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1 2 3 4 =HG%RDUG 'LJLOHQW Function Sheet Number A Cover Sheet 1 A FMC, AMS Connectors 2 PMODS, General I/O 3 Audio Codec 4 HDMI, VGA 5 Ethernet, OLED, SD Card 6 USB, UART 7 FPGA Configuration 8 FPGA Banks 9 DDR, MIO Banks 10 FPGA Power 11 B USB Programming 12 B DDR3 Memory 13 DDR Termination 14 Power Regulation 15 Power Regulation Power Regulation 16 0DU 17 3:33:55 PM C C Copyright 201, Digilent, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be reproduced, distributed, republished, displayed, posted, transmitted or copied in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of Digilent, Inc. DIGILENT and the Digilent logo are registered trademarks of Digilent, Inc. All trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners and Digilent, Inc. disclaims any proprietary interest or right in trademarks, service marks and trade names other than its own. Digilent is not responsible for typographical or other errors or omissions or for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages related to this material or resulting from its use. Digilent makes no warranty or representation respecting this material, which is provided on an "AS IS" basis. DIGILENT HEREBY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES OR LIABILITY OF ANY KIND WITH RESPECT THERETO, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, REPRESENTATIONS D REGARDING ACCURACY AND COMPLETENESS, ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY, SUITABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE AND/OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. This material is not designed, intended or authorized for use in medical, life support, life sustaining or nuclear applications or applications in which the failure of the product could result in personal injury, death or property damage. Any party using or selling products for use in any such applications do so at their sole risk and agree that Digilent is not liable, in whole or in part, for any claim or damage arising from such use, and agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold harmless Digilent from and against any and all claims, damages, loss, cost, expense or liability arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of products in such applications. Title ZED Circuit Title Page Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 1 out of 17 1 2 3 Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 4 1 2 CJO1J1AA A B VCC3V3 PIR201 PIR301 CROR22 CROR33 PIR202 4.7K PIR302 4.7K NFLMFMCC-0LLAA060_PP NFLMFMCC-0LLAA0066_0NN NFLMFMCC-0LLAA100_PP NFLMFMCC-0LLAA1100_0NN NFLMFMCC-0LLAA140_PP NFLMFMCC-0LLAA1144_0NN NFLMFMCC-0LLAA1188_0CCCC0_PP NFLMFMCC-L0LAA1188_0CCCC0_NN NFLMFMCC-0LLAA270_PP NFLMFMCC-0LLAA27_0NN NFLMFMCC-0SSCCLL NFLMFMCC-0SSDDAA NVLUVU1122VV0 VCC3V3 PICJ110C1 PICJ210C2 PICJ310C3 C4 PIJ10C4 PICJ510C5 C6 PIJ10C6 PICJ710C7 C8 PIJ10C8 PICJ910C9 C10 PIJ10C10 CPI1J110C11 CPI1J120C12 CPI1J130C13 CPI1J140C14 CPI1J150C15 CPI1J160C16 CPI1J170C17 CPI1J180C18 C19 PIJ10C19 CPI2J100C20 C21 PIJ10C21 CPI2J120C22 C23 PIJ10C23 CPI2J140C24 C25 PIJ10C25 CPI2J160C26 C27 PIJ10C27 CPI2J180C28 C29 PIJ10C29 CPI3J100C30 C31 PIJ10C31 CPI3J120C32 C33 PIJ10C33 CPI3J140C34 C35 PIJ10C35 C36 PIJ10C36 CPI3J170C37 C38 PIJ10C38 CPI3J190C39 C40 PIJ10C40 GND DP0-C2M_P DP0-C2M_N GND GND DP0-M2C_P DP0-M2C_N GND GND LA06_P LA06_N GND GND LA10_P LA10_N GND GND LA14_P LA14_N GND GND LA18_P_CC LA18_N_CC GND GND LA27_P LA27_N GND GND SCL SDA GND GND GA0 12V0 GND 12V0 GND 3V3 GND PG_C2M GND GND GBTCLK0-M2C_P GBTCLK0-M2C_N GND GND LA01_P_CC LA01_N_CC GND LA05_P LA05_N GND LA09_P LA09_N GND LA13_P LA13_N GND LA17_P_CC LA17_N_CC GND LA23_P LA23_N GND LA26_P LA26_N GND TCK TDI TDO 3V3AUX TMS TRST_L GA1 3V3 GND 3V3 GND 3V3 PIJ1D0D11 PIJ1D0D22 PIJ1D0D33 D4 PIJ10D4 PIJ1D0D55 D6 PIJ10D6 PIJ1D0D77 D8 PIJ10D8 PIJ1D0D99 D10 PIJ10D10 PIJ1D0D1111 PIJ1D0D1122 PIJ1D0D1133 PIJ1D0D1144 PIJ1D0D1155 PIJ1D0D1166 PIJ1D0D1177 PIJ1D0D1188 D19 PIJ10D19 PIJ1D0D2200 D21 PIJ10D21 PIJ1D0D2222 D23 PIJ10D23 PIJ1D0D2244 D25 PIJ10D25 PIJ1D0D2266 D27 PIJ10D27 PIJ1D0D2288 D29 PIJ10D29 PIJ1D0D3300 D31 PIJ10D31 PIJ1D0D3322 D33 PIJ10D33 PIJ1D0D3344 D35 PIJ10D35 D36 PIJ10D36 PIJ1D0D3377 D38 PIJ10D38 PIJ1D0D3399 D40 PIJ10D40 PNLSP-SP0OPORR-0BB FNLMFCMC-L0ALA0011_0CCCC0_P FNLMFCMC-L0ALA0011_0CCCC_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA0055_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0055_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA0099_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0099_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA1133_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1133_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0ALA1177_0CCCC0_PP FNLMFCMC-L0ALA1177_0CCCC_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA23_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2233_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA26_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2266_0NN FMC-TCK FMC-TDI FMC-TDO VCC3V3 FMC-TMS VCC3V3 VCC3V3 VCC3V3 GND ASP-134603-01 GND C NXLAXADDCC-0VVNN NXLAXADDCC-0AADD000_PP NXLAXADDCC-0AADD80_NN NXLAXDADCC-0DDXXP NXLAXADDCC-0VVRREFPP NXLAXADDCC0-55VV00 VADJ NXLAXADDCC0-GGIOO11 NXLAXADDCC0-GGIOO33 TST-110-01-G-D 2x10 PIJ201 1 2 PIJ202 PIJ203 3 4 PIJ204 PIJ205 5 6 PIJ206 7 PIJ207 8 PIJ208 PIJ209 9 10 PIJ2010 PIJ201 11 12 PIJ2012 PIJ2013 13 14 PIJ2014 PIJ2015 15 16 PIJ2016 PIJ2017 17 18 PIJ2018 PIJ2019 19 20 PIJ2020 CJOJ22 NXLAXADDCC-0VVP NXLAXDADCC-0AADD00_0NN NXLAXADDCC-0AADD80_P NXLAXDADCC-0DDXXNN NXLAXADDCC-0VVCCCC GND NXLAXADDCC0-GGIOO00 NXLAXADDCC0-GGIOO22 NXLAXDADCC-A0AGGNNDD D ZED Board COLG1 Digilent Inc. ROHS Chinese ROHS Avnet CE COLG2 COLG3 1 COLG4 COLG5 COLG6 FMC-PRSNT 10 1 1 PI C101 TNLMTMSS TNLCTCKK 2 3 NFLMFMCC-T0TMMS PIIC102 PCIIICOC1I01C3 1AA PIC101 74LCX125BQX 5 PIIC105 6 PIIC106 CICOI1C1BB NFLMFMCC-T0TCCKK PIC1010 TDO-FPGA 9 PIIC109 8 PICIICOC1I01C8 1CC NFLMFMCC-0TTDDII VCC3V3 PIC104 GND VCC PIC201 CCOC22 PIC202 0.1uF GND CIOCI1C1EE PIC107 2 3 4 VNLCVCCC33VV33 JCO1JB1B PIR101 RCO1R1 FNLMFCMC-C0CLLKK11_0PP FNMLFCMC-C0CLLKK11_0NN FNMLFCMC-L0ALA0000_0CCCC_0P FNMLFCM-CL0ALA0000_0CCCC_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0033_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0033_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0088_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0088_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1122_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1122_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1166_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1166_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2200_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2200_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2222_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2222_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2255_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2255_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2299_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2299_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3311_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3311_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3333_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3333_0NN