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Mototron Mannual(2)

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Page 7 Example This example will demonstrate the Fault Blocks. Start with motohawk_project(‘Fault1’) Remove the existing contents of the Foreground subsystem. Create the model as shown. Build the model. Run MotoTune, program the module, and open a display or open the FaultExample.dis file. MotoHawk Chapter 2 : Faults: version 1.2 Page 8 (example continued) Notice in MotoTune display explorer, there is a category for Faults that contains the display variables for: Active Faults Occurred Faults Suspected Faults along with a command that will clear faults. Also, for every Action there is a reason display variable that will tell you all of the faults that are causing the particular action. All of the displays are marquee type displays, that will roll through the faults and display the fault names. Open a calibration and notice the Faults category in the Calibration Explorer. The Fault Manager is located here. Open it up. The fault manager has all of the fields that can be set in the Fault Definition block in Simulink available here to be adjusted at run time. There is also an extra field, “Test,” that will allow you to force the fault active without the input conditions being set. Note how the calibration has been adjusted to route some of the faults to particular actions. MotoHawk Chapter 2 : Faults: version 1.2




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