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EssPro™ Energy Storage Power Conversion System (PCS) The power to control energy EssPro PCS gives you the power to control energy – helping to keep smart grids in balance Maximizing the value and performance of energy storage – EssPro™ PCS With over a decade of expertise in energy storage power conversion systems (PCS), ABB is a pioneer and leader in the field of distributed energy storage systems. ABB’s EssPro PCS provides you with the ability to solve power quality, stability and availability issues. As the demand for safe and reliable electricity increases, our infrastructure continues to evolve and innovate in order to accommodate such growth. Harnessing the power to control energy can enable our current infrastructure to readily expand. Strategically placed energy storage systems can increase operational performance and grid reliability, better integrate alternative energy sources, balance supply and demand, and ensure that energy is readily available when primary power sources are interrupted. The benefits of energy storage can span power generation, through transmission and distribution, and all the way to users. 2 EssPro PCS | ABB Energy storage applications Application EssPro PCS benefits Frequency regulation Proprietary algorithms quickly and easily respond to grid signals to provide ancillary services such as frequency regulation Renewable integration Load shifting, capacity smoothing and ramping Microgrids Secure critical loads in any unplanned event by creating independently controlled, electrical networks powered by local generation Peak shaving Deliver power to the grid when peak demand is high, lowering costly demand charges and reducing the burden on the grid Spinning reserve Meet shortfalls; supply backup power during a loss of generation or transmission outage Load leveling Store energy when demand is low and deliver energy when demand is high Power quality Correct power factor and provide voltage regulation ABB | EssPro PCS 3 EssPro™ PCS advantages ABB’s EssPro PCS allows energy to be stored or accessed exactly when it is required. Value and performance Unlock the true potential of your energy storage system by using ABB’s proven and reliable EssPro power conversion system (PCS). Able to connect to any battery type or energy storage medium, ABB’s EssPro PCS brings together decades of grid interconnection experience and leadership in power conversion to provide seamless system integration and battery control. ABB’s EssPro PCS maximizes the use of the energy storage system to deliver exceptional returns on investment. Its modular design and advanced controls maximize the availability, value and performance of large or small energy storage systems in a variety of applications. ++Modular design and flexible product Easily deployable to support any project size from 50 kVA to 30 MVA ++High availability Built-in redundancy and protection system ensures lowest cost of ownership ++Utility grade with advanced controls Proprietary algorithms to enable a variety of storage applications ++Expertise in grid operations and systems For precise system control and performance ++High performance in any climate Designed to withstand harsh environments ++Minimized risk due to proven technology Global installed base with high reliability and strong track record EssPro energy storage solution at EKZ in Zurich, one of Switzerland’s largest energy companies 4 EssPro PCS | ABB EssPro™ PCS configurations ABB’s EssPro PCS portfolio spans compact power converters to complete power conversion systems. Power converter racks Control cabinet Transformer Circuit breaker cabinets The EssPro PCS enclosure houses all the main system components in one container. The container protects against a wide range of environmental conditions and temperatures. Main components of the EssPro PCS Local and remote control Power converters AC circuit breakers and protection DC circuit breakers and protection Main isolation / step-up transformer Auxiliary transformer and power distribution circuit Metering (optional) ABB | EssPro PCS 5 EssPro™ PCS ratings System ratings EssPro c225 EssPro c600 EssPro c1200 EssPro c1800 EssPro c2000 EssPro c4000 Connection Connection voltage Connection frequency DC voltage range AC grid voltage Harmonic distortion /current Voltage ripple 50 kW – 225 kW 225 kW – 600 kW 600 kW – 1,200 kW 1,200 kW – 1,800 kW 1,000 kW – 2,000 kW 2,000 kW – 4,000 kW Any LV or MV with standard transformer 50 Hz or 60 Hz 250 VDC – 1,120 VDC 200 VAC – 480 VAC IEEE 519 compliant IEEE 519 compliant Performance System efficiency (including transformer) Converter efficiency Overload Standards Safety, EMC Quality Environmental Protection class indoor Protection class outdoor Ambient temperature range 2 