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Exynos4412 User Manual Public1.0

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Exynos 4412 RISC Microprocessor Public Version September 2012 2012 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd All rights reserved Important Notice Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Samsung reserves the right to make changes to the information in this publication at any time without prior notice All information provided is for reference purpose only Samsung assumes no responsibility for possible errors or omissions or for any consequences resulting from the use of the information conta......

Exynos 4412 RISC Microprocessor Public Version September 2012  2012 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Important Notice Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (“Samsung”) reserves the right to make changes to the information in this publication at any time without prior notice. All information provided is for reference purpose only. Samsung assumes no responsibility for possible errors or omissions, or for any consequences resulting from the use of the information contained herein. This publication on its own does not convey any license, either express or implied, relating to any Samsung and/or third-party products, under the intellectual property rights of Samsung and/or any third parties. Samsung makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee regarding the suitability of its products for any particular purpose, nor does Samsung assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit and specifically disclaims any and all liability, including without limitation any consequential or incidental damages. Customers are responsible for their own products and applications. "Typical" parameters can and do vary in different applications. All operating parameters, including "Typicals" must be validated for each customer application by the customer's technical experts. any information provided in this publication. Customer shall indemnify and hold Samsung and its officers, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, and distributors harmless against all claims, costs, damages, expenses, and reasonable attorney fees arising out of, either directly or indirectly, any claim (including but not limited to personal injury or death) that may be associated with such unintended, unauthorized and/or illegal use. WARNING No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electric or mechanical, by photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written consent of Samsung. This publication is intended for use by designated recipients only. This publication contains confidential information (including trade secrets) of Samsung protected by Competition Law, Trade Secrets Protection Act and other related laws, and therefore may not be, in part or in whole, directly or indirectly publicized, distributed, photocopied or used (including in a posting on the Internet where unspecified access is possible) by any unauthorized third party. Samsung reserves its right to take any and all measures both in equity and law available to it and claim full damages against any party that misappropriates Samsung‟s trade secrets and/or confidential information. Samsung products are not designed, intended, or authorized for use in applications intended to support or sustain life, or for any other application in which the failure of the Samsung product could reasonably be expected to create a situation where personal injury or death may occur. Customers acknowledge and agree that they are solely responsible to meet all other legal and regulatory requirements regarding their applications using Samsung products notwithstanding 警 告 本文件仅向经韩国三星电子株式会社授权的人员提供, 其内容含有商业秘密保护相关法规规定并受其保护的三星电 子株式会社商业秘密,任何直接或间接非法向第三人披露、 传播、复制或允许第三人使用该文件全部或部分内容的行为 (包括在互联网等公开媒介刊登该商业秘密而可能导致不特 定第三人获取相关信息的行为)皆为法律严格禁止。此等违 法行为一经发现,三星电子株式会社有权根据相关法规对其 采取法律措施,包括但不限于提出损害赔偿请求。 Copyright  2012 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. San #24 Nongseo-Dong, Giheung-Gu Yongin-City, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea 446-711 Contact Us: mobilesol.cs@samsung.com Home Page: http://www.samsungsemi.com Trademarks All brand names, trademarks and registered trademarks belong to their respective owners.  Exynos, Exynos4412, FlexOneNAND, and OneNAND are trademarks of Samsung Electronics.  ARM, Jazelle, TrustZone, and Thumb are registered trademarks of ARM Limited.  Cortex, ETM, ETB, Coresight, ISA, and Neon are trademarks of ARM Limited.  Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.  SD is a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation.  MMC and eMMC are trademarks of MultiMediaCard Association.  JTAG is a registered trademark of JTAG Technologies, Inc.  Synopsys is a registered trademark of Synopsys, Inc.   I2S is a trademark of Phillips Electronics. I2C is a trademark of Phillips Semiconductor Corp.  MIPI and Slimbus are registered trademarks of the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance. All other trademarks used in this publication are the property of their respective owners. Chip Handling Guide Precaution against Electrostatic Discharge When using semiconductor devices, ensure that the environment is protected against static electricity: 1. Wear antistatic clothes and use earth band. 2. All objects that are in direct contact with devices must be made up of materials that do not produce static electricity. 3. Ensure that the equipment and work table are earthed. 4. Use ionizer to remove electron charge. Contamination Do not use semiconductor products in an environment exposed to dust or dirt adhesion. Temperature/Humidity Semiconductor devices are sensitive to:  Environment  Temperature  Humidity High temperature or humidity deteriorates the characteristics of semiconductor devices. Therefore, do not store or use semiconductor devices in such conditions. Mechanical Shock Do not to apply excessive mechanical shock or force on semiconductor devices. Chemical Do not expose semiconductor devices to chemicals because exposure to chemicals leads to reactions that deteriorate the characteristics of the devices. Light Protection In non- Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) package, do not expose semiconductor IC to bright light. Exposure to bright light causes malfunctioning of the devices. However, a few special products that utilize light or with security functions are exempted from this guide. Radioactive, Cosmic and X-ray Radioactive substances, cosmic ray, or X-ray may influence semiconductor devices. These substances or rays may cause a soft error during a device operation. Therefore, ensure to shield the semiconductor devices under environment that may be exposed to radioactive substances, cosmic ray, or X-ray. EMS (Electromagnetic Susceptibility) Strong electromagnetic wave or magnetic field may affect the characteristic of semiconductor devices during the operation under insufficient PCB circuit design for Electromagnetic Susceptibility (EMS). Revision History Revision No. Date Description 1.00 Sep. 17, 2012  Initial version Author(s) Chongkun Lee


