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LPCXpresso LPC1200 revB 原理图,就一个系列的,包括1227

Page 2 LPC3154 Powering and Unused parts Page 3 LPC3154 Digital I/O Page 4 JTAG Interface Page 5 LPC12xx target Page 6 Expansion connector Design Overview USB powering USB mini-B LPC-LINK LPC1XXX Target External powering (+5V) External powering (+3.3V) LPC3154 internal powering LPC3154 implementing JTAG interface LED on GPIO2 3.3V JTAG interface LPC1XXX Can be disconnected External JTAG connector LED on PIO0_7 Expansion connector Superset of mbed connector Schematic page 2-3 Schematic page 4 Schematic page 5-6 UL = UnLoaded = normally not mounted component. Default jumper settings are indicated in the schematic. However, always check jumper positions on actual boards since there is no guarantee that all jumpers are in default place. NXP Semiconductors R5 100K R6 100K R1 0R R2 0R R3 0R R4 15K Note: 1V8 rail is actually 1.4V since internal regulator in default TP_GND TP_1V8 TP_3V3 TP_1V2 GND VDIG_1V8 VIO_3V3 VDIG_1V2 Power supply parts of LPC3154 U1-1 LPC3154 D1 PMBD7000 D2 PMEG3005EJ USB_VBUS D3 PMEG3005EJ EXT_POW C1 C2 10u 100n GND GND L1 UL L2 UL C4 C5 C6 H14 G14 E17 PSU_VBAT E16 H17 F17 PSU_PLAY C17 PSU_STOP D15 D17 Starpoint at ball D16 on U1 H15 G17 PSU_VBUS J16 G16 Starpoint at ball D16 on U1 H16 D16 PSU_PLAY PSU_STOP 22u 22u 22u Starpoint at ball D16 on U1 GND GND GND GND P16 P15 N17 P17 R17 GND GND VDIG_1V2 VDIG_1V8 C12 C13 C14 C15 68n 100n 100n 100n GND GND GND GND GND J1 U13 A6 M14 H1 U14 A7 M15 GND PSU_VOUT1 PSU_VOUT2 PSU_VOUT3 PSU_VBAT PSU_VBAT1 PSU_VBAT2 PSU_PLAY PSU_STOP PSU_VSSA_CLEAN PSU_LX1 PSU_LX2 PSU_VBUS PSU_VIN1 PSU_VSS1 PSU_VSSA FSLOW_IN FSLOW_OUT RTC_INT RTC_BACKUP RTC_CLOCK_OUT RTC_VDD36 RTC_VSS CHARGE_VBUS CHARGE_VBAT CHARGE_BAT_SENSE CHARGE_VNTC CHARGE_CC_REF CHARGE_VSS UOS_VBAT UOS_VBUS UOS_VSS UOS_CX2 UOS_CX1 VDDI_0 VDDI_1 VDDI_2 VDDI_3 VSSI_0 VSSI_1 VSSI_2 VSSI_3 VPP VDDE_0 VDDE_1 VDDE_2 VDDE_3 VDDE_4 VDDE_5 VDDE_6 VDDE_7 VSSE_0 VSSE_1 VSSE_2 VSSE_3 VSSE_4 VSSE_5 VSSE_6 VSSE_7 L17 L16 M16 K14 U17 L15 C3 M17 470n J14 K16 K17 GND J17 K15 J15 GND C9 D1 M1 L1 U7 U15 A15 A4 G15 E1 N1 K1 U8 U16 A14 A5 L14 GND C7 22n GND