VADJ GND PIGJ110G1 PIGJ210G2 PIGJ310G3 G4 PIJ10G4 PIGJ510G5 G6 PIJ10G6 PIGJ710G7 G8 PIJ10G8 PIGJ910G9 G10 PIJ10G10 GPI1J110G11 GPI1J120G12 GPI1J130G13 GPI1J140G14 GPI1J150G15 GPI1J160G16 GPI1J170G17 GPI1J180G18 G19 PIJ10G19 GPI2J100G20 G21 PIJ10G21 GPI2J120G22 G23 PIJ10G23 GPI2J140G24 G25 PIJ10G25 GPI2J160G26 G27 PIJ10G27 GPI2J180G28 G29 PIJ10G29 GPI3J100G30 G31 PIJ10G31 GPI3J120G32 G33 PIJ10G33 GPI3J140G34 G35 PIJ10G35 G36 PIJ10G36 GPI3J170G37 G38 PIJ10G38 GPI3J190G39 G40 PIJ10G40 PISJ110S1 GND CLK1-M2C_P CLK1-M2C_N GND GND LA00_P_CC LA00_N_CC GND LA03_P LA03_N GND LA08_P LA08_N GND LA12_P LA12_N GND LA16_P LA16_N GND LA20_P LA20_N GND LA22_P LA22_N GND LA25_P LA25_N GND LA29_P LA29_N GND LA31_P LA31_N GND LA33_P LA33_N GND VADJ_3 GND SHIELD VREF-A-M2C PRSNT-M2C_L GND CLK0-M2C_P CLK0-M2C_N GND LA02_P LA02_N GND LA04_P LA04_N GND LA07_P LA07_N GND LA11_P LA11_N GND LA15_P LA15_N GND LA19_P LA19_N GND LA21_P LA21_N GND LA24_P LA24_N GND LA28_P LA28_N GND LA30_P LA30_N GND LA32_P LA32_N GND VADJ_4 SHIELD PIJH101H1 PIJH102H2 PIJH103H3 H4 PIJ10H4 PIJH105H5 H6 PIJ10H6 PIJH107H7 H8 PIJ10H8 PIJH109H9 H10 PIJ10H10 PIJ1H0H1111 PIJ1H0H1122 PIJ1H0H1133 PIJ1H0H1144 PIJ1H0H1155 PIJ1H0H1166 PIJ1H0H1177 PIJ1H0H1188 H19 PIJ10H19 PIJ1H0H2200 H21 PIJ10H21 PIJ1H0H2222 H23 PIJ10H23 PIJ1H0H2244 H25 PIJ10H25 PIJ1H0H2266 H27 PIJ10H27 PIJ1H0H2288 H29 PIJ10H29 PIJ1H0H3300 H31 PIJ10H31 PIJ1H0H3322 H33 PIJ10H33 PIJ1H0H3344 H35 PIJ10H35 H36 PIJ10H36 PIJ1H0H3377 H38 PIJ10H38 PIJ1H0H3399 H40 PIJ10H40 PIJS102S2 FNLMFCMC-V0VRREEFF FNLMFCMC-P0RPRSSNNTT FNLMFCMC-C0CLLKK0_0P FNLMFCMC-C0CLLKK00_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA0022_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0022_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA04_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0044_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA0077_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0077_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA1111_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1111_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA1155_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1155_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA1199_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1199_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA21_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2211_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA2244_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2244_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA28_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2288_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA3300_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3300_0NN FNLMFCMC-0LLAA32_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3322_0NN GNLNGNDD VNLAVADDJ SNLHSIHEILELDD PIR102 10K A B ASP-134603-01 VCC3V3 PIC101 CCOC11 GND PIC102 0.1uF PIC20 3 GND VDD 2 NTLDTODO-F0FPPGGAA 6 PIIC206 S2 D 5 PIIC205 TNLDTID-IU0SUSBB NFLMFCMC-T0TDDOO 4 PIIC204 S1 FMC-PRSNT 1 PIIC201 IN PIC203 ICCOIC22 ADG719BRTZ GND Title ZED Circuit FMC and AMS Connector Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 2 out of 17 3 4 C Foot FCOF11 Foot FCOF22 Foot FCOF33 Foot FCOF44 Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 1 2 NJLAJA11 CROR44 PIR402 PIR401 Pmod 2x6 RCOR55 PIR502 PIR501 NJLAJA77 NJLAJA22 200 CROR88 PIR802 PIR801 PIJA101 1 7 PIJA107 PIJA102 2 8 PIJA108 RCOR99 200 PIR902 PIR901 NJLAJA88 NJLAJA33 CROR1122 200 A PIR1202 PIR1201 NJLAJA44 200 CROR1166 PIR1602 PIR1601 PIJA103 3 9 PIJA109 PIJA104 GND PIJA105 VCC3V3 PIJA106 4 10 5 11 6 12 PIJA1010 PIJA101 PIJA1012 GND VCC3V3 200 RCOR1133 PIR1302 PIR1301 RCO1R177 200 PIR1702 PIR1701 NJLAJA99 NJLAJA1100 200 PID101 PID102 PID103 PID104 JCOAJA11 PID201 PID202 PID203 PID204 200 PID10G CDOD11 GND PID20G DCOD22 GND 3 4 NJLCJ1C1_0PP RCOR66 PIR602 PIR601 Differential Pmod 2x6 RCOR77 PIR702 PIR701 JNCLJ3C_30PP NJLCJ1C1_0NN 0 RCO1R100 PIR1002 PIR1001 PIJC101 1 7 PIJC107 PIJC102 2 8 PIJC108 RCO1R111 0 PIR1102 PIR1101 JNCLJ3C_3N0N NJLCJ2C2_0PP NJLCJ2C2_0NN RCO1R144 0 PIR1402 PIR1401 0 RCO1R188 PIR1802 PIR1801 PIJC103 3 9 PIJC109 GND VCC3V3 PIJC104 PIJC105 PIJC106 4 10 5 11 6 12 PIJC1010 PIJC101 PIJC1012 GND VCC3V3 0 RCO1R155 JNCLJ4C_40PP PIR1502 PIR1501 A RCO1R199 0 PIR1902 PIR1901 JNCLJ4C_4N0N 0 PID301 PID302 PID303 PID304 JCCOJC11 PID401 PID402 PID403 PID404 0 PID30G DCOD33 GND PID40G DCOD44 GND NJLBJB11 CROR2200 PIR2002 PIR2001 Pmod 2x6 RCOR2211 PIR2102 PIR2101 NJLBJB77 NJLBJB22 200 CROR2244 PIR2402 PIR2401 PIJB101 1 7 PIJB107 PIJB102 2 8 PIJB108 RCO2R255 200 PIR2502 PIR2501 NJLBJB88 NJLBJB33 CROR2288 200 PIR2802 PIR2801 NJLBJB44 200 CROR3322 PIR3202 PIR3201 3 9 PIJB103 PIJB109 PIJB104 GND PIJB105 VCC3V3 PIJB106 4 10 5 11 6 12 PIJB1010 PIJB101 PIJB1012 GND VCC3V3 200 RCOR2299 PIR2902 PIR2901 RCO3R333 200 PIR3302 PIR3301 NJLBJB99 NJLBJB1100 200 PID501 PID502 PID503 PID504 JCOBJB11 PID601 PID602 PID603 PID604 200 PID50G CDOD55 PID60G DCOD66 B GND GND NJLDJD11_0PP NJLDJ1D1_0NN NJLDJD22_0PP NJLDJ2D2_0NN RCO2R222 PIR2202 PIR2201 0 RCO2R266 PIR2602 PIR2601 RCO3R300 0 PIR3002 PIR3001 0 RCO3R344 PIR3402 PIR3401 0 PID701 PID702 PID703 PID704 Differential Pmod 2x6 PIJD101 1 7 PIJD107 PIJD102 2 8 PIJD108 3 9 PIJD103 PIJD109 PIJD104 GND PIJD105 VCC3V3 PIJD106 4 10 5 11 6 12 PIJD1010 PIJD101 PIJD1012 JCDOJD11 GND NVLCVCCC33VV33 PID801 PID802 PID803 PID804 RCO2R233 PIR2302 PIR2301 RCO2R277 0 PIR2702 PIR2701 0 RCO3R311 PIR3102 PIR3101 RCO3R355 0 PIR3502 PIR3501 0 JNDLJ3D3_0PP JNDLJ3D_30NN JNDLJ4D4_0PP JNDLJ4D_40NN PID70G DCOD77 PID80G DCOD88 GND GND B NJLEJE11 CROR3366 PIR3602 PIR3601 MIO PMOD Pmod 2x6 RCOR3377 PIR3702 PIR3701 NJLEJE77 NJLEJE22 200 CROR3399 PIR3902 PIR3901 PIJE101 1 7 PIJE107 PIJE102 2 8 PIJE108 RCO4R400 200 PIR4002 PIR4001 NJLEJE88 NJLEJE33 CROR4411 200 PIR4102 PIR4101 NJLEJE44 200 CROR4455 PIR4502 PIR4501 PIJE103 3 9 PIJE109 PIJE104 GND PIJE105 VCC3V3 PIJE106 4 10 5 11 6 12 PIJE1010 PIJE101 PIJE1012 GND VCC3V3 200 RCOR4422 PIR4202 PIR4201 RCO4R466 200 PIR4602 PIR4601 NJLEJE99 NJLEJE1100 200 PID901 PID902 PID903 PID904 JCOEJE11 PID1001 PID1002 PID1003 PID1004 200 PID90G CDOD99 GND PID100G DCOD1100 GND NVLCVCCC11VV8 MIO BUTTON BCOTBTNN8 PIBTN801A PIBTN801B PIBTN802A PIBTN802B BCOTBTNN9 PIBTN901A PIBTN901B PIBTN902A PIBTN902B GND PIR4701CROR4477 PIR470210K PIR4801 RCO4R488 PIR4802 10K RCO3R388 PIR3802 PIR3801 10K RCO4R433 PIR4302 PIR4301 10K NPLBPB11 NPLBPB22 MIO LED NLLDL-DM0MIOIO/V0VCCFFGG00 