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标签: BD成本高效的开关电源芯片解决方案恩智浦


恩智浦GreenChip低成本高效率的 开关电源解决方案 杨杰锋 恩智浦半导体高性能混合信号产品部市场经理 2010年11月6日 NXP Semiconductors NXP Semiconductors N.V. (Nasdaq: NXPI) provides High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, Power Management, Interface, Security and Digital Processing expertise. Headquarters: Eindhoven, The Netherlands Employee base: approximately28,000 employees working in more than 25 countries with research and development activities in Asia, Europe and the United States, and manufacturing facilities in Asia and Europe Net sales: $3.8 billion in 2009, over 62% of our sales are derived from the Asia Pacific region (incl. Japan) Customers: Leading OEMs worldwide 2 Strong Teams in PL/BL, Regions and Countries (Power and Lighting Solution) A professional Power IC & Lighting IC solution provider – Leader in notebook AC-DC power Adaptors – Products designed in at all major OEM and ODM customers Feature highlight: – High efficiency – Low Standby Power – Compact size with highly integrated protections: slim type adapter, CFL, LED lighting – Lower system cost – Longer life for CFL/TL Lighting Strong innovation capability and patent portfolio in Power Conversion – More than 10 patents for the GreenChip line of product alone (lighting’s patents is not considered) – Broad range of high voltage process like BCD 800V, ABCD 600V, SOI etc. which can provide outstanding power saving ICs. – Research and advanced dev. capabilities, partnerships with Universities Product dev. supported by application know-how and support – Product developers, test & product engineers, FAE’s worldwide – Customer and Application Dev. Centers in Taipei, Portland, Nijmegen 3 High Voltage Process capability – Design Houses & GC Vendors haven’t 800V BCD Process BCD800 High Voltage part Bulk 750V BCD process (L0392) Bulk 650V BCD process (L0311) 650V EZ-HV (SOI) process A-BCD SOI process (120V) Access to all processes within PS Process in development BICMOS Low voltage controller New generation A-BCD (SOI) process, eg 30~50V SOI for low cost but still very power saving eg. - 10uA Start up current (much lower by benchmarking) - 500uA Operation current (much lower by benchmarking) GreenChip SR TEA1791 & TEA1733 Process choice ABCD2 (SOI) process: High-speed protection Latch-up insensitive Less temperature dependent than conventional processes Low internal signal interference Wide Vcc range possible Cross-Section A-BCD2 Note: SOI  Silicon On Insulator Poly Buried Oxide Metal1 BPSG Oxide Metal1 Lateral Oxide Isolation Silicon Substrate Scratch Protection Silicon Island 5 Focus applications Drive for Energy Efficiency Desktop PC/ LCD monitor All-In-One PC Notebook/ Netbook LCD TV/ PDP STB+ Video systems Printers Personal Computing High efficient Consumer AC/DC Power Lighting Conversion & Electronics Lighting Electronics HF-TL CFL Audio systems Mobile phone chargers Gaming consoles HID LED Computing: NB adapters, General Adapter and PC Power Thrust Products ready Application Description Range USP Status NB Adapters <75W Flyback controller GreenChip II, TEA1530/32; 153x: >85%; <0.1W@no load TEA1733 1733: >89%; <0.1W@no load NB Adapters 75W~180W Flyback + PFC controller Synchronous rectification GreenChip III, TEA1751/2 GreenChip SR, TEA176x/1791 1751+TEA1791: >90%; <0.2W Relatively low system cost Compact Size Combo PFC+PWM TEA153x: MP TEA1733: MP 1751/2: MP 1761/2, TEA1791: MP NB Adapters 120W~300W Resonant controller TEA161x family, Gen1 /2 TEA171x family, Gen 2 SR: TEA1791A >90%~92%;Combo IC; Less components;Compact Size 1610/11/12: MP; 1713: MP TEA1791A: MP 7 Consumer: Adapters & Displays Thrust Products available Application Adapters <75W Display SMPS Description Flyback (CCM/ DCM) Resonant