Production test connector EXT_POW OTP N-RESET-IN VIO_3V3 VDIG_1V8 VDIG_1V2 J1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 GND VIO_3V3 Q1P SI1016X Q1N SI1016X OTP R53 0R C8 22n GND C9 100n C10 100n VDIG_1V2 VIO_3V3 C11 10u GND GND GND Analog parts of LPC3154 C16 C17 UL 100n GND GND U1-3 LPC3154 VIO_3V3 B13 A13 GND B12 C13 C12 ADC10B_VDDA33 ADC10B_GNDA ADC10B_GPA0 ADC10B_GPA1 ADC10B_GPA2 R15 P13 P14 T15 R14 ADC_MIC ADC_TINL ADC_TINR ADC_VINL ADC_VINR VIO_3V3 T17 R16 T16 ADC_VREFP ADC_VREFN ADC_VREF VIO_3V3 GND VDIG_1V8 N14 N15 N16 ADC_VDDA33 ADC_VDDA18 ADC_GNDA GND I2S_DATA_RX T9 R9 P9 DAI_BCK0 DAI_WS0 DAI_DATA0 DAC_VREFP DAC_VREFN DAC_VDDA33 F16 F15 C14 VIO_3V3 GND HP_OUTR HP_FCR C15 B15 HP_OUTL HP_FCL B17 C16 HP_VDDA33 NC A16 D13 VIO_3V3 HP_OUTC HP_VREF HP_GNDA MDAO_CLK0 MDAO_BCK0 MDAO_WS0 MDAO_DATA0 D14 E14 B16 C18 C19 T11 T12 100n UL R12 T13 GND GND GND Not used parts of LPC3154 U1-4 LPC3154 U1-5 LPC3154 J3 H3 H4 G4 F4 F3 E4 E3 D3 A3 C2 D2 E2 F2 G2 H2 EBI_D0 EBI_D1 EBI_D2 EBI_D3 EBI_D4 EBI_D5 EBI_D6 EBI_D7 EBI_D8 EBI_D9 EBI_D10 EBI_D11 EBI_D12 EBI_D13 EBI_D14 EBI_D15 K3 EBI_DQM0_NOE K4 EBI_NWE L2 L3 L4 M2 B5 C5 D5 D4 NAND_NCS0 NAND_NCS1 NAND_NCS2 NAND_NCS3 MNAND_RYBN0 MNAND_RYBN1 MNAND_RYBN2 MNAND_RYBN3 MLCD_DB0 MLCD_DB1 MLCD_DB2 MLCD_DB3 MLCD_DB4 MLCD_DB5 MLCD_DB6 MLCD_DB7 MLCD_DB8 MLCD_DB9 MLCD_DB10 MLCD_DB11 MLCD_DB12 MLCD_DB13 MLCD_DB14 MLCD_DB15 T7 P8 T6 R6 U6 P6 R5 T5 U5 P5 P4 U4 T4 U3 U2 R4 EBI_A0_ALE EBI_A1_CLE C4 A2 MLCD_RS MLCD_RW_WR MLCD_E_RD MLCD_CSB R7 T8 P7 R8 EBI_NCAS_BLOUT0 EBI_NRAS_BLOUT1 J2 J4 PWM_DATA D10 CLOCK_OUT M4 A1 B1 C1 F1 G1 P1 U1 B2 K2 B3 NC1 NC2 NC3 NC4 NC5 NC6 NC7 NC8 NC9 NC10 NC11 NC12 NC13 NC14 NC15 NC16 NC17 NC18 NC19 C3 G3 M3 B4 B9 A11 A12 B14 A17 NXP Semiconductors VIO_3V3 C20 C21 C22 10u 100n 39n Boot mode - USB via DFU class VIO_3V3 UL R9 15K R8 UL R7 GND GND GND C23 C24 10u 3n3 USB 2.0 OTG Interface VDIG_1V2 GND GND C25 10u GND C26 1n GND C27 220p GND 1 2 3 4 5 GND GND 45 ohm impedance routing, 90 ohm differential No tracks within 10 times trace width No via's and no sharp angles USB_VBUS L3 R16 USB-DM USB-DP BLM15HG601SN1D 100R USB_ID R17 0R C28 C29 C33 10n/500V D5 PRTR5V0U2X 3u3 100n