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SPECIFICATION FOR 承认 客戶 CUSTOMER : 客戶料號 恒茂 CUSTOMER NO. : 項目 ITEM 型號 : 电磁式蜂鸣器(内含驱动电路) TYPE : 規格書號 PS-PBZ12075D2433YB SPECIFICATION NO. : 版本 EDITION NO. : 1.1 日期 DATE : 2014-5-12 APPROVAL 书 CUSTOMER’S APPROVED SIGNATURE(客戶認可) 東莞市朴氏实业有限公司 DONGUAN Park's Industrial CO.,LTD 工厂地址: 东莞市长安镇莞长路涌头工业区 3A Factory Address:3A, Chong-Tou Industrial Park, Guan-Chang Road, Chang-An Town, Dong-Guan City. 公司地址: 东莞市长安镇地王广场地王大厦 606 Company Address:606, Diwang Building, Diwang Square, Chang-An Town, Dong-Guan City. 电话/TEL:0769- 81873218 81871960 傳真/FAX:0769-81873990 Approved By(確認) Checked By(審查) Issude By(製作) 1/4 PDF 文件使用 "pdfFactory Pro" 试用版本创建 SCOPE This specification applies magnetic buzzer PS-PBZ12075D2433YB APPEARANCE DRAWING Unit:mm Tolerance:±0.5 Potting SPECIFICATIONS Item Rated Voltage Operating Voltage Max.Rated Current Sound Pressure level(dB)at3.3VDC/10cm Resonant Frequency Operating Temperature Storage Temperature (+) (-) Sound Hole Unit VDC VDC mA dB Hz ℃ ℃ Specification 3.30 2.0~5.0 Max.30 Min. 85dB 2400±300Hz -20 ℃~+70 -30 ℃~+80 2/4 PDF 文件使用 "pdfFactory Pro" 试用版本创建 Acoustic Characteristics: The oscillation frequency, current consumption and sound pressure are measured by the measuring instruments shown below In the measuring test, buzzer is placed as follows: Typical Frequency Response Curve 3/4 PDF 文件使用 "pdfFactory Pro" 试用版本创建 NO. ITEM TEST CONDITION AND REQUIREMENT After being placed in a chamber with 80±2ºC for 48 hours and then High Temperature 1 being placed in normal condition for 2 hours. Test (Storage) Allowable variation of SPL after test: ±10dB. After being Placed in a chamber with -30±2ºC for 48 hours and then Low Temperature 2 being placed in normal condition for 2 hours. Test (Storage) Allowable variation of SPL after test: ±10dB. After being Placed in a chamber with 80-85% R.H. at 40±2ºC for 48 3 Humidity Test hours and then being placed in normal condition for 2 hours. Allowable variation of SPL after test: ±10dB. The part shall be subjected to 5 cycles. One cycle shall be consist of: +80ºC Temperature Cycle 4 Test +25ºC -30℃ +25ºC Allowable variation of SPL after test: ±10dB. Lead terminals are immersed in rosin for 3 seconds and then Solderability immersed in solder bath of +320±10ºC for 3 seconds . 5 Test 90% min. lead terminals shall be wet with solder (Except the edge of terminals). 4/4 PDF 文件使用 "pdfFactory Pro" 试用版本创建 The force of 5N is applied to each terminal in axial direction for Terminal Strength 6 5 seconds. Pulling Test No visible damage and cutting off. TEST CONDITION. Standard Test Condition : a) Temperature : +5 ~ +35℃ b) Humidity : 45-85% c) Pressure : 860-1060mbar 一般测试条件 : a) 温度 : +5 ~ +35℃ b) 湿度 : 45-85% c) 气压 : 860-1060mbar Judgment Test Condition : a) Temperature : +25 ± 2℃ b) Humidity : 60-70% c) Pressure 860-1060mbar 争议时测试条件 : a) 温度 : +25 ± 2℃ b) 湿度 : 60-70% c) 气压 : 860-1060mbar 5/4 PDF 文件使用 "pdfFactory Pro" 试用版本创建




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