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iRobot® 510 PackBot® Neutralize roadside bombs, car bombs and other IEDs... Screen vehicles, cargo, buildings and people for traces of explosives… Search buildings, bunkers, caves, tunnels and sewers… iRobot 510 with EOD manipulator arm The iRobot 510 PackBot is one of the most successful battle-tested robots in the world. Modular, adaptable and expandable, PackBot performs bomb disposal, surveillance/reconnaissance and a wide range of other dangerous missions while keeping armed forces out of harm’s way. More than 4,500 PackBot robots have been delivered worldwide. Multi-mission flexibility Mobile PackBot easily climbs stairs, rolls over rubble and navigates narrow passages with sure-footed efficiency. The robot traverses rock, mud, snow and other tough terrain at speeds of up to 5.8 miles per hour. Expandable PackBot accommodates a wide variety of interchangeable payloads that enable a wide variety of missions. The robot is quickly configured based on the needs of the mission and the operator’s preferences. Portable PackBot is deployable by one person in less than two minutes. No expensive, specialized equipment or vehicles are necessary; the robot is easily loaded into a MOLLE pack, the trunk of a car or a helicopter. Easy to use PackBot relays real-time video, audio and sensor data while the operator stays at a safe standoff distance. The robot uses a game-style hand controller for fast training and easy operation in the field. iRobot® 510 PackBot® One robot, unlimited possibilities PackBot is a modular, multi-mission robot. Powered by iRobot Aware® 2 robot intelligence software, the robot’s digital architecture accommodates a wide range of interchangeable payloads, sensors and tools that enable a wide range of missions. PackBot is quickly configured based on the needs of the mission and easily adapts to the ever-changing requirements of bomb identification, search and other life-threatening missions. iRobot® 510 PackBot® I. Start with the robot Robot PackBot provides multi-mission flexibility and unlimited customization options on a proven chassis. • Easily climbs stairs • Travels up to 5.8 miles per hour • Climbs grades up to 60 degrees • Submersible in 3 feet of water • Operational in all weather environments Hand Controller Modeled after video game-style controllers, PackBot’s hand controller makes the robot easy to use, resulting in less training time and faster operations in the field. OCU The rugged, lightweight 15” Amrel laptop OCU is easy to use and makes it easy to operate the robot. • Intuitive graphical user interface • Pre-set poses for fast positioning of the robot • Real-time video from multiple high resolution cameras • 3-D graphics show the robot’s orientation • Battery powered; can be used with a supplementary power supply • Robot and OCU battery life displayed on screen II. A dd payloads, sensors and tools Check out our complete list of accessories in PackBot Accessory Catalog Payloads PackBot accommodates many payloads and a variety of manipulator arms, including: • Enhanced Awareness Payload (EAP) • Manipulator 1.0 (3-Link Arm) • Small Arm Manipulator (SAM) Sensors PackBot accommodates a broad range of sensors, including: • Flir Fido® Explosives Detection Kit • LWIR Thermal Camera • HazMat Detection Kit III. Perform multiple missions • Explosive Ordnance Disposal • HazMat Detection • Surveillance / Reconnaissance • C heckpoint, Vehicle and Personnel Inspections • Building and Route Clearance • Explosives Detection And many more… Tools PackBot accommodates a wide selection of tools, including: • Route Clearance Kit • Mechanical Cable Cutters • PAN Disruptor Mount iRobot® 510 PackBot® Mesh Radio Kit Establish reliable communications in radio challenged environments Inspect culverts, tunnels and other subterranean and restricted features. Increase the communications range in urban and built-up areas. Overcome lost line-of-sight communications due to low lying areas and other terrain features. With the 4.9 GHz mesh radio kit, PackBot uses multiple nodes to establish and relay communications, increasing the robot’s operational range in radio challenged environments. (In addition to standalone nodes, the robot