GND GND GND GND GND SPI_CS_OUT0 SPI_SCK SPI_MISO SPI_MOSI UART_RXD U1-2 LPC3154 R3 T3 N2 USB_VDDA33 USB_VDDA33_DRV USB_VDDA12_PLL N3 R1 T1 P3 N4 USB_VBUS USB_DM USB_DP USB_ID USB_RREF P2 R2 T2 GND C10 A9 D8 C8 A8 D9 B8 R10 P10 P11 R11 USB_VSSA_REF USB_VSSA_TERM USB_GNDA I2C_SDA0 I2C_SCL0 SPI_CS_OUT0 SPI_SCK SPI_MISO SPI_CS_IN SPI_MOSI UART_RXD UART_TXD MUART_CTS_N MUART_RTS_N R18 12K R52 4K7 GPIO0_BOOT0 GPIO1_BOOT1 GPIO2_BOOT2 R39 0R R46 0R VIO_3V3 VIO_3V3Y GNDY LPC3154-JTAG R10 4K7 R11 4K7 15K R14 UL R13 15K R12 GND D4 BAT54C U2 STM1816R GND GND GND 3 2 1 VCC RESET# GND R40 0R R41 0R R42 0R R15 TRST_N TDI TMS TCK TDO JTAGSEL_ARM U11 JTAG-LPC3154-TRST T10 JTAG-LPC3154-TDI U9 JTAG-LPC3154-TMS U12 JTAG-LPC3154-TCK F14 JTAG-LPC3154-TDO U10 JTAG-LPC3154-DBGEN R43 0R R44 0R R45 0R R47 0R N-RESET-IN UL JTAG-LPC3154-TRSTY JTAG-LPC3154-TDIY JTAG-LPC3154-TMSY JTAG-LPC3154-TCKY JTAG-LPC3154-TDOY N_RESET-INY J2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 FFAST_IN FFAST_OUT A10 B10 Y1 12MHz 19 20 VDIG_1V2 Placed on breakout section of pcb VIO_3V3 C30 100n C31 C32 VDDA12 VSSA12 RSTIN_N B11 C11 GND E15GND N-RESET-IN TP_RST 18p 18p GND GND Starpoint at ball C11 on U1 SPI-FLASH VIO_3V3 GPIO0 GPIO1 GPIO2 GPIO3 GPIO4 MGPIO5 MGPIO6 MGPIO7 MGPIO8 MGPIO9 MGPIO10 R13 T14 P12 D12 D11 D7 B7 C7 D6 B6 C6 GPIO0_BOOT0 GPIO1_BOOT1 GPIO2_BOOT2 GPIO3_JTAG_SWD GPIO5_SWD_TX GPIO6_CLOCK GPIO7_TMS GPIO8_RESET_IN GPIO9_RESET_OUT GPIO10_RESET_CNTRL N-RESET-IN SPI_MOSI SPI_MISO SPI_SCK SPI_CS_OUT0 Not mounted U3 AT45DB321D-SU 1 8 2 4 SI SO SCK CS# VCC RESET# WP# GND 6 3 5 7 C34 10n GND GND LED VIO_3V3 VIO_3V3 GND R21 1M VCC LINE1 LINE2 R19 1M R20 1M R22 LED1 2K RED R48 15K R49 15K R50 15K R51 15K GPIO2_BOOT2 Q2 BSH111 GND NXP Semiconductors SWDIO/TMS output cntrl SWDIO/TMS output GPIO5_SWD_TX SPI_MOSI SWDIO input cntrl SWDIO input GPIO3_JTAG_SWD SPI_MISO TMS output cntrl TMS output GPIO3_JTAG_SWD GPIO7_TMS SWCLK/TCK output cntrl SWCLK/TCK output GPIO6_CLOCK SPI_SCK TDO input cntrl TDO input GPIO3_JTAG_SWD SPI_MISO SWV input TDI output cntrl TDI output UART_RXD GPIO3_JTAG_SWD SPI_MOSI RESET input GPIO8_RESET_IN RESET output cntrl RESET output GPIO10_RESET_CNTRL