Keysight 81490A Reference Transmitter

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Keysight 81490A Reference Transmitter


Keysight 81490A Reference Transmitter Data Sheet Benefits Repeatable and reproducible measurements permit lower production test margins and improved specifications of the characterized devices Reliable measurements ensure comparability of the test results Support for full compliance to IEEE 8023 stressed eye test in combination with the N4917A Optical Receiver Stress Test solution Wide extinction range offers highest test range coverage to ensure best quality of the tested devices......

Keysight 81490A Reference Transmitter Data Sheet Benefits – Repeatable and reproducible measurements permit lower production test margins and improved specifications of the characterized devices. – Reliable measurements ensure comparability of the test results. – Support for full compliance to IEEE 802.3 stressed eye test in combination with the N4917A Optical Receiver Stress Test solution. – Wide extinction range offers highest test range coverage to ensure best quality of the tested devices under all target operating conditions. – Rapid test reconfiguration with dual-wavelength to switch between 1310 nm and 1550 nm by remote control or manually without exchanging a module. – Scalability with integration into industry-standard Keysight LMS platform extends your optical workbench capabilities. Application – Reference transmitter for stressed eye compliance test according to IEEE 802.3. – Creation of arbitrary optical modulation signals in combination with waveform generators. – General transmission system test with special pulse patterns in combination with a pattern generator. 81490A Reference Transmitter The Keysight Technologies, Inc. 81490A Reference Transmitter is designed to offer excellent eye quality as a reference for testing 10GbE -LR/-ER, 10G Fibre Channel and short reach transceivers, such as 10GBase-SR, 40GBase-SR4, 100GBase-SR10 and according to 10 GFC Fibre Channel specifications. The modules are fully integrated into the industry standard Lightwave Measure- ment System (LMS) 816xB platform. The Reference Transmitter is available for Multimode 850 nm and Singlemode 1310 nm/1550 nm applications. Offering both 1310 nm and 1550 nm in one module gives the fastest reconfiguration between these two transmis- sion bands without reconnecting. The integration in the LMS mainframe offers an integration of the reference transmitter into the N4917A stressed eye software package. Of course a separate usage of the transmitter is also supported with SCPI language. The separation of the signal source and the modulator is the only way to offer a zero-chirp modulation. This is essential for a clean and repeatable eye diagram when modulating with an appropriate clean external source to fulfill the requirements of the IEEE standard. Another advantage of this design compared to directly modulated transmitters is the wide extinction ratio range that can only be achieved with this design. 81490A-135 Coupler DFB-laser 1310 nm DFB-laser 1550 nm Modulator Bias Ctrl RF Amplifier Optical Modulator Data in Data out Figure 1. 81490A-135 1310 nm/1550 nm reference transmitter 81490A-E03 DFB-laser 850 nm Modulator Bias Ctrl RF Amplifier Optical Modulator Data in Data out Figure 2. 81490A-E03 850 nm reference transmitter 2 Specifications Data input (RF In) Operational data rate Input voltage range for Maximum input voltage Input impedance (nominal) Data 0utput (Optical out) Fiber type Laser type Optical wavelength Average optical output power 1, 2 Attenuation range (nominal) Electro-optical modulation bandwidth 3 Electro-optical conversion ratio 2, 5 Relative intensity noise (RIN) 4, 5 Maximum extinction ratio (ER) 5 Vertical eye closure penalty 5, 6 Rise and fall time (20% to 80%) 4, 5 Jitter (peak-peak) 5, 7 81490A-135 81490A-E03 622 Mb/s to 14.2 Gb/s Up to 0.9 Vpp (typical @ 1310 nm) Up to 1.1 Vpp (typical @ 1550 nm) < 2 Vpp (from −2V to +2V) 50 Ω 622 Mb/s to 14.2 Gb/s Up to 1.0 Vpp (typical) Standard single-mode 9/125 μm Multimode fiber 50 μm λ : (850 ±10) nm > 0.0 dBm CW DFB laser with built in isolator λ : (1310 ±10) nm λ : (1550 ±10) nm > 5 dBm 6 dB 10 MHz to 33 GHz (typical) > 5 mW/V < −136 dB/Hz > 10 dB (dependant on input voltage amplitude) < 0.5 dB (typical) < 25 ps 17 ps (typical) < 18 ps < 12 ps (typical) 10 MHz to 20 GHz (typical) > 1.0 mW/V < −136 dB/Hz (typical) < 0.7 dB (typical) 20 ps (typical) < 18 ps (typical) 1. After TX_Recal operation 2. At attenuation 0 dB 3. −6 dB decrease relative to maximum response 4. For 0.6 Vpp to 0.85 Vpp data at 1310 nm; for 0.6 Vpp to 1.0 Vpp data at 1550 nm; for 0.6 Vpp to 1.0 Vpp data at 850 nm 5. At data rates 10.3125 Gb/s, 10.51875 Gb/s; for whole operational data range typical; temperature change < ± 1 K and operation point adjusted to 50% eye crossing 6. At 1% center region 7. Jitter of input signal < 10 ps General specifications Optical connector interface RF connector interface Module size (H x W x D) Module weight Warmup time Operating temperature Storage temperature Humidity 816xA/B firmware revision Recommended recalibration period Keysight universal adapter SMF 28 2.4 mm female 75 mm x 64 mm x 335 mm (2.8” x 2.6” x 13.2”) 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs) 60 min +5 °C to +40 °C −40 °C to +70 °C 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing 5.25 and higher 2 years 3 4 | Keysight | 81490A Reference Transmitter - Data Sheet Ordering Information 81490A Reference Transmitter -135 -E03 1310 nm and 1550 nm 850 nm Cal R 1280 R-51B-001-3A E-50C-011-3 Return-to-Keysight 3 month Return-to-Keysight Keysight Calibration Upfront Support plan 3 year coverage Evolving Since 1939 Our unique combination of hardware, software, services, and people can help you reach your next breakthrough. We are unlocking the future of technology. From Hewlett-Packard to Agilent to Keysight. myKeysight www.keysight.com/find/mykeysight A personalized view into the information most relevant to you. http://www.keysight.com/find/emt_product_registration Register your products to get up-to-date product information and find warranty information. Keysight Services www.keysight.com/find/service Keysight Services can help from acquisition to renewal across your instrument’s lifecycle. Our comprehensive service offerings—one- stop calibration, repair, asset management, technology refresh, consulting, training and more—helps you improve product quality and lower costs. Keysight Assurance Plans www.keysight.com/find/AssurancePlans Up to ten years of protection and no budgetary surprises to ensure your instruments are operating to specification, so you can rely on accurate measurements. Keysight Channel Partners www.keysight.com/find/channelpartners Get the best of both worlds: Keysight’s measurement expertise and product breadth, combined with channel partner convenience. For more information on Keysight Technologies’ products, applications or services, please contact your local Keysight office. The complete list is available at: www.keysight.com/find/contactus Americas Canada Brazil Mexico United States Asia Pacific Australia China Hong Kong India Japan Korea Malaysia Singapore Taiwan Other AP Countries Europe & Middle East Austria Belgium Finland France Germany Ireland Israel Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom (877) 894 4414 55 11 3351 7010 001 800 254 2440 (800) 829 4444 1 800 629 485 800 810 0189 800 938 693 1 800 11 2626 0120 (421) 345 080 769 0800 1 800 888 848 1 800 375 8100 0800 047 866 (65) 6375 8100 0800 001122 0800 58580 0800 523252 0805 980333 0800 6270999 1800 832700 1 809 343051 800 599100 +32 800 58580 0800 0233200 8800 5009286 800 000154 0200 882255 0800 805353 Opt. 1 (DE) Opt. 2 (FR) Opt. 3 (IT) 0800 0260637 For other unlisted countries: www.keysight.com/find/contactus (BP-9-7-17) DEKRA Certified ISO9001 Quality Management System www.keysight.com/go/quality Keysight Technologies, Inc. DEKRA Certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System This information is subject to change without notice. © Keysight Technologies, 2017 Published in USA, December 2, 2017 5989-7326EN www.keysight.com


