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安装方法如下: [中文用户] 1、下载完后,把压缩卷全部放到一个盘同一目录下解压(这个盘要NTFS格式的,因为里面文件超过4G); 2、用虚拟光驱载入(例如UltraISOPortable),运行setup.exe(或者运行SetupSimple.exe,这个简单点); 3、不使用internet安装;然后接受协议;然后填入有序列号:25716-63335-16746-06072; 4、一步一步到安装完成,激活;选不使用internet手动激活;找到光盘目录下的I:seriallicense.lic激活; 5、运行C:Program FilesMATLABR2013abin目录下的matlab.exe即可。 [For English Users] The simplest way to setup Matlab is to run "SetupSimple.exe". At the end of setup process when you will be asked for activation - select "Cancel". If this activation question will appear again when you start Matlab program please activate Matlab manually according to steps 1-5 in the list below. If simplified setup does not work for you - just execute steps 1-5 manually. To install follow these steps: 1) run "setup.exe" (or "binwin32setup.exe" to install 32-bit Matlab under 64-bit Windows) 2) choose "install manually without using the internet" 3) set the "file installation key" to be 25716-63335-16746-06072 4) setup Matlab with required components 5) when asked to activate the product select activate manually without internet? 6) select "X:seriallicense.lic" when asked for license file (where "X" is drive letter with this DVD-disk at your computer)




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