GPIO9_RESET_OUT RTCK input I2S_DATA_RX SWD/JTAG Interface U4A 74LVC125APW 1 2 3 13 U6D 74LVC125APW 11 12 2 5 6 GND 8 10 4 4 1 U5A 74LVC126APW 3 U4B 74LVC125APW 6 U5B 74LVC126APW 5 U6C 74LVC125APW 9 10 9 GND 3 12 GND 6 4 13 1 U5C 74LVC126APW 8 U6A 74LVC125APW 2 U4D 74LVC125APW 11 U6B 74LVC125APW 5 R23 100R R24 100R R25 100R R26 100R R28 100R R30 100R J4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 J4 not mounted, but can be if bridge wires below are cut. VIO_3V3 JTAG_TMS_SWDIO JTAG_TCLK_SWCLK JTAG_TDO_SWO JTAG_TDI JTAG_RESET JTAG_RTCK D6 PMEG1020EA EXT_POW 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 VIO_3V3X JTAG_TMS_SWDIOX JTAG_TCLK_SWCLKX JTAG_TDO_SWOX JTAG_RESETX EXT_POWX GNDX GND Bridge wires can be cut on pcb R27 0R R29 J5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7 GND 7 GND 7 GND 14 VCC 14 VCC 14 VCC UL U6P U4P U5P GND GND GND GND J5 can connect to external SWD/JTAG interface if LPCXpresso target side (LPC12xx) is disconnected. C35 C36 100n 10n GND GND 10 13 12 GND U5D 74LVC126APW 11 9 GND U4C 74LVC125APW 8 NXP Semiconductors From LPC-LINK Side VIO_3V3X JTAG_TMS_SWDIOX JTAG_TCLK_SWCLKX JTAG_RESETX EXT_POWX GND GNDX R31 12K R36 0R R35 0R PIO1_2 PIO0_18 R32 0R R37 0R R38 0R PIO0_13 PIO0_25 PIO0_26 32.768KHz Y3 C43 C44 5pF 5pF GNDX GNDX R54 100K U8G$1 LPC1XXX_LQFP64 58 XTALIN_32KHZ 57 XTALOUT_32KHZ 1 XTALIN_SYS 2 XTALOUT_SYS Y2 12MHz C37 18pF C38 18pF GNDX GNDX J7 normally shorted. Can be used for current consumption measurements on U8. J7 VIO_3V3X 1 2 C39 C40 100n 10n GNDX GNDX U8G$3 LPC1XXX_LQFP64 63 VDDIO 56 VDDMAIN 3 VREF_CMP C41 C42 100n 10n GNDX GNDX R33 0R C46 C45 100n 10n GNDX GNDX U8G$2 LPC1XXX_LQFP64 55 GND 64 VSSIO GNDX LPC12XX Target Side LED PIO0_7 GNDX R34 LED2 2K RED U8G$4 LPC1XXX_LQFP64 PIO0_0/UART0_NRTS PIO0_1/UART0_RXD/CT32B0_CAP0/CT32B0_MAT0 PIO0_2/UART0_TXD/CT32B0_CAP1/CT32B0_MAT1 PIO0_3/UART0_NDTR/CT32B0_CAP2/CT32B0_MAT2 PIO0_4/UART0_NDSR/CT32B0_CAP3/CT32B0_MAT3 PIO0_5/UART0_NDCD PIO0_6/UART0_NRI/CT32B1_CAP0/CT32B1_MAT0 PIO0_7/UART0_NCTS/CT32B1_CAP1/CT32B1_MAT1 PIO0_8/UART1_RXD/CT32B1_CAP2/CT32B1_MAT2 PIO0_9/UART1_TXD/CT32B1_CAP3/CT32B1_MAT3 PIO0_10/I2C_SCL PIO0_11/I2C_SDA/CT16B0_CAP0/CT16B0_MAT0 