Cooling >94% >97% 120% for 10 minutes 1 150% for 30 seconds 200% for 2 seconds 1 Designed to CE mark requirements ISO 9000 /ISO 9001 NEMA 1 / IP20 / IP23 NEMA 3R, NEMA 4, NEMA 4x / IP54 -30°C – 50°C Forced air, HVAC and chillers 1 From 75% preload 2 PCS temperature rating depends on housing selection, systems derated over 40°C Container and cabinet enclosure configurations 6 EssPro PCS | ABB EssPro™ PCS control packages ABB’s EssPro PCS offers tailored solutions to fit your needs. EssPro PCS standard control features: –– Fast response to power quality reference signals –– Optimized communication interface with battery management system (BMS) –– Individual AC and DC breaker / contactor control and supervision for system protection –– HMI communication, I/O supervision, local and remote capability –– Current and voltage source control modes –– Grid stabilization features (synthetic inertia and active damping) –– Systems analysis for grid code compatibility EssPro™ Vantage Controller Advanced functionality for system optimization ++Multiple unit control functionality ++Single interface to customer domain ++Black start operation mode ++Frequency regulation ++Renewable integration ++Microgrids ++Peak shaving ++Spinning reserve ++Load leveling ++Power quality ++Demand management Frequency regulation f [Hz] Absorb power 50.02 50.00 49.98 Supply power Energy stored in ESS t [sec] Charge Discharge Capacity firming Power Renewable generated power Absorb power Energy stored in ESS Supply power t [sec min] Charge Discharge t [min hrs] Peak shaving Load Scheduled power consumption Supply power Energy stored in ESS Absorb power t [min] Charge Discharge Spinning reserve f [Hz] Generation of transmission failure Energy stored in ESS Supply power t [ms] Discharge t [ms] Load leveling Load Supply power Energy stored in ESS Absorb power Absorb power t [hrs] Power quality Power Short disruption Energy stored in ESS Supply power t [ms sec] Charge Discharge Discharge ABB | EssPro PCS 7 ABB’s remote asset enterprise Improving your bottom line through ABB’s remote services and virtual technical support team. In today’s operating climate, many businesses are required to increase operational efficiency with fewer available resources. Remote monitoring presents an effective solution for around the clock monitoring and network uptime, with little investment. The remote asset enterprise allows ABB’s experienced professionals to remotely monitor valuable assets, freeing users to allocate their valuable resources more productively. Remote asset enterprise service packages Remote trouble shooting Automatic notifications and alerts Fault and early warning detection system Event logging and visualization Voltage and current measurements System performance reports Trending analysis Predictive maintenance Monitoring on-demand • • • Real-time performance analysis • • • • • • Continuous monitoring and diagnostics • • • • • • • • 8 EssPro PCS | ABB EssPro™ PCS service and support Rapid Response We guarantee fast and flexible service response to maximize your equipment availability. Rapid Response –– Repairs: During emergencies or planned production breaks, when equipment or processes fail and need instant repairs. –– Spare parts: Delivery of spares and consumables. –– Replacement: Troubleshooting, identifying and analyzing the root causes of equipment failures and suggesting the most effective courses of action. –– Training: Equipment and system training services for personnel. Operational Efficiency Remote monitoring: Outsource asset monitoring to experienced professionals with an easy access to our virtual engineer support team. Allow for real-time visibility into equipment performance with fast and secure information retrieval. Lifecycle Management We provide you powerful tools and our knowledge base to optimize and extend the lifecycle of your equipment. Operational Efficiency We optimize the usability and efficiency of your equipment and systems to increase productivity. Lifecycle Management –– Installation and commissioning: Installation supervision and commissioning of the equipment by qualified engineers reduces start-up time, increases safety and reliability, while decreasing lifecycle costs. –– Extensions, upgrades and retrofits: Upgrade current installations with next generation product and software to ensure maximum return on investment –– Service agreement: Tailored service agreements that guarantee quick help in all situations, including lifecycle services to keep equipment and assets in full working condition and updated to use the latest technology Performance Improvement Engineering and consulting: Engineering and consulting assistance in identifying areas for improvement in the reliability, availability, maintainability and safety of production