CAN总线调试过程中出现报文发送失败。很多工程师都对此只知其一不知其二,今天我们就CAN报文发送失败的问题来做一次探讨。 在了解CAN报文为什么会发送失败之前我们先看看一条正确的CAN报文到底应该是怎么样的。表1是一个正常标准数据帧的报文组成。 表1 标准数据帧报文格式组成图1 标准数据帧格式CAN总线是一种基于广播的通讯方式,为了保证总线上的每一个正常节点都能正确的接收到报文,报文的发送者要
火辣西米秀 【无线连接】
SRAM中灵敏放大器的原理   在SRAM 中,读操作开始前,先要对两条位线进行预充电,将两条位线初始化为相同的高电平。预充完后,字线选中的存储单元对位线进行充放电。存储单元尺寸很小,驱动能力很弱,且位线负载相对较大,所以两条位线输出的是都是绝对值较高的电压(3~3.5V),其高低电平相差很小。如果直接送入输出缓冲器,将无法识别逻辑0 和1,即使能识别也需要较长的充放电时间,严重影响了SRAM
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TI DSP28335的各种库文件
1 概述 主要对各种TI提供的C2000系列DSP芯片的开发支持库进行整理介绍,持续更新。 RTS DSPLIB IMGLIB IQMATH VLIB XDCtool&RTSC 2 RTS 官方介绍:Some of the features of C/C++ (such as I/O, dynamic memory allocation, string operations,
fish001 【微控制器 MCU】
C2000 代码生成工具 - 编译器
Code Composer Studio™ - 集成开发环境 Code Composer Studio 是一种集成开发环境 (IDE),支持 TI 的微控制器和嵌入式处理器产品系列。Code Composer Studio 包含一整套用于开发和调试嵌入式应用的工具。它包含了用于优化的 C/C++ 编译器、源码编辑器、项目构建环境、调试器、描述器以及多种其他功能。直观的 IDE 提供了单个用户界面
fish001 【微控制器 MCU】
一、输出阻抗 在了解“阻抗匹配”这个问题之前,我们先来学习一下什么是“输出阻抗”? 在实际电路设计中,无论信号源、放大器或电源,都有输出阻抗的问题。 输出阻抗其实就是一个信号源的内阻。本来,对于一个理想的电压源(包括电源),内阻应该为 0,而对于一个理想电流源的阻抗应当为无穷大。人们比较较容易“忘记”输出阻抗。 下面,我们以电压源为例来讲这个问题。 现实中的电
火辣西米秀 【模拟与混合信号】
听说因为SIM900A的引脚太密,所以根本行不通。有没有人知道能不能实现吖。 着急+10086 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------来自毕设倒计时1
biu12138biu PCB设计






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