CROR552 GND PIR5202 PIR5201 PILD90A PILD90K C 390 CLOLDD99 1x1 1 PIJ301 TP CJO3J3 GND 1x1 1 PIJ401 TP CJO4J4 GND NLLDLD00 NLLDLD11 NLLDLD22 NLLDLD33 NLLDLD44 RCO4R444 PIR4402 PIR4401 390 RCO4R499 PIR4902 PIR4901 390 RCO5R500 PIR5002 PIR5001 390 RCO5R511 PIR5102 PIR5101 390 RCO5R533 PIR5302 PIR5301 RED PILD00A PILD00K LCODLD00 PILD10A PILD10K LCODLD11 PILD20A PILD20K LCODLD22 PILD30A PILD30K LCODLD33 PILD40A PILD40K VNLAVADDJ NLLDLD55 390 RCO5R544 PIR5402 PIR5401 390 LCODLD44 PILD50A PILD50K LCODLD55 VADJ CBOTBTNNUU PIBTNU01A PIBTNU01B PIBTNU02A PIBTNU02B CBOTBTNNCC PIBTNC01A PIBTNC01B PIBTNC02A PIBTNC02B CBOTBTNNLL CROR5566 PIR5602 PIR5601 10K CROR6600 PIR6002 PIR6001 10K CROR6622 BNLTBNTNUU BNLTBNTNCC BNLTBNTNLL PISW001 PISW002 CSOWSW0 PISW003 PISW101 PISW102 SCOWSW11 PISW103 PISW201 PISW202 CSOWSW2 PISW203 PISW301 CRO5R577 PIR5702 PIR5701 10K CROR5588 PIR5802 PIR5801 CRO6R611 10K PIR6102 PIR6101 10K CROR6633 NSLWSW00 NSLWSW11 NSLWSW22 NSLWSW33 NLLDLD66 NLLDLD77 RCO5R555 PIR5502 PIR5501 390 RCO5R599 PIR5902 PIR5901 390 PILD60A PILD60K LCODLD66 PILD70A PILD70K LCODLD77 PIBTNL01A PIBTNL01B PIBTNL02A PIBTNL02B CBOTBTNNRR PIBTNR01A PIBTNR01B PIBTNR02A PIBTNR02B CBOTBTNNDD PIBTND01A PIBTND01B D PIBTND02A PIBTND02B PIR6202 PIR6201 10K CROR6655 PIR6502 PIR6501 10K CROR6677 PIR6702 PIR6701 10K BNLTBNTNRR BNLTBNTNDD PISW302 CSOWSW33 PISW303 PISW401 PISW402 CSOWSW4 PISW403 PISW501 PISW502 CSOWSW55 PISW503 PISW601 PISW602 CSOWSW6 PISW603 PIR6302 PIR6301 CRO6R644 10K PIR6402 PIR6401 10K CROR6666 PIR6602 PIR6601 CRO6R688 10K PIR6802 PIR6801 PISW701 10K CROR6699 NSLWSW44 NSLWSW55 NSLWSW66 NSLWSW77 Title ZED Circuit PIR7001CROR7700 PIR7101 CROR7711 PIR7201CROR7722 PIR7301 CROR7733 PIR7401 RCOR7744 PISW702 CSOWSW77 PISW703 PIR6902 PIR6901 10K PMODs andGeneral I/O GND PIR7002 10K PIR7102 10K PIR7202 10K PIR7302 10K PIR7402 10K GND Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 3 out of 17 1 2 3 4 C GNLNGNDD Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 1 2 A NVLCVCCC33VV33 CFOBFB1 PIFB101 PIFB102 600 GND AC-3V3 PIC701 PIC801 PIC702 C0COC.717 uFPIC802 CCOC88 10uF No Load CROR7777 PIR7702 PIR7701 AC-A3V3 0 PIC401 PIC501 PIC40401 CCOC44 CCOC55 CCOC44004 LCOL11 PIC402 0.1uFPIC502 0.1uFPIC40402 10uF CCOC99 PIL101 PIL102 PIC901 PIC902 GND 8 23 PIC301 PIC308 PIC302 1.2nH No Load No Load 9.1pF AVDD AVDD IOVDD 1 B No Load PIC40701 PIC40702 NALCAC-0GGPPIIOO11 NALCAC-0GGPPIIOO00 NALCAC-0GGPPIIOO22 NALCAC-0GGPPIIOO33 NALCAC-A0ADDRR00 NALCAC-A0ADDRR11 NALCAC-033VV33 PIR8201 CCOC440077 CROR8822 47pFPIR8202 10K PIR8301 CROR8833 PIR8302 10K PI2IC63026 27 PIIC3027 PI2IC83028 29 PIIC3029 PII3C303 30 PIIC3030 ADC_SDATA/GPIO1 DAC_SDATA/GPIO0 LHP RHP PIIC230020 19 PIIC3019 BCLK/GPIO2 LRCLK/GPIO3 ADR0/CLATCH ADR1/CDATA LOUTP LOUTN ROUTP ROUTN PIIC130818 17 PIIC3017 PIIC130515 16 PIIC3016 PIR8901CROR8899 PIR9001 CROR9900 JDET/MICIN MICBIAS 4 PIIC304 5 PIIC305 PIR8902 2K PIR9002 2K NALCAC-S0DSDAA NALCAC-S0SCCKK 31 PIIC3031 32 PIIC3032 SDA/COUT SCK/CCLK I2C address 01110A1A0 R/W NALCA-CM0MCCLLKKPIR93CR02OR9933PIR9301 PII2C302 ADAU1761BCPZ MCLK 50 LINP LINN RINP RINN 10 PIIC3010 11 PIIC3011 12 PIIC3012 PIIC130313 RAUX LAUX PIIC130414 6 PIIC306 CROR8877 PIR8702 PIR8701 10K GND 24 PIIC3024 DVDDOUT MONOOUT 21 PIIC3021 MONOOUT C CM 7 PIIC307 PIQ106 PIQ101 AGND AGND DGND GND PIC1901 PIC201 PIC3025 PIC30P PIC309 PIC302 CCOC1199 CCOC2200 PIC1902 0.1uFPIC202 10uF CIOCIC33 25 P 9 22 PIC2101 PIC201 CCO2C211 CCOC222 PIC2102 0.1uFPIC202 10uF PIQ102 CQO1Q1AA No Load GND GND CROR9988 PIR9801 PIR9802 CROR9999 NALCAC-A0A33VV3 PIR9901 PIR9902 10K No Load 10K No Load NOTE: AGND and GND pins must connect at single point under ADP150 CIOCIC44 NVLCVCCC55VV00 A1 PIIC40A1 VIN VOUT A2 PIIC40A2 AC-A3V3 D PIC40501 PIC2501 CCOC440055 CCOC2255 B1 PIIC40B1 EN GND B2 PIIC40B2 PIC2601 PIC40601 CCO2C266 CCOC44006 PIC40502 10uFPIC2502 1uF ADP150ACBZ-3.3 PIC2602 1uF PIC40602 10uF GND GND 1 2 3 4 NOTE: Load Capless Headphone AC-Coupled Headphone No Load + + CCOC33 PIC301 PIC302 220uF CROR7766 PIR7601 PIR7602 0 NoNLooaLdoadPIR7RC801O7R788PIR7802 0 CCOC66 PIC601 PIC602 MNLOMNONOOOOUUT RCO7R755 PIR7501 PIR7502 0 No Load A Audio Jack PIJ501 PIJ503 GND PIR7902 RCO7R799 PIR7901 0 PIJ502 CJO5J5 BLACK Headphone Out 220uF CCO1C100 PIC1001 PIC1002 10uF CCO1C111 PIC1101 PIC1102 10uF RCO8R800 PIR8002 PIR8001 100 CROR8811 PIR8102 PIR8101 100 GND PIR8401 RCO8R844 PIR8402 10K PIR8501 RCO8R855 PIR8502 10K GND PIAJ6u0d1io Jack PIJ603 PIJ602 CJO6J6 GREEN Line Out B GND PIC1202 PIC1201 CCOC1122 100nF CCO1C133 PIC1301 PIC1302 10uF CCO1C144 PIC1401 PIC1402 10uF RCO8R866 PIR8601 PIR8602 2K RCO8R888 PIR8801 PIR8802 2K RCO9R911 PIR9102 PIR9101 0 PIJP101 PIJP102 CJOPJP11 RCO9R922 PIR9202 PIR9201 0 GND Audio Jack PIJ701 PIJ703 PIJ702 CJO7J7 PINK GND PIR9401 RCO9R944 PIR9402 49.9K PIC1501 PIC1502 CCO1C155 100nF No Load PIR9501 RCO9R955 PIR950249.9K PIC1601 PIC1602 CCO1C166 100nF MIC In No Load CCO1C177 PIC1701 PIC1702 10uF CCO1C188 PIC1801 PIC1802 10uF C CROR9966 GNLNGNDD Audio Jack PIJ801 PIR9602 PIR9601 PIJ803 1K RCO9R977 PIR9702 PIR9701 1K PIJ802 CJO8J8 BLUE GND PIR10001 RCO1R10000 PIR10002 20K PIC2301 CCO2C233 PIC2302 100nF PIR10101RCO1R10011 PIR1010220K No Load PIC2401 CCO2C244 PIC2402 100nF No Load Line In Title ZED Circuit Audio Codec Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 4 out of 17 3 Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 4 1 2 3 4 PLVDD MVDD VCC3V3 DVDD NALVAVDDDD PIC601 PIC6019 PIC6049PIC607 PIC607 PIC6021 PIC6024 PIC6025PIC602 PIC6047 PIC6029 PIC6034PIC6041 PIR10201 CRO1R10022 PIR10202 27K PID10A DCOD1111 NDLVDVDDDD PIR10301CROR110033 PIR10401 CRO1R10044 PIR10302 50 PIR10402 50 GND PID120G PID130G PID140G PID1201 PID1202 PID1203 PID1204 CDOD1122 PID1301 PID1302 PID1303 PID1304 CDOD1133 PID1401 PID1402 PID1403 PID1404 CDOD1144 VNLCVCCC55VV00 1 19 49 76 77 21 24 25 26 47 29 34 41 A B NHLDHD-0DD1155 NHLDHD-0DD114 NHLDHD-0DD1133 NHLDHD-0DD1122 NHLDHD-0DD1111 NHLDHD-0DD1100 NHLDHD-0DD9 NHLDHD-0DD8 NHLDHD-0DD7 NHLDHD-0DD6 NHLDHD-0DD5 NHLDHD-0DD4 NHLDHD-0DD3 NHLDHD-0DD22 NHLDHD-0DD1 NHLDHD-0DD00 NHLDHD-0DDEE NHLDHD-0CCLLKK PIIC567057 58 PIIC6058 PIIC569059 60 PIIC6060 PIIC661061 62 PIIC6062 PIIC663063 PIIC664064 PIIC665065 PIIC666066 PIIC667067 PIIC668068 PIIC669069 PIIC760070 71 PIIC6071 PIIC762072 73 PIIC6073 PIIC764074 78 PIIC6078 PIIC860080 81 PIIC6081 PIIC862082 83 PIIC6083 PIIC864084 85 PIIC6085 PIIC866086 87 PIIC6087 PIIC868088 89 PIIC6089 PIIC960090 91 PIIC6091 92 PIIC6092 PIIC963093 94 PIIC6094 PIIC965095 96 PIIC6096 D35 D34 D33 D32 D31 D30 D29 D28 D27 D26 D25 D24 D23 D22 D21 D20 D19 D18 D17 D16 D15 D14 D13 D12 D11 D10 D9 D8 D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 D0 97 PIIC6097 PIIC769079 DE CLK DVDD DVDD DVDD DVDD DVDD PLVDD PVDD PVDD BGVDD MVDD AVDD AVDD AVDD ADV7511KSTZ PID1 0K TX2+ TX2- PII4C36043 42 PIIC6042 BAS16XV2T1-D TX1+ TX1- 40 PIIC6040 PII3C96039 TX0+ TX0- PII3C66036 PII3C56035 TXC+ TXC- PII3C36033 