processes. We offer advanced services that allow for appropriate sizing of systems and determine the optimal solution for each application. Performance Improvement Your strategic partner in improving productivity, usability, reliability, safety, cost and energy efficiency and emissions control. ABB | EssPro PCS 9 Energy storage experience Reference installations across industries and applications 20 MW energy storage system for capacity reserves A large thermal power plant in Chile is responsible for providing power to an important mining region locally. To ensure grid reliability, the power plant would curtail power from the grid and hold back capacity to meet system response for primary and secondary reserves. The power plant installed a 20 MW /5 MWh energy storage system that would allow for an additional 20 MW of power generation to be supplied to its customers. The energy storage system uses five 4 MW EssPro PCS units. The system results in additional revenues for the power plant and a more stable and reliable electrical power infrastructure for their customers. 8 MW to enhance grid stability A large investor owned utility in California wanted to evaluate the performance of a battery energy storage system combined with new smart inverter technology. In 2013, the utility installed an 8 MW – 4 hour (32 MWh) lithium-ion battery combined with two 4.5 MVA EssPro PCS units. The installation was in one of California’s largest wind resource areas, where as much as 4.5 GW of wind resources are expected to come online by 2015. Some of the many project benefits of installing this battery energy storage system include added voltage support and grid stabilization, decreases in transmission losses and congestion, frequency regulation support and optimization of the wind energy output through capacity firming and smoothing. 100 kW microgrid For a pioneering microgrid customer in Slovakia, ABB’s EssPro PCS enables integration with the local utility, providing a more efficient renewable energy supply. The energy storage device is able to regulate the power flow by discharging power to the grid when wind and solar energy output varies, or during unstable events, such as extreme weather conditions. This microgrid storage solution helps maintain efficient transmission and distribution by providing active and reactive power control. 10 EssPro PCS | ABB 2 MW frequency regulation solution China’s energy demand is growing rapidly and the renewable sources play an important role in the country’s new energy strategy. To help maintain grid reliability and efficiency a utility in China installed a 2 MW energy storage system for frequency regulation. For this project ABB supplied an EssPro PCS with advanced controls in order to help stabilize grid frequency. 240 kW systems to support two facilities Two 240 kWh battery energy storage systems, each combined with a 100 kW EssPro PCS from ABB, enhances the operational efficiency at each site. The first location was a local health center that required demand reduction, load shifting and PV integration to reduce the facility’s energy cost. The second location was a bottling company that required voltage support for improved process efficiency as well as demand reduction to reduce escalating energy bills. ABB’s EssPro PCS enables both facilities to more effectively integrate renewables, offer greater stability to the electric grid and allow the end customer to take better control of their energy management. 400 kW integrated wind and energy storage system In cold northern locations in Canada, the price of energy can be significant due to the high cost of transporting fuel to sites and also due to the long, cold winters and short hours of daylight. In order to reduce energy bills and promote the adoption of clean energy, the Cowessess First Nation (CFN) was one of the first communities in Canada to install a wind turbine with a battery energy storage system. ABB’s EssPro PCS enables the battery energy storage system to demonstrate the successful integration of a wind turbine into the electrical grid. The project also verified that the system is compliant with the anti-islanding standards when the grid was absent and the wind turbine was still in production. ABB | EssPro PCS 11 © Copyright 2014 ABB. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. 9AKK106103A3511 Contact us ABB Inc. Power Conversion 16250 W. Glendale Drive New Berlin, WI 53151, USA Phone: +1 262 785 3200 E-Mail: ABB Beijing Drive Systems Co., Ltd. No. 1, Block D, A-10, Jiuxianqiao Beilu Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015, P.R. China Phone: +86 10 5821 7788 ABB Sp. z o.o. Power Converters 27 Placydowska St 95-070 Aleksandrow Lodzki, Poland Phone: +48 728 401 286




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