controller Flyback controller Flyback + PFC controller Range USP GreenChip II, TEA153x; TEA1733 Energy Star appliance TEA161x & TEA1713 family, Gen1 GreenChipII: TEA1530/2/3 TEA1733 GreenChip III, TEA1751/2 High efficiency; Low standby power (<0.1@ no load) System solution Display CCFL BLU HV CCFL controllers/ inverters UBA2071/73 (LIPS) Display LED drivers HV Switching LED driver & LED backlight UBA3070 Easy to handle EMI; Lower system cost; Higher efficiency; smaller heat sink Can dirve 3-5 times of LEDs vs low voltage IC; higher efficiency 8 High Power converters (>75W) GreenChip III/ SR: flyback converters TEA1751, TEA1752, TEA1761, TEA1762, TEA1791 GEN3 SMPS controller & SR IC delivers high efficiency at all power levels Energy STAR V2.0 compliant (87% eff.) Allows small adapter form factors + High integration reduces external component count, lowers overall cost Reduced design-in time with easy controlled start-up behavior and Vcc mngt Iprim Special built-in green functions, e.g. PFC switches off during stand-by, lowload VIN Isec VOUT Standby power reduced by 100mW compared to conventional PFC solutions Minimizes losses on secondary side by as much as 5W (rectifying diode replaced by switch and smart controller IC) Primary control Drain Gateprim SRsense Gatesec GreenChip SR High protection level 10 GreenChip III: TEA1751 GreenChip SR: TEA1791 Efficiency: function of load/ mains voltage GC III+ SR: TEA1751+ TEA1791 Efficiency GreenChip-3 + GreenChip-SR [90W / 19.5V] Mains input 100% 75% 50% 25% average 90V / 60Hz 89.31 89.31 89.99 89.89 89.63 100V / 50Hz 89.70 89.70 90.24 90.20 89.96 115V / 60Hz 90.43 90.43 90.58 90.74 90.54 230V / 50Hz 90.61 90.61 87.74 89.73 89.68 Mains input 90V / 60Hz 100V / 50Hz 115V / 60Hz 230V / 50Hz 100.0% 89.31 89.70 90.43 90.61 87.5% 89.76 90.14 90.75 90.44 Efficiency GreenChip-3 + GreenChip-SR [90W / 19.5V] 75.0% 62.5% 50.0% 40.0% 32.5% 90.06 90.19 89.99 89.54 89.07 90.41 90.51 90.24 89.77 89.26 90.97 90.99 90.58 90.07 89.61 90.04 89.28 87.74 86.78 85.80 25.0% 90.22 90.43 90.99 90.54 17.5% 89.81 90.11 90.48 89.74 10.0% 88.88 89.06 89.38 88.09 Resonant converters (90- 300W) Robust and Efficient Resonant controllers TEA1611, TEA1613, TEA1713 Highly integrated Resonant controller with On-chip high-voltage start-up source Version with integrated PFC controller Advanced resonant half-bridge controller with Integrated high-voltage level shifter Highly efficient controller, sporting Zero voltage switching, Frequency limitation and Burst mode (low power) Robust application with high protection level, e.g. Safe restart mode or Capacitive mode protection (hard switching protection) Suited for all your high power applications >100W Perfect match with a line of dedicated SR controllers, e.g. TEA1791A (reduced blanking time) and TEA1795 15 Growing range of resonant controllers Manufacturer Type number Package High Voltage start-up PFC DCM with valley switching for the PFC (enabling high efficiency) Integrated 600V Level shifter Powerfet driver capability (sink/source) Bootstrapping Maximum Half Bridge frequency Capacitive mode protection (hard switching protection) Internal frequency limit Burst operation (low power mode) De a d-ti me LV supply Reference voltage [1] Error amplifier On/off enable function half-bridge On/off enable function PFC General protection input Input under voltage protection (Brown out protection) Output under voltage protection Over current protection Open loop protection High frequency protection (time out) Over temperature protection NXP TEA1610 SO/DIP 16 Ex te rna l Resistor  300/180mA internal 500kHz a djusta ble 15V 3V   NXP TEA1611 SO 20 Ex te rna l Resistor  530/300mA internal 500kHz a djusta ble 20V 3V     135°C NXP TEA1612 SO 24 Ex te rna l Resistor