PII3C26032 CEC CEC_CLK PII4C86048 PII5C06050 DDCSCL DDCSDA PII5C36053 54 PIIC6054 HEAC+ HEAC- 52 PIIC6052 PII5C16051 HPD PII3C06030 PID150K CDOD1155 PID150A PESD0402-140 GND SPDIF SPDIF_OUT 10 PIIC6010 46 PIIC6046 MCLK 11 PIIC6011 I2S0 I2S1 I2S2 I2S3 12 PIIC6012 PII1C36013 14 PIIC6014 PII1C56015 NHLDHD-0SSPPDDIFF NHLDHD-S0SPPDDIIFFOO 1% 1% RCO1R10099 PIR10902 PIR10901 CIOCIC55 3 PIIC503 OUT 50 2 PIIC502 GND 767-12-68 VCC3V3 1uF CCOC2277 PIC2701 PIC2702 PIC2801 1uF PIC280C2COC2288 VDD 4 PIIC504 NVLCVCCC33VV3 EN 1 PIIC501 PIC2901 PIC2902 CCO2C299 10nF GND PIR10501 PIR10601 RCO1R10055 RCO1R10066 PIR10502 1.74K PIR10602 1.74K A HDMI OUT 1 PIJ901 PIJ2902 3 PIJ903 PIJ4904 PIJ5905 PIJ6906 PIJ7907 PIJ8908 PIJ9909 PI1J09010 PI1J19011 12 PIJ9012 PI1J39013 14 PIJ9014 PI1J59015 16 PIJ9016 PI1J79017 18 PIJ9018 PI1J99019 D2+ S1 D2S S3 D2D1+ HDMI D1S D1D0+ D0S D0CLK+ CLKS CLKCEC RES SCL SDA DDC/CECG 5V0 S2 HPD S4 PIJ90S1 PIJ90S3 PIJ90S2 PIJ90S4 B GND PIR10701 PIR10801 RCO1R10077 RCO1R10088 PIR10702 10K PIR108020 No Load JCO9J9 5-1903015-1 SNLHSIHEILELDD NVLGVGAA-0RR1 CRO1R11100 PIR11002 PIR11001 NVLGVGAA-0RR2 4K RCO1R11111 PIR11102 PIR11101 NVLGVGAA-0RR3 CRO1R11122 PIR11202 PIR11201 2K NVLGVGAA-0RR4 1K RCO1R11133 PIR11302 PIR11301 NVLGVGAA-0GG1 CRO1R11144 PIR11402 PIR11401 510 JCO1J100 PIJ100S1 S1 NHLDH-DV0SVSYYNNC NHLDH-DH0SHSYYNNC PIIC6202 98 PIIC6098 VSYNC HSYNC C 3 PIIC603 PIIC6404 5 PIIC605 PIIC6606 7 PIIC607 PIIC6808 DSD0 DSD1 DSD2 DSD3 DSD4 DSD5 SCLK LRCLK PII1C66016 17 PIIC6017 SDA SCL 56 PIIC6056 PII5C56055 INT PII4C56045 R_EXT PII2C86028 PIR11601 PIR11701 PIR11801 CRO1R11166 CROR111177 CRO1R11188 PIR11602 2K PIR117022K PIR11802 2K NHLDHD-S0DSDAA NHLDHD-0SSCCLL NHLDHD-0ININTT I2C Address 0111001 R/W NVLGVGAA-0GG2 4K RCO1R11155 PIR11502 PIR11501 PIJ1001 1 PIJ1002 2 NVLGVGAA-0GG3 CRO1R11199 PIR11902 PIR11901 2K PIJ1003 3 PIJ1004 4 C NVLGVGAA-0GG4 1K RCO1R12200 PIR12002 PIR12001 PIJ1005 5 PIJ1006 6 DB15F NVLGVGAA-0BB1 CRO1R12211 PIR12102 PIR12101 510 PIJ1007 7 PIJ1008 8 NVLGVGAA-0BB2 4K RCO1R12222 PIR12202 PIR12201 PIJ1009 9 PIJ10010 10 GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND 9 PIIC609 DSDCLK PD 38 PIIC6038 NVLGVGAA-0BB3 CRO1R12233 2K PIR12302 PIR12301 PIJ10011 11 12 PIJ10012 18 20 22 23 27 31 37 44 75 99 100 PIC6018 PIC602 PIC602 PIC6023 PIC6027 PIC6031 PIC6037PIC604 PIC6075 PIC609 PIC601 CIOCIC66 1% PIR12501 CROR11225 PIC30 1 PIR12502 887 PIC302 CCO3C300 0 No Load GND NVLGVGAA-0BB4 1K RCO1R12244 PIR12402 PIR12401 NVLGVGAA-0HHSS CRO1R12266 510 PIR12602 PIR12601 NVLGVGAA-0VVSS 100 RCO1R12277 PIR12702 PIR12701 PIJ10013 13 PIJ10014 14 PIJ10015 15 PIJ100S2 S2 1-1734530-3 CFOBFB2 CFOBFB33 VCC1V8 PIFB201 PIFB20D2 VDD NVLCVCCC11VV8 PIFB301 PIFB302NPLLPVLDVDDD D 600 PIC3101 PIC3201 PIC301 PIC3401 PIC3501 PIC3601 PIC3701 PIC3801 PIC3901 PIC401 CCOC3311 CCOC3322 CCOC3333 CCOC3344 CCOC3355 CCOC3366 CCOC3377 CCOC3388 CCO3C399 CCOC4400 GND PIC3102 10nFPIC3202 10nFPIC302 10nFPIC3402 10nFPIC3502 10nF PIC3602 0.1uFPIC3702 0.1uFPIC3802 0.1uFPIC3902 1uF PIC402 10uF 600 PIC4101 PIC4201 PIC4301 PIC401 PIC4501 CCOC4411 CCO4C422 CCOC4433 CCO4C444 CCOC4455 GND PIC4102 10nF PIC4202 10nF PIC4302 0.1uFPIC402 1uF PIC4502 10uF Title ZED CFOBFB4 FCOBFB55 Circuit VCC1V8 AVDD VCC3V3 NMLVMVDDDD HDMI and VGA PIFB401 PIFB402 PIFB501 PIFB502 600 PIC4601 PIC4701 PIC4801 PIC4901 PIC501 PIC5101 PIC5201 PIC5301 PIC5401 PIC501 600 PIC5601 PIC5701 PIC5801 Doc# 500-248 CCOC4466 CCOC4477 CCOC4488 CCOC4499 CCOC5500 CCOC5511 CCOC5522 CCOC5533 CCO5C544 CCOC5555 GND PIC4602 10nFPIC4702 10nFPIC4802 10nFPIC4902 10nFPIC502 10nF PIC5102 0.1uFPIC5202 0.1uFPIC5302 0.1uFPIC5402 1uF PIC502 10uF CCOC5566 CCO5C577 CCOC5588 GND PIC5602 10nF PIC5702 0.1uFPIC5802 10uF Engineer EG Author GMA 100 GNLNGNDD Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 5 out of 17 1 2 3 4 1 2 VCC3V3 FCOBFB66 PIFB601 PIFB602 ETHAVDD CFOBFB77 PIFB701 PIFB702 NVLCVCCC11VV88 PIC5901 220 PIC60 1 PIC6101 PIC6201 PIC6301 PIC6401 220 NVLCVCCC11VV00 GND PIC5902 CCOC5599 0.1uF PIC60 2 CCOC6600 10uF PIC6102 C0CO.C6161u1 FPIC6202 C0CO.6C162u2FPIC6302 C0CO.C6163u3 FPIC6402 CCO6C644 4.7uF PIC6501 PIC601 PIC6701 REG_IN 31 GND PIC6502 C0CO.C61655uFPIC6 02 C0CO.C6166u6 FPIC6702 CCOC6677 4.7uF PIC7031 A VCC1V8 GND PIC6801 PIC6901 PIC701 PIC6802 C0CO.C61688uFPIC6902 C0CO.C61699uFPIC70 2 CCOC7700 0.1uF PI3IC47034 3 PIIC703 PI3IC67036 DVDD_OUT DVDD DVDD PII7C707 43 PIIC7043 PI4IC67046 VDDO VDDO VDDO AVDD18_OUT AVDD18 AVDD18 AVDDC18 PIIC370333 22 PIIC7022 PIIC170515 30 PIIC7030 AVDD33 AVDD33 16 PIIC7016 PIIC270121 NELTEHTAHAVVDDDD PIC7101 PIC7201 PIC7102 C0CO.C7171u1 FPIC7202 CCOC7722 0.1uF GND GND NELTEHTH-T0TDD00_0P NELTEHTH-T0TDD00_0NN NELTEHTH-T0TDD11_0P NELTEHTH-T0TDD11_0NN NELTEHTH-T0TDD22_0P NELTEHTH-T0TDD22_0NN NELTEHTH-T0TDD33_0P NELTEHTH-T0TDD33_0NN NELTEHT-HR0XRXCCKK NELTEHTH-R0RXXCCTTLL PI4IC07040 PI3IC77037 RX_CLK RX_CTRL MDIP0 MDIN0 PIIC270424 PIIC270323 VCC1V8 B PIR12801 CROR112288 PIR12802 4.7K NELTEHTH-R0RXXDD00 NELTEHTH-R0RXXDD11 NELTEHTH-R0RXXDD22 NELTEHTH-R0RXXDD33 NELTEHTH-T0XTXCCKK NELTEHTH-T0XTXCCTTLL NELTEHTH-T0TXXDD00 NELTEHTH-T0TXXDD11 NELTEHTH-T0TXXDD22 NELTEHTH-T0TXXDD33 PI3IC87038 PI3IC97039 PI4IC17041 42 PIIC7042 47 PIIC7047 PII2C702 PI4IC47044 45 PIIC7045 PI4IC87048 1 PIIC701 RXD0 MDIP1 RXD1 MDIN1 RXD2 RXD3 MDIP2 MDIN2 TX_CLK TX_CTRL MDIP3 MDIN3 TXD0 TXD1 HSDACP TXD2 HSDACN TXD388E1518-XX-NNB2C000 PIIC270020 PIIC170919 18 PIIC7018 PIIC170717 PIIC170414 13 PIIC7013 27 PIIC7027 PIIC270626 NELTEHTH-M0MDDIIOO NELTEHT-HM0MDDCC NPLSP-SP0OPORR-0BB PID160K PID160A CDOD116 PIR13101 CROR113311 5 PIIC705 PII4C704 MDIO MDC PII6C706 12 PIIC7012 PI2IC57025 CLK125 RESET RSET LED0 LED1 LED2/INT 10 PIIC7010 PIIC9709 8 PIIC708 55 PIR12902 CROR11229 ETH-LDL PIR12901 PIR13002 55 PIR1300RC1 O1R13300 ETH-LDR CONFIG 11 PIIC7011 GND PIR13102 100K VCC1V8 32 PIIC7032 35 PIIC7035 REGCAP1 REGCAP2 XTAL_IN XTAL_OUT 29 PIIC7029 28 PIIC7028 CXOX11 PIX101 PIX103 P VSS PIR13301 CROR11333 CIOCIC77 PIC70P PIR13302 4.99K 1% GND 25MHz PIC7601 PIC7 01 PIC7602 CCOC7766 39pF PIC7 02 CCOC7777 39pF GND C VCC1V8 GND PIC8101 PIC8102 CCOC8811 0.1uF NSLDSD-0DD0 NSLDSD-0DD1 NSLDSD-0DD2 NSLDSD-0DD3 NSLDS-DC0CCCLLKK0-RR NSLDS-DC0MCMDD 5 PII6C805 PIIC806 7 PPIIII1CC880017 3 PIIC803 PII9C809 4 PIIC804 VCCA DAT0A DAT1A DAT2A DAT3A CLKA CMDA VCCB0 DAT0B0 DAT1B0 DAT2B0 DAT3B0 CLKB0 CMDB0 21 PIIC180821 PIIC8018 16 PPIIIICC2880031263 22 PIIC8022 PIIC180919 20 PIIC8020 D GND 24 PIIC8024 SEL PIR13902 CRO1R1339 PIR13901 4.7K 2 PIIC802 11 PIIC8011 P PIIC80P GND GND GND VCCB1 DAT0B1 DAT1B1 DAT2B1 DAT3B1 CLKB1 CMDB1 17 PIIC8017 PIIC180414 15 PIIC8015 PIIC8808 10 PIIC8010 13 PIIC8013 12 PIIC8012 CIOCIC88 TXS02612RTWR VCC3V3 PIC7901 CCOC7799 PIC7902 0.1uF GND PIR13502 RCO1R13355 PIC80 1 CCO8C800 PIR13501 4.7K GND PIC80 2 0.1uF SNLDSD-C0CDD SNLDS-DW0WPP CRO1R13388 PIR13801 PIR13802 CRO1R1440 499 PIR14002 PIR14001 499 GND SD CARD 1 PIJ1201 2 PIJ31202 PIJ1203 4 PPIIJJ511220045 6 PIJ1206 PIJ71207 8 PIJ1208 