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ADI XFP 10Gbps收发器参考设计

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标签: ADIXFP10Gbps收发器参考设计

        Analog Devices supports your MSA compatible optical transceiver designs with best in class products AND best in class support. Complete high performance chips sets support SFP for Sonet, Ethernet and Fiberchannel at rates from 100Mbps to 4.25G and XFP at 10G. Full reference designs speed time to market, simplify evaluation and give a head start on your next transceiver design.

ADI XFP 10Gbps 收发器参考设计 XFP Chipset and Reference Design Simplify 10 Gbps Transceivers Analog Devices supports your MSA compatible optical transceiver designs with best in class products AND best in class support . Complete high performance chips sets support SFP for Sonet, Ethernet and Fiberchannel at rates from 100Mbps to 4.25G and XFP at 10G. Full reference designs speed time to market, simplify evaluation and give a head start on your next transceiver design. Features 9.9 Gbps to 11.3 Gbps data rate DFB, FP, or VCSEL operation Exceeds 20% SONET optical eye margin over temperature –19 dBm receive sensitivity Unparalleled jitter performance Supports full digital diagnostics Reference design includes Gerbers, SW, BOM, host board, and GUI interface ICs TIA: ADN2821, 11.1 Gbps 3.3V Low Noise High Gain Transimpedance Amplifier LDD: ADN2525, 10 Gbps Active Back-match, Differential Laser Diode Driver ADN2530, 10 Gbps Active Back-Termination VCSEL Driver XFP Signal Conditioner: ADN2926 / ADN2927, Standalone Transmit and Receive Functions in a 4 mm x 4 mm LFCSP ADN2928, XFP Single Chip Transceiver IC Microcontroller: ADuC7020, Precision Analog Microcontroller: 45MIPS ARM7 Flash MCU + 5-Ch 12-Bit ADC + Quad 12-Bit DAC 下图为 ADN2928 的应用电路图.




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