and the radio on the Operator Control Unit (OCU) can also serve as nodes.) User Assist Package (UAP) Add semi-autonomous capabilities to PackBot The User Assist Package makes it faster and easier to use the robot and safer for the operator. Better situational awareness The UAP speeds up operations and reduces workload for the operator. Less risk The UAP minimizes the need to retrieve a robot that has been flipped over or lost communications downrange. Robot capabilities • Retro-traverse If communications are disrupted, the robot automatically retraces its approach path to restore them. • Self-righting If the robot is flipped over, it automatically rights itself and continues the mission. • Heading hold The robot maintains a constant heading set by the operator, automatically adjusting for bumps, debris and other obstacles. OCU capabilities • GPS mapping • Custom poses • Gripper force meter iRobot® 510 PackBot® iRobot PackBot 510 Chassis Specifications • On-board computer with overheat protection • 8 payload bays • Global Positioning System (GPS) • Compass • Accelerometers • Inclinometer • Dismounted firing circuit • QuickClamp Fireset and auxiliary port • Rugged, sealed hard case • Users manual and documentation Speed Up to 5.8 mph (9.3 kph) Height 7” (17.8 cm) with no payload or manipulator Width 16” (40.6 cm) without flippers 20.5” (52.1 cm) with flippers Length 27” (68.6 cm) with flippers stowed 35” (88.9 cm) with flippers extended Power Sources • Removable 11.1V/7200mAH lithium-ion battery • A C adaptor (90V-240V) with 50/60Hz input Hand controllers • 2 hand controllers Communications • Digital radio – 2.4 GHz or 4.9 GHz rechargeable batteries • Two-way audio • Headphone with microphone • Multiple high resolution cameras Batteries, cradles PackBot is powered by two BBand chargers 2590/U lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, providing more than 4 hours of continuous runtime on one charge – up to 10 miles of travel. (A set of spare batteries is also included.) Weight Operator Control Unit (OCU) Size Weight Environmental Screen iRobot Corporation 8 Crosby Drive Bedford, MA 01730 Sales Contact 888.776.2687 (Toll Free in USA) +(1) 781.430.3090 (international customers) Media Contact 781.430.3182 About 24 lbs (10.89 kg) without batteries 11.6” L x 13.3” W x 2.5” H (29.5 cm L x 33.8 cm W x 6.35 cm H) • 11.85 lbs (5.38 kg) laptop only, not including hand controller, radio module or antenna • 15.45 lbs (7.01 kg) includes hand controller, radio module antenna and wall charger All-weather operation • 15.1” (38.1 cm) XGA (1024 x 768 resolution) anti-reflective TFT LCD • Multi-image display with full screen option • 3-D active model of robot • Auxiliary USB, Ethernet, video output • Image capture capability • Gauge display of battery power • Gauge display of fiber • G auge display of communications signal strength • 4 BB-2590/U lithium-ion • 2 BB-2590 battery cradles • Battery charger Accessories Manipulator 1.0 (510 3-Link Arm) • Multiple pre-set positions • Targeting-head tracking gripper • 8 independent degrees of freedom - Shoulder Rotation: 360° Continuous - Shoulder Pivot: 220° - Elbow 1 Pivot: 340° - Elbow 2 Pivot: 340° - Gripper Rotation: 360° Continuous - Gripper Open and Close: 180° - Head Rotation/Pan: 360° Continuous - Head Tilt: 220° Extension 73.5” (187 cm) Lifting capacity 10 lbs (4.54 kg) at full extension 30 lbs (13.61 kg) at close-in position Weight 20.55 lbs (9.32 kg) Small Arm Manipulator (SAM) • Multiple pre-set positions • Targeting-head tracking gripper • 3 independent degrees of freedom - Shoulder Pivot: 185° - Head Rotation/Pan: 360° Continuous - Head Tilt: 220° Extension 23.5” (60 cm) Weight 5.75 lbs (2.61 kg) This literature has been compiled for worldwide circulation. While general information, picture and descriptions are provided, some illustrations and text may include product options and accessories NOT AVAILABLE in all regions. iRobot reserves the right to change specification, design and price of the products described in this literature without notice ©2011-2012 iRobot Corporation. All rights reserved. iRobot and Aware are registered trademarks of iRobot Corporation. [00315.0911.v4]




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