PIJ91209 CD/DAT3/CS CMD/DI VSS1 VDD CLK/SCLK VSS2 DAT0/DO DAT1 DAT2 S1 S2 S1 PIJ120S1 S2 PIJ120S2 PCIJD120CD CD PWIJ1P20WP WP S3 S4 S3 PIJ120S3 PIJ1S204S4 CONNECTOR JCO1J122 2041021-1 GND 1 2 3 4 JCO1J111 Gigabit Ethernet PIJ61106 VCC 2 PIJ1102 PIJ31103 4 PIJ1104 PIJ51105 7 PIJ1107 PIJ81108 9 PIJ1109 PI1J101010 MD1+ MD1MD2+ MD2MD3+ MD3MD4+ MD4- 10/100/1000 ETHERNET RJ-45 A GNLNGNDD PIJ11101 GND VEEVNNNLLLTTCCVEEHHCCCTTCHH--33LL300VVVLLDD333DDLRLRPPPPIIII1111JJJJ111121431111000011111234 LD2+ LD2LD1+ LD1- SHD 1840750-7 PIJ10M1 PIJ10M2 M2 M1 SNLHSIHEILELDD B VCC3V3 2PIQ202 PIQ2303 PIR13201 RCO1R13322 PIQ201 PIR13202 10K CQOQ22 ONLLOELDED-V0VBBAAT 1 PIC7301 PIC7302 GND CCO7C733 1uF PIC7401 CCO7C744 PIC7402 1uF PIC7501 CCO7C755 PIC7502 1uF DCOIDSISPP11 VCC3V3 2 PIQ302 3 PIQ303 PIR13401 RCO1R13344 PIQ301 PIR13402 10K CQOQ33 ONLLOELDED-V0VDDDD 1 PIC7801 PIC7802 GND CCO7C788 1uF ONLLOELEDD-0RREES ONLLOELDED-0DDCC ONLLOELDED-S0CSCLLKK ONLLOELEDD-0SSDDIINN PIDI1SP101 2 PIDISP102 PIDI3SP103 4 PIDISP104 PIDI5SP105 6 PIDISP106 PIDI7SP107 8 PIDISP108 PIDI9SP109 10 PIDISP1010 PI1DI1SP1011 12 PIDISP1012 PI1DI3SP1013 14 PIDISP1014 15 PIDISP1015 C2P C2N C1P C1N VBAT VSS VDD CS RES D/C SCLK SDIN IREF VCOMH VCC 128x32 OLED C GND PIR13601 RCO1R13366 PIR13602 10K PIR13701 RCO1R13377 PIR13702390K PIC8201 PIC8202 PIC8301 2CCO.8C282u2FPIC8302 CCO8C833 2.2uF UG-2832HSWEG04 Title ZED Circuit Ethernet, OLED and SD Card Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 6 out of 17 3 Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 4 1 2 3 4 VCC1V8 TUSB1210 and Zynq-7000 have a GND PIC8401 PIC8501 PIC8601 PIC8402 0CCO.C81844uFPIC8502 C0CO.C8185u5 FPIC8602 CCOC8866 0.1uF timing incompatibility at hot temperature. Please see the A 32 30 28 PIC1032 PIC103 PIC1028 ZedBoard Errata. USB On The Go USB Micro AB A PIC8701 GND PIC8702 CCOC8877 2.2uF PI1IC210012 VDD15 NOLTOGTG-D0DAATTAA00 NOLTOGTG-D0DAATTAA11 NOLTOGTG-D0DAATTAA22 NOLTOGTG-D0DAATTAA33 NOLTOGTG-D0DAATTAA44 NOLTOGTG-D0DAATTAA55 NOLTOGTG-D0DAATTAA66 NOLTOGTG-D0DAATTAA77 PIIC31003 4 PIIC1004 PIIC51005 PIIC61006 PIIC71007 PIIC91009 PI1IC010010 PI1IC310013 DATA0 DATA1 DATA2 DATA3 ID DP DM VBUS PIIC2103023 18 PIIC10018 PIIC1109019 PIIC2102022 DATA4 DATA5 CPEN PIIC1107017 DATA6 DATA7 TUSB1210BRHB VDDIO VDD18 VDD18 VNLCVCCC55VV0 PII5C905 IN JCOPJP22 PIJP201 PIJP202 OUT PII1C901 PII4C904 EN PIJP301 PIJP302 CJOPJP33 PIC8901+CCO8C899 PIC8 01 CCOC8888 PIC802 4.7uF PIC8902 150uF GND GNLNGNDD ONLTOTGG-0IIDD ONLTOGTG-0DD+0 ONLTOTGG-0DD0UNLSUBSB55VV00 SNLHSIHEILELDD S1 PIJ130S1 PIJ51305 4 PIJ1304 PIJ31303 2 PIJ1302 PIJ11301 PISJ1230S2 S1 G ID D+ DV S2 S3 S3 PIJ130S3 S4 PIJ1S340S4 JC1OJ313 1981584-1 NOLTOGTG-C0CLLKK PI2IC610026 CLOCK VCC1V8 RCO1R14433 PIR14301 PIR14302 NOLTOTGG-0DDIIRR NOLTOTGG-0SSTTPP NOLTOGTG-N0NXXTT PI3IC110031 29 PIIC10029 PIIC21002 DIR STP NXT 2K NOLTOGTG-R0REESSEETTNN CROR114444 B PIR14402 PIR14401 0 PID180K PID180A DCOD1188 VCC1V8 PI1IC110011 27 PIIC10027 CS RESET REFCLK PIIC11001 CFG PIIC1104014 OTG-RCLK NVLCVCCC11VV88 VDD33 20 PIIC10020 VBAT 21 PIIC10021 PIC9101 VCC3V3 PIC9201 PIR14202 CRO1R14422 PIR14201 100K PIC90 1 PIC90 2 CCOC9900 0.1uF PII2C902 GND OC PII3C903 CIOCIC99 TPS2051BDBV GND CRO1R14411 PIR14102 PIR14101 100K NVLAVADDJ ONLTOGT-GV0BVUBUSSOOCC PID1701 PID1702 PID1703 PID1704 PID170G CDOD117 GND B P GND NLLDL-DM0MIOIO/V0VCCFFGGPI0R14C5R02OR114PI4R145501 CIOCIC1100 PIC10P PIC9102 C0CO.C9191u1 FPIC9202 CCOC9922 2.2uF N0o Load GND VCC3V3 CRO1R14466 PIR14602 PIR14601 UARTVDD RCO1R1447 PIR14702 PIR14701 C 0 GND U-TXD U-RXD PIC9301 PIC9401 CCOC9933 CCOC9944 PIC106 PIC1028 PIC9302 0.1uFPIC9402 0.1uF 16 28 VDD VDD PIIC41104 23 PIIC11023 TXD RXD 24 PIIC11024 PI2IC111021 5 PIIC1105 PIIC81108 RTS CTS DTR DSR D+ D- PIIC1114014 15 PIIC11015 VBUS 7 PIIC1107 RCO1R15500 PIR15001 PIR15002 1K RCO1R15511 0 No load 24PIR14801 PIR1480CR2 O1R14488 PIR14901 24 PIR149R0C2 O1R1449 GND UNLAURARTT-0DD+0 UNLAUARRTT-0DD0- PID1901 PID1902 PID1903 PID1904 PID190G CDOD1199 GND SHIELD UART to USB Bridge USB Micro AB S1 PIJ140S1 5 PIJ1405 4 PIJ1404 PIJ31403 2 PIJ1402 PIJ11401 S2 PIJ140S2 S1 G ID D+ DV S2 S3 S3 PIJ140S3 S4 S4 PIJ140S4 CJO1J144 1981584-1 C PILD100K PILD100A PIR15101 PIR15102 PIIC61106 RESET PI2IC611026 VCFG TXD_LED RXD_LED PIIC21102 27 PIIC11027 CLODLD1100 PILD110K PILD110A 390 RCO1R15522 PIR15201 PIR15202 PIIC31103 SUSPEND CLODLD1111 390 GND GND 22 PIIC11022 WAKE PIC10 PIC103 CIOCIC1111 1 13 CY7C64225-28PVXC GND D VCC1V8 NULAUARRTT-0TTXXDD NULAURARTT-0RRXXDD PIC9501 1 PIIC1301 PIIC21302 3 PIIC1303 PIIC41304 VCCA A1 A2 GND VCCB B1 B2 OE 8 PIIC1308 PIIC71307 6 PIIC1306 PIIC51305 PIC9502 CCOC9955 0.1uF CIOCIC1133 TXS0102DQE GND NULAURARTTVVDDDD NUL-UT0XTXDD NUL-UR0XRXDD PIC9601 PIC9602 CCOC9966 0.1uF NVLCVCCC33VV33 PIC9701 PIC9702 CCOC997 10nF GND CIOCIC1122 PIIC41204 VDD 1 EN PIIC1201 767-26-31 OUT PIIC31203 NOLTOGTG-R0RCCLLKK GND 2 PIIC1202 Title ZED Circuit USB and UART Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 7 out of 17 1 2 3 Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 4 1 2 3 4 Xilinx JTAG Header A GND 2x7 2mm Header 1 PIJ1501 2 PIJ1502 PIJ1503 3 4 PIJ1504 PIJ1505 5 6 PIJ1506 PIJ1507 7 8 PIJ1508 PIJ1509 9 10 PIJ15010 PIJ1501 11 12 PIJ15012 PIJ15013 13 14 PIJ15014 CJO1J155 VCC3V3 NTLMTMSS-0JTJTAAGG NTLCTKCK-0JTJTAAGG NTLDTODO-0JTJTAAGG NTLDTDII-J0TJTAAGG NPLRPOROGG-0RRSST PID201 PID202 PID203 PID204 RCO1R15533 PIR15302 PIR15301 100 CRO1R15544 PIR15402 PIR15401 RCO1R15555 100 PIR15502 PIR15501 100 CRO1R15566 PIR15602 PIR15601 50 From USB PID200G CDOD2200 GND NTLMTMS NTLCTCKK NTLDTODO-U0USSBB/0TTDDII-0FFPPGGAA NTLDTDI-IU0USSBB BANK 0 B TMS TCK TDI TDO G12 PIIC160G12 PIIC1G60G1111 H13 PIIC160H13 PIIC1G60G1144 TMS TCK TDO-USB/TDI-FPGA NTLDTODO-0FFPPGGAA VCC3V3 RSVDVCC RSVDVCC RSVDVCC RSVDGND PIIC1T601T100 T8 PIIC160T8 PIICT1607T7 G10 PIIC160G10 VCC3V3 GND PIR15801 PIR15901 RCO1R1558 RCO1R1559 PIR15802 4.7K PIR15902 270 DONE PROGRAM_B INIT_B T12 PIIC160T12 PIIC1T601T111 T14 PIIC160T14 PROG DXN DXP N12 PIIC160N12 N11 PIIC160N11 NXLAXDADCC-D0DXXNN NXLAXDADCC-0DDXXPP PILD120A PILD120K BLUE LCODLD112 VP VN L11 PIIC160L11 PIIC1M60M1122 NXLAXADDCC-0VVP0-R NXLAXDADCC-0VVNN0-RR GND CFGBVS PIIC1T601T133 CROR116600 PIR16001 PIR16002 VCC3V3 VCC3V3 CIOCI1C166AA XC7Z020CLG484 10K PIJP401 No Load PIR16102 CRO1R16611 C GND PIJP402 CJOPJP44 NPLRPOROGG PIR16101 4.7K PIBTN601B PIBTN601A GND PIBTN602B PIBTN602A BCOTBTNN66 NXLAXADDCC-0VVP CRO1R16622 XADC-VP-R NXLAXADDCC-0VVNN PIR16202 PIR16201 100 CRO1R1663 PIR16302 PIR16301 1nF PIC901 PIC9 02 CCOC9999 XADC-VN-R 100 A VCC3V3 GND PIC9801 PIC9802 CCO9C988 0.1uF CIOCIC1144 SPI-DQ0/MODE0 5 PIIC1405 SDI/DQ0 VCC 8 PIIC1408 PIR15701 RCO1R15577 PIR15702 330 SPI-DQ1/MODE1 2 PIIC1402 SDO/DQ1 SCK 6 PIIC1406 SPI-SCK/MODE4 SPI-DQ2/MODE2 3 PIIC1403 WP/DQ2 CS 1 PIIC1401 SPI-CS SPI-DQ3/MODE3 7 PIIC1407 HOLD/DQ3 VSS 4 PIIC1404 GND B S25FL256SAGNFI00 No Load Note: Load either package, not both. Default SOIC16 