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MSP430  FRAM  铁电  MCU

MSP430 FRAM Overview and Device Roadmap September 2011 Industry’s first ultra-low-power FRAM MCU More sensors in new places with ultra-low-power memory • Write more than 1000x faster using 250x less energy • Virtually unlimited write endurance • Non-volatile memory: data retention possible in ALL power modes Experience unparalleled freedom with unified memory • Easily change memory partitioning in software • Eliminate need for separate EEPROM and battery-backed SRAM Speed up designs – Tools, software and system solution • Low cost development kits and code compatibility across MSP platform • Industry’s broadest RF technology & tools portfolio • Training and documentation All-in-one: FRAM MCU delivers max benefits FRAM SRAM EEPROM Flash Non-volatile Retains data without power Write speed (13 KB) Average active Power [µA/MHz] Yes 10ms 82 No Yes Yes <10ms 2secs 1 sec <60 50mA+ 260 Write endurance Dynamic Bit-wise programmable Unified memory Flexible code and data partitioning 1 million billions (1015) Unlimited Yes Yes Yes No 100,000 No No 10,000 No No FRAM | Unified memory Before Multiple device variants may be required With FRAM One device supporting multiple options “slide the bar as needed” 16kB Flash (Program) 2Kb SRAM 16kB Universal FRAM Often an additional 1kB chip EEPROM is needed 14kB Flash 32kB Flash To get more SRAM you may have to buy 5x the needed FLASH ROM 2kB SRAM 6kB SRAM Data vs. program memory partitioned as needed • Easier, simpler inventory management • Lower cost of issuance / ownership • Faster time to market for memory modifications FRAM | Endurance Write Endurance 10,000 cycles > 100,000,000,000,000 cycles Trillions Supports more than 150,000 years of continuous data logging FRAM | Industry-Leading Speeds • 1000x faster than flash • RAM-like performance – ~50ns Access time • No pre-erase required for writes 2500 • No additional power is 2000 needed for FRAM writes 1500 – CPU not held – Interrupt enabled during 1000 writes 500 0 Write Speed 2 MBps Power Consumption (µA) 2200 FRAM 720 12 kBps Flash Flash/EEPROM FRAM FRAM | Lowest Energy Memory Writes Current FRAM: 3x less current 2200A 700A 1 ms Flash Write >450x lower energy than Flash FRAM Write FRAM: More than 160x faster Time 1 sec FRAM | Proven, Reliable • Endurance – Proven data retention to 10 years @ 85°C • Less vulnerable to attacks – Fast access/write times • Radiation Resistance – Terrestrial Soft Error Rate (SER) is below detection limits • Immune to Magnetic Fields – FRAM does not contain iron! For more info on TI’s FRAM technology MSP430™ |FR57xx Performance • 8MHz/24MHz, 16-bit RISC CPU Power • Supply Voltage Range 2.0V to 3.6V • Power Consumption (Typical values at 25ºC) • Active Mode: 82uA/MHz • Standby Mode (LPM3): 6.3 uA • RTC mode (LPM3.5): 1.5 uA • Shutdown Mode (LPM4.5): 0.32 uA • Wake up from Standby Mode in 100μs • 16/8/4 KB FRAM version with free program code / data memory partitioning • 1KB SRAM Package • 24/40-Pin QFN, 38-Pin TSSOP • Temp Range -40ºC to 85ºC • Starting at $1.30 @ 10KU Benefits • FRAM: Ultra-low power, universal memory • Nearly infinite (1015) write cycles • 1000x faster writes than Flash (15 MB/s) • 250x less power in writes • Flexible as data or program memory • High performance Analog • ADC10: 200 ksps and 150uA consumption • Versatile analog comparator 15 external channels, voltage hysteresis, reference generator • Cost efficient system implementation • Fast to program • Less inventory management • Flexible , secure memory partitioning • SAMPLING TODAY! MSP430 Low Power MCU MSP430FR57xx Ultra Low Power 16-bit MCU 24MHz Memory 16 / 8 / 4 KB FRAM Debug Real Time JTAG , Embedded emulation Bootstrap Loader Peripherals • 32x32 Multiplier • DMA (3 Ch) • CRC16 Serial Interfaces • Enhanced Universal Serial Comm. Interfaces • 2 UARTs or SPI • 1 I2C or SPI Converters • Comp_D / Vref • ADC10 (up to 12 ch) Timers • Watch Dog Timer • Timer 0_A3 • Timer1_B3 • Timer2_A3 • Timer 3_B3 • Timer 4_B3 Connectivity Up to 3 1x8 + 1 1x3 I/O Ports w/ Interrupt & wake up Power & Clocking • Power on Reset • Brownout Reset • Low Power Vreg (1.5V) • XT1 • VLO • DCO (±2%) • Real Time Clock ADC10_B Feature Enhancements • Significant power savings – 150µA Vs 1.2mA on F2xx • Up to 200ksps • REF – unique module – 1.5V, 2V and 2.5V • DTC replaced by DMA • Up to 12 external input channels • Window Comparator – Hi, low and middle interrupts 10 Serial Communication • eUSCI – Multi-slave addressing I2C – High frequency SPI – 9 MHz – Modified 4-pin mode for “true” chip select SPI Master – Bit counter and auto-stop I2C – Deglitch filtering UART – Start bit and transmit exception interrupts in UART – Address bit masking in I2C – Preload buffer for TX in I2C – ACK/NACK in Software FRAM | Target Markets Wireless Sensor Problem: • 1 month battery life per update • Maintenance costs bar 80% of WSN applications FRAM enables: • Wireless updates • Easy, quick, secure deploy • Energy Harvesting • Zero maintenance cost Data Logging Problem: • Limited on input • Single signal • Low frequency FRAM enables: • More & constant measurement • More signals • Higher frequency • BBSRAM or EEPROM replacement Security/Digital Rights Management Problem: • Size constrained • Multiple uses per day • Short memory life FRAM enables: • Reduce BOM / memory size • Long memory life • Embedded encryption capable • IP Segregation Enabling Features • Fast writes • Guaranteed completion • Unified, protected memory • Robust power management • No pre-req for block erase • Flexible clocking/low power Enabling Features • Fast write speed • Interruptible during write • High write endurance (1014) • Embedded non-volatile mem • Guaranteed completion • Low power write Enabling Features • High endurance recording • Adaptable memory protection • Fast write of critical data • Guaranteed completion • Small form factor FRAM solves real-world challenges Challenge Power consumption limits locations, increases maintenance Limited data update/ write speed Sensor Datalogging FRAM solution Energy harvesting enables more sensors in more locations Continuous and reliable monitoring , storage and RF transmission Asset Tracking Flow meters Seismic monitoring Selective monitoring Challenge Consume up to 1 month battery life Block level erase & program Need redundant (mirror) memory blocks Continuous monitoring Over-the-air updates FRAM solution Uses less than ¼ day of battery life Bit level access Write guarantee in case of power loss Sports & Fitness Home automation Metering Safety & security FRAM | Tools, software and solutions • Code libraries • IAR-EW430 v5.20.x supporting FRAM devices • CCS v4.2.3 supporting FRAM devices • Comprehensive application and “How to” notes More info at: Getting Started with MSP430FR5739 • MSP-EXP430FR5739 FRAM Experimenter’s Board • $29 with over 5K in stock! • On Board Emulation • Features – 8 Display LED’s – NTC Thermister – 3 axis accelerometer – Footprint for additional through-hole LDR sensor – 2 User input Switches – Capacity for CCxx EMK kits • User Experience – Preloaded with out-of-box demo code For more information




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