Zone B) which can not be seen after assembly by customer .) Note: As a general rule ,visual defects in Zone C can be ignored when it doesn’t effect product function or appearance after assembly by customer. 9.1.3 Sampling Plan According to GB/T 2828-2003 ; , normal inspection, Class Ⅱ AQL: Major defect Minor defect SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD SJ23N-01V0F Ver. 0.0 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 13 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY 0.65 1.5 LCD: Liquid Crystal Display , TP: Touch Panel , LCM: Liquid Crystal Module No Items to be Criteria Classification of inspected defects 1) No display, Open or miss line 1 Functional defects 2) Display abnormally, Short 3) Backlight no lighting, abnormal lighting. 4) TP no function Major 2 Missing Missing component 3 Outline dimension 4 Color tone d 5 Soldering appearance 6 LCD/Polarizer/TP e 9.1.4 Criteria (Visual) r Number 1.0 LCD te Crack/Broken Overall outline dimension beyond the drawing is not allowed Color unevenness, refer to limited sample Good soldering , Peeling off is not allowed. Black/White spot/line, scratch, crack, etc. Items Criteria(mm) Minor gis NOTE: X: Length e Y: Width Z: Height R L: Length of ITO, n T: Height of U LCD (1) The edge of LCD broken (2)LCD corner broken X Y Z ≤3.0mm 0.5 2( distance≧10mm) 0 Ignore SHENGJING(HK)DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO。,LTD SJ23N-01V0F Ver. 0.0 晟景(香港)显示科技有限公司 Page 15 SHENGJING(HK)DISPALY Line defect (LCD/TP /Polarizer black/white line, scratch, stain) Width(mm) Φ≤0.03 0.031/3 TP area NG Newton Newton Ring area≤1/3 TP area Ring OK istered TP corner broken g X:length Y:width e Z:height X Y Z X X≤3.0mm Y≤3.0mm Z




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