VNLCVCCC33VV33 CIOCIC1155 SNPLSI-PDIQ0D0Q/M00OMODDEE0PI1IC515015 SDI/DQ0 VCC PIIC21502 SNPLSI-PDIQ0D1Q/M10OMODDEE1PIIC81508 SDO/DQ1 SCK PIIC1156016 SNPLSI-PDIQ0D2Q/M20OMODDEE2PIIC91509 WP/DQ2 CS PIIC71507 SNPLSI-PDIQ0D3Q/M30OMODDEE3PIIC11501 HOLD/DQ3 VSS PIIC1150010 S25FL256SAGMFI00 SNLPSI-PSIC0KSC/MK0OMODDEE4 SNLPSIP-IC0CSS GNLNGNDD C JTAG SCAN CHAIN DIGILENT USB FPGA FMC XILINX JTAG D 1 2 Title ZED Circuit FPGA Configuration Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 8 out of 17 3 Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 4 1 2 3 4 VCC3V3 VCC3V3 VADJ VADJ BANK 13 BANK 33 BANK 34 BANK 35 A B C IO_0 IO_25 IO_L1N_T0 IO_L1P_T0 IO_L2N_T0 IO_L2P_T0 IO_L3N_T0_DQS IO_L3P_T0_DQS IO_L4N_T0 IO_L4P_T0 IO_L5N_T0 IO_L5P_T0 IO_L6N_T0_VREF IO_L6P_T0 IO_L7N_T1 IO_L7P_T1 IO_L8N_T1 IO_L8P_T1 IO_L9N_T1_DQS IO_L9P_T1_DQS IO_L10N_T1 IO_L10P_T1 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC IO_L11P_T1_SRCC IO_L12N_T1_MRCC IO_L12P_T1_MRCC IO_L13N_T2_MRCC IO_L13P_T2_MRCC IO_L14N_T2_SRCC IO_L14P_T2_SRCC IO_L15N_T2_DQS IO_L15P_T2_DQS IO_L16N_T2 IO_L16P_T2 IO_L17N_T2 IO_L17P_T2 IO_L18N_T2 IO_L18P_T2 IO_L19N_T3_VREF IO_L19P_T3 IO_L20N_T3 IO_L20P_T3 IO_L21N_T3_DQS IO_L21P_T3_DQS IO_L22N_T3 IO_L22P_T3 IO_L23N_T3 IO_L23P_T3 IO_L24N_T3 IO_L24P_T3 PIICR1607R7 PIICU1607U7 PIICV1609V9 V10 PIIC160V10 PIICW160W88 V8 PIIC160V8 PIIC1W60W1100 W11 PIIC160W11 PIIC1W60W1122 V12 PIIC160V12 PIIC1U60U1111 PIIC1U60U1122 PIICU1609U9 PIIC1U60U1100 PIIC1A60ABB1212 PIIC1A60AAA1212 PIIC1A60ABB1111 PIIC1A60AAA1111 AB9 PIIC160AB9 PIIC1A60ABB1010 Y10 PIIC160Y10 PIIC1Y60Y1111 AA8 PIIC160AA8 PIIC1A60AAA99 Y8 PIIC160Y8 PIICY1609Y9 Y5 PIIC160Y5 PIICY1606Y6 AA6 PIIC160AA6 PIIC1A60AAA77 AB1 PIIC160AB1 PIIC1A60ABB22 AB4 PIIC160AB4 PIIC1A60ABB55 AB6 PIIC160AB6 AB7 PIIC160AB7 PIIC1A60AAA44 Y4 PIIC160Y4 PIICT1606T6 R6 PIIC160R6 PIICU1604U4 T4 PIIC160T4 PIICV1604V4 V5 PIIC160V5 PIICU1605U5 U6 PIIC160U6 PIICW160W77 V7 PIIC160V7 PIICW160W55 W6 PIIC160W6 NFLMFMCC-0SSCCLL NFLMFMCC-0SSDDAA NJLBJB99 NJLBJB33 NJLBJB44 NJLBJB1100 NJLBJB88 NJLBJB22 NJLBJB11 NJLBJB77 NOLLOELDED-0VVBBAATT NOLLOELDED-0VVDDDD NOLLOELEDD-0RREESS NOLLOELEDD-0DDCC NOLLOELDED-S0SCCLLKK NOLLOELEDD-0SSDDIINN NJLAJA77 NJLAJA22 NJLAJA99 NJLAJA88 NJLAJA33 NJLAJA11 NJLAJA110 NJLAJA4 NALCAC-G0GPPIIOO00 GCLK NALCAC-A0ADDRR11 NALCAC-G0GPPIIOO33 NALCAC-G0GPPIIOO22 NALCAC-G0GPPIIOO11 NALCA-CA0ADDRR00 NALCA-CM0MCCLLKK NALCAC-S0SCCKK NALCAC-S0DSDAA NJLCJ1C1_0NN NJLCJC11_0PP NJLCJ2C2_0NN NJLCJC22_0PP NJLCJ3C3_0NN NJLCJC33_0PP NJLCJ4C4_0NN NJLCJC44_0PP NJLDJ2D2_0NN NJLDJD22_0PP NJLDJ4D4_0NN NJLDJD44_0PP NJLDJ1D1_0NN NJLDJD11_0PP NJLDJ3D3_0NN NJLDJD33_0PP IO_0 IO_25 IO_L1N_T0 IO_L1P_T0 IO_L2N_T0 IO_L2P_T0 IO_L3N_T0_DQS IO_L3P_T0_DQS IO_L4N_T0 IO_L4P_T0 IO_L5N_T0 IO_L5P_T0 IO_L6N_T0_VREF IO_L6P_T0 IO_L7N_T1 IO_L7P_T1 IO_L8N_T1 IO_L8P_T1 IO_L9N_T1_DQS IO_L9P_T1_DQS IO_L10N_T1 IO_L10P_T1 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC IO_L11P_T1_SRCC IO_L12N_T1_MRCC IO_L12P_T1_MRCC IO_L13N_T2_MRCC IO_L13P_T2_MRCC IO_L14N_T2_SRCC IO_L14P_T2_SRCC IO_L15N_T2_DQS IO_L15P_T2_DQS IO_L16N_T2 IO_L16P_T2 IO_L17N_T2 IO_L17P_T2 IO_L18N_T2 IO_L18P_T2 IO_L19N_T3_VREF IO_L19P_T3 IO_L20N_T3 IO_L20P_T3 IO_L21N_T3_DQS IO_L21P_T3_DQS IO_L22N_T3 IO_L22P_T3 IO_L23N_T3 IO_L23P_T3 IO_L24N_T3 IO_L24P_T3 PIIC1U60U1199 PIIC1U60U1144 PIIC1U60U2211 T21 PIIC160T21 PIIC1U60U2222 T22 PIIC160T22 PIIC1W60W2222 V22 PIIC160V22 PIIC1W60W2211 W20 PIIC160W20 PIIC1V60V2200 PIIC1U60U2200 PIIC1V60V1199 PIIC1V60V1188 PIIC1A60ABB2222 PIIC1A60AAA2222 PIIC1A60ABB2121 PIIC1A60AAA2121 Y21 PIIC160Y21 PIIC1Y60Y2200 AB20 PIIC160AB20 PIIC1A60ABB1919 AA19 PIIC160AA19 PIIC1Y60Y1199 AA18 PIIC160AA18 PIIC1Y60Y1188 W18 PIIC160W18 PIIC1W60W1177 Y16 PIIC160Y16 PIIC1W60W1166 U16 PIIC160U16 PIIC1U60U1155 V17 PIIC160V17 PIIC1U60U1177 AB17 PIIC160AB17 AA17 PIIC160AA17 PIIC1A60ABB1616 AA16 PIIC160AA16 PIIC1V60V1155 V14 PIIC160V14 PIIC1W60W1133 V13 PIIC160V13 PIIC1Y60Y1155 W15 PIIC160W15 PIIC1A60AAA1414 Y14 PIIC160Y14 PIIC1A60AAA1313 Y13 PIIC160Y13 PIIC1A60ABB1515 AB14 PIIC160AB14 NLLDLD66 NLLDLD77 NLLDLD33 NLLDLD1 NLLDLD22 NLLDLD0 NLLDLD55 NLLDLD4 VNLGVGAA-0RR11 VNLGVGAA-0RR2 VNLGVGAA-0RR33 VNLGVGAA-0RR4 VNLGVGAA-0GG11 VNLGVGAA-0GG22 VNLGVGAA-0GG33 VNLGVGAA-0GG44 VNLGVGAA-0BB11 VNLGVGAA-0BB22 VNLGVGAA-0BB33 VNLGVGAA-0BB44 VNLGVGAA-0HHS VNLGVGAA-0VVS NHLDHD-0SSCCLL NHLDHD-S0SPPDDIIFFOO HNLDHD-C0CLLKK HNLDH-DV0SVSYYNNCC NHLDHD-S0DSDAA NHLDHD-0ININTT NHLDHD-0DDEE NHLDHD-0SSPPDDIIFF NHLDH-DH0SHSYYNNCC NHLDHD-0DD1133 NHLDHD-0DD7 NHLDHD-0DD88 NHLDHD-0DD5 NHLDHD-0DD6 NHLDHD-0DD12 NHLDHD-0DD14 NHLDHD-0DD10 NHLDHD-0DD15 NHLDHD-0DD9 NHLDHD-0DD11 NHLDHD-0DD2 HNLDHD-0DD3 NHLDHD-0DD1 NHLDHD-0DD0 NHLDHD-0DD4 FNLMFCMC-P0PRRSSNNT IO_0 IO_25 IO_L1N_T0 IO_L1P_T0 IO_L2N_T0 IO_L2P_T0 IO_L3N_T0_DQS IO_L3P_T0_DQS_PUDC_B IO_L4N_T0 IO_L4P_T0 IO_L5N_T0 IO_L5P_T0 IO_L6N_T0_VREF IO_L6P_T0 IO_L7N_T1 IO_L7P_T1 IO_L8N_T1 IO_L8P_T1 IO_L9N_T1_DQS IO_L9P_T1_DQS IO_L10N_T1 IO_L10P_T1 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC IO_L11P_T1_SRCC IO_L12N_T1_MRCC IO_L12P_T1_MRCC IO_L13N_T2_MRCC IO_L13P_T2_MRCC IO_L14N_T2_SRCC IO_L14P_T2_SRCC IO_L15N_T2_DQS IO_L15P_T2_DQS IO_L16N_T2 IO_L16P_T2 IO_L17N_T2 IO_L17P_T2 IO_L18N_T2 IO_L18P_T2 IO_L19N_T3_VREF IO_L19P_T3 IO_L20N_T3 IO_L20P_T3 IO_L21N_T3_DQS IO_L21P_T3_DQS IO_L22N_T3 IO_L22P_T3 IO_L23N_T3 IO_L23P_T3 IO_L24N_T3 IO_L24P_T3 PIIC1H601H155 PIIC1R601R155 PIIC1K601K155 J15 PIIC160J15 PIIC1J610J717 J16 PIIC160J16 PIIC1L601L166 K16 PIIC160K16 PIIC1M60M1177 L17 PIIC160L17 PIIC1N601N188 PIIC1N601N177 PIIC1M60M1166 PIIC1M60M1155 PIIC1K601K188 PIIC1J610J818 PIIC1J620J222 PIIC1J620J121 K21 PIIC160K21 PIIC1J620J020 L22 PIIC160L22 PIIC1L602L211 K20 PIIC160K20 PIIC1K601K199 L19 PIIC160L19 PIIC1L601L188 M20 PIIC160M20 PIIC1M60M1199 N20 PIIC160N20 PIIC1N601N199 M22 PIIC160M22 PIIC1M60M2211 P22 PIIC160P22 PIIC1N602N222 R21 PIIC160R21 R20 PIIC160R20 PIIC1P602P211 P20 PIIC160P20 PIIC1P601P155 N15 PIIC160N15 PIIC1P601P188 P17 PIIC160P17 PIIC1T601T177 T16 PIIC160T16 PIIC1T601T199 R19 PIIC160R19 PIIC1T601T188 R18 PIIC160R18 PIIC1R601R166 P16 PIIC160P16 XNLAXDADCC-0GGIIOO00 XNLAXDADCC-0GGIIOO11 XNLAXDADCC-0GGIIOO22 XNLAXDADCC-0GGIIOO3 FNMLFCMC-L0LAA1155_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1155_0P ONLTOGT-GV0BVUBUSSOOCC PUDC_B FNMLFCMC-L0LAA1133_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1133_0P FNMLFCMC-L0LAA1111_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1111_0PP FMC-VREF SNLWSW77 FNMLFCMC-L0LAA0055_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0055_0PP FNMLFCMC-L0LAA0088_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0088_0PP FNMLFCMC-L0LAA1166_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1166_0PP FNMLFCMC-L0LAA0066_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0066_0PP FNMLFCMC-L0LAA1144_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1144_0P FNMLFCMC-C0LCLKK00_0NN FNMLFCMC-C0CLLKK0_0P FNMLFCM-CL0ALA000_0CCCC_0NN FNMLFCMC-L0ALA0000_0CCCC_0PP