1.1 同一网段 在不少实验中,都会需要用到局域网的一些基础知识,在技术支持的过程中,发现不少用 户对于这个概念非常模糊,导致 IP 地址或者网络环境稍微有点变化,就无法实现实验。如果 没有接触过这个概念,建议将本文档好好看一下,最好手动计算并验证两个 IP 地址是不是在 同一网段。 局域网通信中会经常用到“同一网段”的概念。要弄明白这个概念需要结合 IP 地址以及 子网掩码。 本篇
砂舞的玩笑 【ARM技术】
《uboot教程 Exynos4412》-第3章-汇编之源码分析
在第一章中,介绍了Exynos4412的iROM、启动方式、源码组成等;在第二章中,介绍 uboot 编译等。通过前面对编译的详细分析,了解到 uboot 源码中有以下几个文件是非常重 要的: “cpu/ARM_cortexa9/start.S” “board/samsung/smdkc210/lowlevel_init_SCP.S 或者 lowlevel_init_POP.S” “in
砂舞的玩笑 嵌入式系统编程
开发环境:Exynos4412-iTOP-4412开发板 现在 Busybox 的配置已经完成了,接下来开始编译 Busybox,在 Ubuntu 的终端输入 “make”命令开始编译 Busybox,如下图。 下图为编译过程中的截图。 如下图所示,编译完成。 现在编译完成了,接下来需要把编译生成的二进制文件安装到刚才指定的../system 目录
砂舞的玩笑 【ARM技术】
开发环境:Exynos4412-iTOP-4412开发板 下面来讲解一下如何使用 BusyBox 制作最小文件系统。 在虚拟机的 Ubuntu 的目录“/home”下新建目录“mkdir minilinux”,这个目录可以 根据个人习惯建立,并不是强制要求,如下图所示。   使用 SSH 软件拷贝 busybox-1.21.1.tar.bz2(这个软件在对应的实验视频目录文件下)到 虚
砂舞的玩笑 【ARM技术】
除了Kinetis SDK v.2.0 API Reference Manual,有没有编程手册?
MKW41Z_ConnSw_1.0.2中的Kinetis SDK v.2.0只有参考手册,没有编程手册,给的很多示例程序的说明都太简单,请问除了Kinetis SDK v.2.0 API Reference Manual,有没有编程手册? 有没有KSDK2.0 中Middleware的编程说明文档? 在哪里可以下载相关的编程手册或培训教材? 另外,在无操作系统的情况下可否使用事件和回调过程编
bjemt 【NXP Kinetis MCU】
MXCHIP+01 熟悉软硬件之熟读usermanual
使用前,当然要做好准备工作,下面就是阅读Open1081UserManualV1.0并对照开发板的一些心得记录。并记录了一些问题,不知道有没有高手可以帮忙解答。 open1081使用的单片机STM32F205R,1M flash和128K ram,很是诱人。不过有相当一部分是被驱动、bootloader等占据了,用户app应该只有720K。 整个底板上主要是为扩展板布置的,因此外围芯片只有两个
jofficer RF/无线


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