PIO0_12/CLKOUT/CT16B0_CAP1/CT16B0_MAT1 NRESET/PIO0_13 PIO0_14/SSP_CLK PIO0_15/SSP_SSEL/CT16B1_CAP0/CT16B1_MAT0 PIO0_16/SSP_MISO/CT16B1_CAP1/CT16B1_MAT1 PIO0_17/SSP_MOSI PIO0_186:&/./CT32B0_CAP0/CT32B0_MAT0 PIO0_19/CMP0_IN0/CT32B0_CAP1/CT32B0_MAT1 PIO0_20/CMP0_IN1/CT32B0_CAP2/CT32B0_MAT2 PIO0_21/CMP0_IN2/CT32B0_CAP3/CT32B0_MAT3 PIO0_22/CMP0_IN3 PIO0_23/CMP1_IN0/CT32B1_CAP0/CT32B1_MAT0 PIO0_24/CMP1_IN1/CT32B1_CAP1/CT32B1_MAT1 6:',2PIO0_25/CMP1_IN2/CT32B1_CAP2/CT32B1_MAT2 6:&/.PIO0_26/CMP1_IN3/CT32B1_CAP3/CT32B1_MAT3 PIO0_27/CMP0_OUT PIO0_28/CMP1_OUT/CT16B0_CAP0/CT16B0_MAT0 PIO0_29/ROSC/CT16B0_CAP1/CT16B0_MAT1 R/PIO0_30/ADCIN0 R/PIO0_31/ADCIN1 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 17 18 46 47 PIO0_0 PIO0_1 PIO0_2 PIO0_3 PIO0_4 PIO0_5 PIO0_6 PIO0_7 PIO0_8 PIO0_9 PIO0_10 PIO0_11 PIO0_12 PIO0_13 PIO0_14 PIO0_15 PIO0_16 PIO0_17 PIO0_18 PIO0_19 PIO0_20 PIO0_21 PIO0_22 PIO0_23 PIO0_24 PIO0_25 PIO0_26 PIO0_27 PIO0_28 PIO0_29 PIO0_30 PIO0_31 U8G$6 LPC1XXX_LQFP64 PIO2_0/CT16B0_CAP0/CT16B0_MAT0/UART0_NRTS PIO2_1/CT16B0_CAP1/CT16B0_MAT1/UART0_RXD PIO2_2/CT16B1_CAP0/CT16B1_MAT0/UART0_TXD PIO2_3/CT16B1_CAP1/CT16B1_MAT1/UART0_NDTR PIO2_4/CT32B0_CAP0/CT32B0_MAT0/UART0_NCTS PIO2_5/CT32B0_CAP1/CT32B0_MAT1/UART0_NRI PIO2_6/CT32B0_CAP2/CT32B0_MAT2/UART0_NDCD PIO2_7/CT32B0_CAP3/CT32B0_MAT3/UART0_NDSR PIO2_8/CT32B1_CAP0/CT32B1_MAT0 PIO2_9/CT32B1_CAP1/CT32B1_MAT1 PIO2_10/CT32B1_CAP2/CT32B1_MAT2/UART1_TXD PIO2_11/CT32B1_CAP3/CT32B1_MAT3/UART1_RXD PIO2_12/UART1_RXD PIO2_13/UART1_TXD PIO2_14 PIO2_15 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 59 60 61 62 13 14 15 16 PIO2_0 PIO2_1 PIO2_2 PIO2_3 PIO2_4 PIO2_5 PIO2_6 PIO2_7 PIO2_8 PIO2_9 PIO2_10 PIO2_11 PIO2_12 PIO2_13 PIO2_14 PIO2_15 U8G$5 LPC1XXX_LQFP64 R/PIO1_0/ADCIN2 R/PIO1_1/ADCIN3 PIO1_2/SWDIO/ADCIN4 PIO1_3/ADCIN5/WAKEUP PIO1_4/ADCIN6 PIO1_5/ADCIN7/CT16B1_CAP0/CT16B1_MAT0 PIO1_6/CT16B1_CAP1/CT16B1_MAT1 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 PIO1_0 PIO1_1 PIO1_2 PIO1_3 PIO1_4 PIO1_5 PIO1_6 NXP Semiconductors LPC-LINK side mbed GND VIN (4.5-14V) VB (battery supply) nR (reset) SPI1-MOSI SPI1-MISO SPI1-SCK GPIO UART1-TX / I2C1-SDA UART1-RX / I2C1-SCL SPI2-MOSI