FNMLFCM-CL0ALA0011_0CCCC_0NN FNMLFCMC-L0ALA0011_0CCCC_0PP FNMLFCMC-L0LAA0044_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0044_0PP FNMLFCMC-L0LAA0033_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0033_0PP FNMLFCMC-L0LAA0099_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0099_0PP FNMLFCMC-L0LAA1122_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1122_0P FMC-VREF BNLTBNTNLL FNMLFCMC-L0LAA0022_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0022_0P FNMLFCMC-L0LAA0077_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA0077_0P FNMLFCMC-L0LAA1100_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1100_0P BNLTBNTNUU BNLTBNTNRR BNLTBNTNDD BNLTBNTNCC IO_0 IO_25 IO_L1N_T0_AD0N IO_L1P_T0_AD0P IO_L2N_T0_AD8N IO_L2P_T0_AD8P IO_L3N_T0_DQS_AD1N IO_L3P_T0_DQS_AD1P IO_L4N_T0 IO_L4P_T0 IO_L5N_T0_AD9N IO_L5P_T0_AD9P IO_L6N_T0_VREF IO_L6P_T0 IO_L7N_T1_AD2N IO_L7P_T1_AD2P IO_L8N_T1_AD10N IO_L8P_T1_AD10P IO_L9N_T1_DQS_AD3N IO_L9P_T1_DQS_AD3P IO_L10N_T1_AD11N IO_L10P_T1_AD11P IO_L11N_T1_SRCC IO_L11P_T1_SRCC IO_L12N_T1_MRCC IO_L12P_T1_MRCC IO_L13N_T2_MRCC IO_L13P_T2_MRCC IO_L14N_T2_AD4N_SRCC IO_L14P_T2_AD4P_SRCC IO_L15N_T2_DQS_AD12N IO_L15P_T2_DQS_AD12P IO_L16N_T2 IO_L16P_T2 IO_L17N_T2_AD5N IO_L17P_T2_AD5P IO_L18N_T2_AD13N IO_L18P_T2_AD13P IO_L19N_T3_VREF IO_L19P_T3 IO_L20N_T3_AD6N IO_L20P_T3_AD6P IO_L21N_T3_DQS_AD14N IO_L21P_T3_DQS_AD14P IO_L22N_T3_AD7N IO_L22P_T3_AD7P IO_L23N_T3 IO_L23P_T3 IO_L24N_T3_AD15N IO_L24P_T3_AD15P PIICH1601H177 PIICH1601H188 PIICE1601E166 F16 PIIC160F16 PIICD1601D177 D16 PIIC160D16 PIICD1601D155 E15 PIIC160E15 PIICG1601G166 G15 PIIC160G15 PIICE1601E188 PIICF1601F188 PIICF1601F177 PIICG1601G177 PIICB1601B155 PIICC1601C155 PIICB1601B177 PIICB1601B166 A17 PIIC160A17 PIICA1601A166 A19 PIIC160A19 PIICA1601A188 C18 PIIC160C18 PIICC1601C177 C19 PIIC160C19 PIICD1601D188 B20 PIIC160B20 PIICB1601B199 C20 PIIC160C20 PIICD1602D200 A22 PIIC160A22 PIICA1602A211 C22 PIIC160C22 PIICD1602D222 D21 PIIC160D21 E21 PIIC160E21 PIICB1602B222 B21 PIIC160B21 PIICH1602H200 H19 PIIC160H19 PIICF1601F199 G19 PIIC160G19 PIICE1602E200 E19 PIIC160E19 PIICG1602G211 G20 PIIC160G20 PIICF1602F222 F21 PIIC160F21 PIICG1602G222 H22 PIIC160H22 SNLWSW66 SNLWSW55 XNLAXDADCC-0AADD00NN0-RR XNLAXDADCC-0AADD0P0-RR XNLAXDADCC-0AADD88NN0-RR XNLAXDADCC-0AADD8P0-RR FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2233_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA223_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA1199_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA119_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2266_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2266_0PP FNLMFCMC-V0VRREEFF ONLTOGT-GR0ERESSEETTNN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3300_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3300_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3311_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3311_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2288_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2288_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2244_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2244_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2299_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA229_0P FNMLFCMC-C0CLLKK11_0NN FNLMFCMC-C0CLLKK1_0P FNMLFCM-CL0ALA1177_0CCCC_0NN FNMLFCMC-L0ALA1177_0CCCC_0PP FNMLFCM-CL0ALA1188_0CCCC_0NN FNMLFCMC-L0ALA1188_0CCCC_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3322_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3322_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2255_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2255_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2277_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2277_0PP FNLMFCMC-L0LAA3333_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA333_0P FMC-VREF SNLWSW44 FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2222_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA222_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2211_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA221_0P FNLMFCMC-L0LAA2200_0NN FNLMFCMC-L0LAA220_0P SNLWSW00 SNLWSW33 SNLWSW11 SNLWSW22 A B C CIOCI1C166BB XC7Z020CLG484 CICOI1C166CC XC7Z020CLG484 CIOCI1C166DD XC7Z020CLG484 ICCOI1C616EE XC7Z020CLG484 NVLCVCCC33VV33 CIOCIC117 PIC10101 CCOC11001 PIC10102 10nF 4 PIIC1704 VDD 1 PIIC1701 EN OUT 3 PIIC1703 GND 2 PIIC1702 GNLCGCLLKK D GND 767-100-136 1 NXLAXDADCC-0AADD00_NN NXLAXDADCC-0AADD00_P NXLAXDADCC-0AADD80_NN NXLAXDADCC-0AADD80_P RCO1R16666 PIR16602 PIR16601 100 RCO1R16677 PIR16702 PIR16701 RCO1R16688 100 PIR16802 PIR16801 100 RCO1R16699 PIR16902 PIR16901 100 1nF PIC1001 PIC10 02 1nF PIC10201 PIC10202 XADC-AD0N-R CCO1C10000 XADC-AD0P-R XADC-AD8N-R CCO1C10022 XADC-AD8P-R 2 NPLUPDUDCC_0BB RCO1R1664 PIR16401 PIR16402 1K PIJP501 PIJP502 No Load JCOPJP55 CRO1R16655 PIR16501 PIR16502 10K NGLNGNDD VNLAVADDJ Title ZED Circuit FPGA Banks Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 9 out of 17 3 4 Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 1 2 3 4 DDR1V5 VCC3V3 VCC1V8 DDR PORT 502 Bank 500 Bank 501 A B NDLDDDRR33-0AA1144 NDLDDDRR33-0AA1133 NDLDDDRR33-0AA12 NDLDDDRR33-0AA11 NDLDDDRR33-0AA10 NDLDDDRR33-0AA99 NDLDDDRR33-0AA8 NDLDDDRR33-0AA77 NDLDDDRR33-0AA6 NDLDDDRR33-0AA55 NDLDDDRR33-0AA4 NDLDDDRR33-0AA33 NDLDDDRR33-0AA2 NDLDDDRR33-0AA11 NDLDDDRR33-0AA0 NDLDDDRR33-0BBAA2 NDLDDDRR33-0BBAA11 NDLDDDRR33-0BBAA00 NDLDDDRR33-0RRAAS NDLDDDRR33-0CCAASS NDLDDDRR30-S0 NDLDDDRR33-0WWEE NDLDDDRR33-0RREESSEETT PIGIC4160G4 PIFIC4160F4 H4 PIIC160H4 PIGIC5160G5 J3 PIIC160J3 PIHIC5160H5 J5 PIIC160J5 PIIJC6160J6 J7 PIIC160J7 PIKIC5160K5 PIKIC6160K6 PILIC4160L4 PIKIC4160K4 PMIIC5160M5 PMIIC4160M4 PS_DDR_A14 PS_DDR_A13 PS_DDR_A12 PS_DDR_A11 PS_DDR_A10 PS_DDR_A9 PS_DDR_A8 PS_DDR_A7 PS_DDR_A6 PS_DDR_A5 PS_DDR_A4 PS_DDR_A3 PS_DDR_A2 PS_DDR_A1 PS_DDR_A0 PMIIC6160M6 L6 PIIC160L6 PILIC7160L7 PS_DDR_BA2 PS_DDR_BA1 PS_DDR_BA0 R5 PIIC160R5 PIPIC3160P3 P6 PIIC160P6 PIRIC4160R4 PS_DDR_RAS_B PS_DDR_CAS_B PS_DDR_CS_B PS_DDR_WE_B PIFIC3160F3 PS_DDR_DRST_B PS_DDR_DQ31 PS_DDR_DQ30 PS_DDR_DQ29 PS_DDR_DQ28 PS_DDR_DQ27 PS_DDR_DQ26 PS_DDR_DQ25 PS_DDR_DQ24 PS_DDR_DQ23 PS_DDR_DQ22 PS_DDR_DQ21 PS_DDR_DQ20 PS_DDR_DQ19 PS_DDR_DQ18 PS_DDR_DQ17 PS_DDR_DQ16 PS_DDR_DQ15 PS_DDR_DQ14 PS_DDR_DQ13 PS_DDR_DQ12 PS_DDR_DQ11 PS_DDR_DQ10 PS_DDR_DQ9 PS_DDR_DQ8 PS_DDR_DQ7 PS_DDR_DQ6 PS_DDR_DQ5 PS_DDR_DQ4 PS_DDR_DQ3 PS_DDR_DQ2 PS_DDR_DQ1 PS_DDR_DQ0 PIIC1Y601Y1 PIIC1W60W33 Y3 PIIC160Y3 PIIC1W60W11 U2 PIIC160U2 PIIC1A60AAA11 U1 PIIC160U1 PIIC1A60AAA33 R1 PIIC160R1 PIIC1M602M2 PIIC1T602T2 PIIC1R603R3 PIIC1T601T1 PIIC1N603N3 PIIC1T603T3 PIIC1M601M1 PIIC1K603K3 J1 PIIC160J1 PIIC1K601K1 L3 PIIC160L3 PIIC1L602L2 L1 PIIC160L1 PIIC1G601G1 G2 PIIC160G2 PIIC1F610F1 F2 PIIC160F2 PIIC1E601E1 E3 PIIC160E3 PIIC1D603D3 B2 PIIC160B2 PIIC1C603C3 D1 PIIC160D1 NDLDDDRR33-0DD3311 NDLDDDRR33-0DD3300 NDLDDDRR33-0DD29 NDLDDDRR33-0DD288 