Control output NXP TEA1713 SO 24 MCM I nte gra te d Curre nt-Source I nte gra te d  530/300mA internal 500kHz   1.3A/220mA e x te rna l 500kHz  a djusta ble 20V 3V       a da ptive 36V 11V      135°C       16 TEA1713 90W demo adapter 17 TEA1713 90W demo adapter: Measurement results 18 Medium Power Adapters (20- 75W) New Medium Power Flyback converter TEA1733, TEA173x Emanating from acclaimed GreenChip product line, efficient and cost-effective solution Average 90% power efficiency MOS and Bipolar drive versions Low supply current during start-up, restart and no load conditions High integration reduces external component count, lowers overall cost High level of protection ABCD (SOI) process, high-speed protection, latch-up insensitive Frequency jitter to reduce EMI Option for Latched version 20 TEA1733(L) Key features TEA1733(L) Application Diagram TEA1733: 90% efficient super slim adapter TEA1733 efficiency- 60W adapter (1) TEA1733 efficiency- 60W adapter (2) TEA1738(L) Key features Additional feature (vs. TEA1733) qHigher efficiency at low load qIncreased frequency at over power TEA1738(L) Application Diagram TEA1738 TEA1738(L): Power- Frequency function Frequency / ISENSE peak TEA1733(L) ~30kHz 5% 10% 25% 85kHz 65kHz TEA1738(L) 500mV 400mV 275mV 250mV 125mV Freq ISENSE peak level 50% Load 100% TEA1738(L): Power vs Freq slope   Resulting efficiency improvement TEA1733 => TEA1738 efficiency improvement TEA1733 115Vac 60Hz TEA1738 115Vac 60Hz TEA1733 230Vac 50Hz TEA1738 230Vac 50Hz Efficiency (%) 92.00 91.00 90.00 89.00 88.00 87.00 86.00 85.00 84.00 83.00 82.00 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Load (% ) 29 Features for low no-load input power adapter cable charging port Rinrush Rpre-load 2 VCC 1 Drain FB 3 4 TEA1721 GND Source Remarks: Pre-load at secondary side assures good voltage tracking in no-load and is minimized to the power level of the IC consumption. Minimum switching frequency is with reduced primary peak current for avoiding audible noise. Features for low no-load input power 1) Integrated start-up current source with disable function in switching operation: no dissipative bleeder current. 2) Very low IC consumption in no-load, 100uA supply current. 3) Primary sensing via transformer: no current consuming opto-coupler. 4) Low switching frequency of 625Hz in no-load condition for minimum switching losses. Demo Boards 90W NB Adapter (Labtop) (TEA1752+TEA1791) Description – 90W_19V/4.74A Adapter, N/B Adaptor Applications Feature highlight PSMN015100P – Most Compact size, extremely less Components (~50% saving) & low cost Solution – Very low Standby power (<0.2W @ no loard & <1W @ 0.5W load – High Efficiency : >90% @ 110Vac input – Complete & Accurate protections: OVP, OCP, OTP , Brownout, & M- level Protection – Smaller Bulcap, or flyback X'form size is possible 32 32" LCD TV Power and Inverter (High V input) total solution (TEA1532+UBA2071) Most Compact size, extremely less Components (~30% saving) & low cost Solution Very low Standby power (<0.3W @ no loard & <1W @ 0.5W load) Complete & Accurate protections: OVP, OCP, OTP , Brownout, & Mlevel Protection UBA2071: a High voltage(400V) input half bridge inverter controller with very high efficiency 33 TEA1713 demoboard (250Watt) 34 Contacts Segment AE in China • Product Marketing For Power Solution  Keith Yeung – Hong Kong  •Application Engineer for Power Solution Kelvin Yan -- Shanghai • Field Application Engineer For Power Solution  Sunny Liu -- Shenzhen  . Application Engineer For Power Solution  Toby Wu -- Shenzhen  • Field Application Engineer for Power Solution  Lynn Wang – Shenzhen  • Field Application Engineer for Power Solution  Zhengquan Zhang – Shenzhen  35 36




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