SPI2-MISO SPI2-SCL / UART2-TX UART2-RX AIN0 AIN1 AIN2 AIN3 / AOUT AIN4 AIN5 LPCXpresso GND VIN (4.5-5.5V) not used PIO0_13 RESET PIO0_17 MOSI/SWO PIO0_16 MISO PIO0_14 SCK PIO0_15 SSEL PIO0_2 TXD PIO0_1 RXD PIO0_7 PIO0_3 PIO0_9 TXD1 PIO0_8 RXD1 PIO0_30 AD0 PIO0_31 AD1 PIO1_0 AD2 PIO1_5 AD7/CT16B1_MAT0 PIO1_2 AD4/SWDIO PIO1_3 AD5 PIO0_0 PIO0_19 PIO0_20 PIO0_18 SWCLK PIO0_28 PIO0_29 PIO1_6 GNDX EXT_POWX PIO0_13 PIO0_17 PIO0_16 PIO0_14 PIO0_15 PIO0_2 PIO0_1 PIO0_7 PIO0_3 PIO0_9 PIO0_8 PIO0_30 PIO0_31 PIO1_0 PIO1_5 PIO1_2 PIO1_3 PIO0_0 PIO0_19 PIO0_20 PIO0_18 PIO0_28 PIO0_29 PIO1_6 Dual row holes (2x27), 100 mil spacing J6-1 J6-2 J6-3 J6-4 J6-5 J6-6 J6-7 J6-8 J6-9 J6-10 J6-11 J6-12 J6-13 J6-14 J6-15 J6-16 J6-17 J6-18 J6-19 P$1 J6-20 P$2 J6-21 P$3 J6-22 P$4 J6-23 P$5 J6-24 P$6 J6-25 P$7 J6-26 P$8 J6-27 P$9 P$10 P$11 P$12 P$13 P$14 P$15 P$16 P$17 P$18 Expansion Connector (superset of mbed pinning) P$19 P$20 P$21 P$22 P$23 P$24 P$25 P$26 P$27 P$28 P$29 P$30 P$31 P$32 P$33 P$34 P$35 P$36 VIO_3V3X P$37 P$38 P$39 P$40 P$41 P$42 P$43 P$44 P$45 VIO_3V3X P$46 P$47 P$48 P$49 P$50 P$51 P$52 P$53 P$54 J6-28 J6-29 J6-30 J6-31 J6-32 J6-33 J6-34 J6-35 J6-36 J6-37 J6-38 J6-39 J6-40 J6-41 J6-42 J6-43 J6-44 J6-45 J6-46 J6-47 J6-48 J6-49 J6-50 J6-51 J6-52 J6-53 J6-54 GNDX GNDX GNDX PIO2_15 PIO2_14 PIO2_13 PIO2_12 PIO2_11 PIO2_10 PIO2_9 PIO2_8 GNDX PIO1_1 PIO1_4 PIO2_7 PIO2_6 PIO2_3 PIO2_2 PIO2_1 PIO0_5 VIO_3V3X PIO0_12 PIO0_4 PIO0_11 PIO0_10 PIO2_0 PIO2_4 PIO2_5 PIO0_6 PIO0_21 PIO0_24 PIO0_23 PIO0_22 PIO0_25 PIO0_26 PIO0_27 GNDX LPCXpresso VOUT (+3.3V out) if self powered, else +3.3V input not used not used not used not used not used not used not used USB_DM USB_DP PIO0_12 PIO0_4 PIO0_11 I2C-SDA PIO0_10 I2C-SCL PIO2_0 CT16B0_MAT0 PIO2_4 CT32B0_MAT0 PIO2_5 CT32B0_MAT1 PIO0_6 CT32B1_MAT0 PIO0_21 CT32B0_MAT3 PIO0_24 CT32B1_MAT1 PIO0_23 PIO0_22 PIO0_25 PIO0_26 PIO0_27 mbed VOUT (3.3V out) VU (5.0V USB out) IF+ IFRD- (Ethernet) RD+ (Ethernet) TD- (Ethernet) TD+ (Ethernet) D- (USB) D+ (USB) CAN-RD CAN-TD UART3-TX / I2C2-SDA UART3-RX / I2C2-SCL PWMOUT0 PWMOUT1 PWMOUT2 PWMOUT3 PWMOUT4 PWMOUT5 GND NXP Semiconductors




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