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Electronics Design Project Building a lively display of pulse rate Printed circuit board design Goals: In this lab exercise, you and the other members of your design team will become familiar with OrCAD PCB Layout software as well as the design of the hardware needed to address the LED 8x8 dot matrix display. By the end of the lab exercise, the team should have designed the PCB layout for the analogue and digital circuits as well as the position of the mbed microcontroller, the voltage regulator circuit, and the 9 V battery. Design Objective: Each design team will develop a set of masks that will be used to fabricate the PCB used in the final assembly of the Electronic Design Project. Deliverables:  A file that contains: o A functional block diagram that shows how the signals from the mbed to the LED display; o A schematic of the analogue circuit with any modifications from the design that was submitted previously highlighted.  A spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx) that lists: o A bill of materials that lists all of the resistor and capacitor (nominal values and tolerances along with any additional information such as type of capacitor – electrolytic, film, ceramic) required for the analogue and digital circuits and the voltage regulator. o In the columns next to each component in the BOM, list the OrCAD part name and the footprint, taken from the OrCAD part properties list, for all of the components on the analogue and digital circuits and the two 1x20 connectors that will be used with the mbed microcontroller.  The output file from the PCB Layout Editor as a .gbr file with o The masks for the silkscreen, metalisation runs, and via holes. A separate mask for the grounds may or may not be necessary, depending on the technique used to layout the metalisation runs. PCB Layout: Follow the example in the OrCAD_EDPS.pdf that were written by Professor John Davies and refer to the notes written by Mr. Andrew Phillips. Lay out a set of masks for the silkscreen, metalisation,and via holes for the analogue and digital circuits, the headers to mount the mbed on the PCB, the circuit for the voltage regulator, and the 9 V battery.




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