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MITSUMI High Precision Operational Amplifier MM1278 High Precision Operational Amplifier Monolithic IC MM1278 Outline This IC is a dual-type operational amplifier, with two built-in operational amplifiers, and achieves extremely low offset voltage with a single power supply. The input offset voltage and the input offset voltage temperature drift of this operation amplifier are one digit less than those of our conventional products. A single power supply can be used, so there is no need to create a mid-point potential, and it can be operated with the voltage from two batteries. Due to the single power supply, low current consumption, and low offset voltage, two batteries can be used for operation, making it appropriate for equipment that amplifies the very small signal of portable equipment. Features General 1. Power supply voltage 2. Current consumption 3. Power supply line elimination ratio Amplifier section 1. Input voltage range 2. Super low input offset voltage 3. Input offset voltage 4. Input offset current 5. Input bias current 6. Voltage gain VCC=1.8V~6V optimum for drive by batteries 0.1mA typ. 60dB typ. -0.2V~+0.3V ±0.1mV typ. ±1µV/°C typ. 1nA typ. 50nA typ. 100dB typ. Package SOP-8D (MM1278XA) DIP-8A (MM1278XD) Applications 1. Amplification and detection of normal very small voltage on portable equipment. 2. Amplification of very small voltage for sensors (thermocouples, strain gauges, magnetic sensors) 3. Detedtion of very small current MITSUMI High Precision Operational Amplifier MM1278 Pin Assignment MM1278XF, MM1278XD 8765 1234 SOP-8D/DIP-8A 1 AIN+ 2 AIN- 3 AOUT 4 GND 5 BIN+ 6 BIN- 7 BOUT 8 VCC Block Diagram Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25°C) Item Storage temperature Operating temperature Power supply voltage Input voltage Allowable power dissipation Symbol TSTG TOPR VCC max. VIN Pd Rating -40~+125 -20~+85 -0.3~+10 -0.3~+10 300 Units °C °C V V mW MITSUMI High Precision Operational Amplifier MM1278 Electrical Characteristics (Unless otherwise specified Ta=25°C, VCC=3V, VIN=0V) Item Current consumption Power supply line elimination ratio Power supply voltage range Input voltage range Input offset voltage Input offset voltage Amplifier temperature drift Input offset current section Input bias current Voltage gain Output current Output voltage Symbol ICC PSRR VCC VI VIOA VIOA IIOA IBA GV IOA VOA Measurement Conditions f=100Hz Min. Typ. Max. Units 0.1 0.15 mA 50 60 dB 1.8 3.0 6.0 V -0.2 0.3 V ±0.1 ±0.35 mV Ta=-20~+70°C ±1 ±3 µV/°C RL=100kΩ VIN=10mV, VO=0.5V VIN=-5~-25mV RL=10kΩ 1 10 nA 50 150 nA 80 100 dB 0.5 mA VCC 0.01 V -1.0 Note : Use a gain range of 20dB ~ 50dB in the amplifier section (40dB recommended). Also, insert the capacitor between output and GND, instead of parallel to the gain setting feedback resistor, in order to eliminate noise from the input. Please note that use of the equipment under different conditions will cause vibration.



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