NDLDDDRR33-0DD27 NDLDDDRR33-0DD2266 NDLDDDRR33-0DD25 NDLDDDRR33-0DD2244 NDLDDDRR33-0DD23 NDLDDDRR33-0DD2222 NDLDDDRR33-0DD21 NDLDDDRR33-0DD2200 NDLDDDRR33-0DD19 NDLDDDRR33-0DD1188 NDLDDDRR33-0DD17 NDLDDDRR33-0DD1166 NDLDDDRR33-0DD15 NDLDDDRR33-0DD1144 NDLDDDRR33-0DD1133 NDLDDDRR33-0DD1122 NDLDDDRR33-0DD1111 NDLDDDRR33-0DD10 NDLDDDRR33-0DD99 NDLDDDRR33-0DD8 NDLDDDRR33-0DD77 NDLDDDRR33-0DD6 NDLDDDRR33-0DD55 NDLDDDRR33-0DD4 NDLDDDRR33-0DD33 NDLDDDRR33-0DD2 NDLDDDRR33-0DD11 NDLDDDRR33-0DD0 NVLCVCCC11VV55 NDLDDDRR33-0CCKKEE00 NDLDDDRR33-C0CLLKK00_0NN NDLDDDRR33-0CCLLKK000_PP V3 PIIC160V3 N5 PIIC160N5 N4 PIIC160N4 PS_DDR_CKE PS_DDR_CKN PS_DDR_CKP PS_DDR_DM0 PS_DDR_DM1 PS_DDR_DM2 PS_DDR_DM3 B1 PIIC160B1 H3 PIIC160H3 P1 PIIC160P1 AA2 PIIC160AA2 NDLDDDRR33-D0DMM00 NDLDDDRR33-D0DMM1 NDLDDDRR33-D0DMM2 NDLDDDRR33-D0DMM3 C PIR17401 CROR117744 1% PIR17402 80 PIR17502 CROR117755 1% PIR17501 80 GND NDLDDDRR33-0OODDT0 P5 PIIC160P5 PS_DDR_ODT NDLDDDRR-0VVRRNN NDLDDDRR-0VVRRPP M7 PIIC160M7 PINIC7160N7 PS_DDR_VRN PS_DDR_VRP NDLDDRDRVVRREFF GND PIC10401 PIC10402 CCOC110044 10nF PIHIC7160H7 P7 PIIC160P7 PS_DDR_VREF0 PS_DDR_VREF1 PIC10501 PIC10502 CCOC110055 10nF ICCOI1C166FF PS_DDR_DQS_N0 PS_DDR_DQS_P0 PS_DDR_DQS_N1 PS_DDR_DQS_P1 PS_DDR_DQS_N2 PS_DDR_DQS_P2 PS_DDR_DQS_N3 PS_DDR_DQS_P3 PIIC1D602D2 C2 PIIC160C2 PIIC1J620J2 H2 PIIC160H2 PIIC1P620P2 N2 PIIC160N2 PIIC1W60W22 V2 PIIC160V2 XC7Z020CLG484 DNLDDRDR33-D0DQQSS00_0NN DNLDDRDR33-D0DQQS00_P DNLDDRDR33-D0DQQSS11_0NN DNLDDRDR33-D0DQQS10_P DNLDDRDR33-D0DQQSS22_0NN DNLDDRDR33-D0DQQS20_P DNLDDRDR33-D0DQQSS33_0NN DNLDDRDR33-D0DQQS30_P PS_CLK PS_POR_B PIICF1670F7 PIICB1650B5 NPLSP-SC0LCLKK NPLSP-SP0OPORR-0BB PS_MIO0 PS_MIO1 PS_MIO2 PS_MIO3 PS_MIO4 PS_MIO5 PS_MIO6 PS_MIO7 PS_MIO8 PS_MIO9 PS_MIO10 PS_MIO11 PS_MIO12 PS_MIO13 PS_MIO14 PS_MIO15 PIICG1660G6 A1 PIIC160A1 PIICA1620A2 F6 PIIC160F6 PIICE1640E4 A3 PIIC160A3 PIICA1640A4 PIICD1650D5 PIICE1650E5 PIICC1640C4 PIICG1670G7 PIICB1640B4 PIICC1650C5 PIICA1660A6 B6 PIIC160B6 PIICE1660E6 24PIR17001 XC7Z020CLG484 CICOI1C616GG JE7 NSLPSIP-IC0CSS NSLPSI-PDI0QD0Q/0M0OMODDEE00 NSLPSI-PDI0QD1Q/1M0OMODDE1 NSLPSI-PDI0QD2Q/2M0OMODDEE22 NSLPSI-PDI0QD3Q/3M0OMODDE3 PIR1700CNLR2 OLD1RL17-7DM000MIOISNO/PLV0SIVC-PCSFIFCG0GKS00C/MK0OMODDEE44 NSLPSI-PSIC0SLCKL-KF0BF/BV0VCCFFGG11 NJLEJE88 NJLEJE22 NJLEJE33 NJLEJE44 NJLEJE11 NJLEJE99 NJLEJE1100 VCC1V8 VREF0V9 PIR17101 RCO1R1771 PIR17102 10K 1% GND PIC10301 PIR17201 CCO1C10033 RCO1R1772 PIC10302 10nF PIR17202 10K 1% NJLEJE77 GND PIJP601 PIJP602 JCOPJP66 PIR17301 CRO1R1773 PIR17302499 PS_MIO_VREF PS_SRST_B PIICF1680F8 PIICC1609C9 PS_MIO16 PS_MIO17 PS_MIO18 PS_MIO19 PS_MIO20 PS_MIO21 PS_MIO22 PS_MIO23 PS_MIO24 PS_MIO25 PS_MIO26 PS_MIO27 PS_MIO28 PS_MIO29 PS_MIO30 PS_MIO31 PS_MIO32 PS_MIO33 PS_MIO34 PS_MIO35 PS_MIO36 PS_MIO37 PS_MIO38 PS_MIO39 PS_MIO40 PS_MIO41 PS_MIO42 PS_MIO43 PS_MIO44 PS_MIO45 PS_MIO46 PS_MIO47 PS_MIO48 PS_MIO49 PS_MIO50 PS_MIO51 PS_MIO52 PS_MIO53 PIICD1606D6 E9 PIIC160E9 PIICA1607A7 E10 PIIC160E10 PIICA1608A8 F11 PIIC160F11 PIIC1A601A144 PIIC1E601E111 PIICB1607B7 PIIC1F601F122 PIIC1A601A133 PIICD1607D7 PIIC1A601A122 PIICE1680E8 A11 PIIC160A11 PIICF1690F9 C7 PIIC160C7 PIIC1G601G133 B12 PIIC160B12 PIIC1F601F144 A9 PIIC160A9 PIIC1B601B144 F13 PIIC160F13 PIIC1C601C133 E14 PIIC160E14 PIICC1608C8 D8 PIIC160D8 PIIC1B601B111 E13 PIIC160E13 PIICB1609B9 D12 PIIC160D12 B10 PIIC160B10 PIIC1D601D111 C14 PIIC160C14 PIIC1D601D133 C10 PIIC160C10 PIIC1D601D100 C12 PIIC160C12 ICCOI1C616HH XC7Z020CLG484 VNLRVEREFF00VV99 PNLSP-SR0RSSTT ENLTEHT-HT0XTXCCKK ENLTEHT-HT0XTXDD0 ENLTEHT-HT0XTXDD11 ENLTEHT-HT0XTXDD2 ENLTEHT-HT0XTXDD33 ENLTEHT-HT0XTXCCTTLL ENLTEHT-HR0XRXCCKK ENLTEHT-HR0XRXDD0 ENLTEHT-HR0XRXDD11 ENLTEHT-HR0XRXDD2 ENLTEHT-HR0XRXDD33 ENLTEHT-HR0XRXCCTTLL ONLTOGT-GD0ADATTAA44 ONLTOGTG-0DDIIRR ONLTOGTG-0SSTTPP ONLTOGT-GN0NXXTT ONLTOGT-GD0ADATTAA00 ONLTOGT-GD0ADATTAA11 ONLTOGT-GD0ADATTAA2 ONLTOGT-GD0ADATTAA3 ONLTOGTG-C0CLLKK ONLTOGT-GD0ADATTAA5 ONLTOGT-GD0ADATTAA6 ONLTOGT-GD0ADATTAA77 SNDLS-DC0CCLCLKK SNDLS-DC0MCMDD SNLDSD-D0D00 SNLDSD-D0D11 SNLDSD-D0D22 SNLDSD-D0D33 SNLDS-DW0WPP SNLDS-DC0CDD UNLAURATRT-R0RXXDD UNLAURATRT-T0TXXDD PNLBPB11 PNLBPB22 ENLTEHT-HM0MDDCC ENLTEHT-HM0MDDIIOO BOOT QSPI SETTING X001X SD-CCLK RCO2R29933 SNLDS-DC0CCCLLKK-0RR PIR29302 PIR29301 49.9 NVLCVCCC11VV8 A B C VNLCVCCC33VV3 JTAG 0000X PIR17601 RCO1R17766 PIR1760210K VCC3V3 CIOCIC118 PIIC41804 VDD OUT PIIC31803 24PIR18101 PIR1810RC2 O1R18811 PS-CLK PIC10601 PIC10701 PIIC11801 EN GND PIIC21802 D CCOC110066 CCO1C10077 PIC10602 0.1uFPIC10702 10nF 767-33.333333-12 GND PIR17702 CRO1R17777 SPI-SCLK-FB/VCFG1 PIR17701 20K SPI-DQ0/MODE0 SPI-DQ1/MODE1 SPI-DQ2/MODE2 SPI-DQ3/MODE3 SPI-SCK/MODE4 LD-MIO/VCFG0 CRO1R17788 PIJP701 PIR17801 PIR17802 PIJP702 20K RCO1R17799 PIJP703 PIR17901 PIR17902 CRO1R18800 20K PIR18001 PIR18002 20K RCO1R18822 PIR18201 PIR18202 20K CRO1R18833 PIR18301 PIR18302 20K PIR18401 CRO1R18844 PIR18402 20K CJOPJP77 PIJP801 PIJP802 PIJP803 CJOPJP88 PIJP901 PIJP902 PIJP903 CJOPJP99 PIJP101 PIJP102 PIJP103 JCOPJ1P100 PIJP1 01 PIJP1 02 PIJP1 03 CJOPJ1P111 GND PS-RST Title ZED Circuit DDR and MIO Banks Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 10 out of 17 PIBTN701B PIBTN701A PIBTN702B PIBTN702A CBOTBTNN7 GNLNGNDD Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 PWR/GND A NDLDDDRR11VV55 GND PIC10801 PIC10901 PIC101 PIC1101 PIC1201 PIC1301 PIC1401 PIC1501 PIC1601 PIC1701 PIC1801 PIC10802 C4CO7C11n00F88PIC10902 C4CO7C11n00F99PIC1 0 2 C4CO71Cn111F00PIC1 102 CCOC111111 47nF PIC1202 C4CO71Cn111F22PIC1 302 4CCO71Cn111F33 PIC1402 C4CO7C1n111F44PIC1 502 1CCO01Cn111F55 PIC1602 C1CO0C1n111F66PIC1 702 1CCO01Cn111F77 PIC1802 CCOC111188 10nF GND PIC13201 PIC1301 PIC13401 PIC13501 PIC13601 PIC13701 PIC13801 PIC13202 C1CO01C0133u22FPIC13 02 1CCO01C0133u33FPIC13402 C4CO.C1713u34F4PIC13502 4CCO.1C713u355FPIC13602 C4CO.C1713u36F6PIC13702 4CCO71C0133n77FPIC13802 CCOC113388 470nF VCC1V0 GND PIC15201 PIC15301 PIC15401 PIC1501 PIC15601 PIC15701 CCO1C15522 CCOC115533 CCO1C15544 CCOC115555 CCO1C15566 CCOC115577 PIC15202 100uFPIC15302 4.7uFPIC15402 470nFPIC1502 47nFPIC15602 47nF PIC15702 10nF PIEIC2160E2 PIFIC5160F5 PIHIC1160H1 PIIJC4160J4 PIKIC7160K7 M3 PIIC160M3 PINIC6160N6 R2 PIIC160R2 PIVIC1160V1 VCC_DDR VCC_DDR VCC_DDR VCC_DDR VCC_DDR VCC_DDR VCC_DDR VCC_DDR VCC_DDR HPII1C1160H11 J10 PIIC160J10 VCCBRAM VCCBRAM VCCO_13 VCCO_13 VCCO_13 VCCO_13 VCCO_13 VCCO_13 VCCO_13 PIIC1A60AAA1010 PIIC1A60ABB33 PIICT1650T5 PIICU1608U8 PIIC1V60V1111 W4 PIIC160W4 PIICY1607Y7 VCCO_33 VCCO_33 VCCO_33 VCCO_33 VCCO_33 VCCO_33 PIIC1A60AAA2020 AB13 PIIC160AB13 PIIC1U60U1188 V21 PIIC160V21 PIIC1W60W1144 PIIC1Y60Y1177 VCC3V3 PIC1901 PIC1201 PIC12101 PIC1201 PIC12301 PIC12401 PIC12501 PIC12601 PIC12701 PIC12801 PIC12901 PIC1301 PIC13101 PIC1 902 1CCO01Cn111F99 PIC1202 C1CO01Cn122F00PIC12102 CCO1C12211 10nF PIC12 02 C4CO71Cn122F22PIC12302 4CCO71Cn12F233PIC12402 C4CO71Cn122F44PIC12502 4CCO71Cn122F55PIC12602 C4CO71Cn122F66PIC12702 4CCO71C0122n77FPIC12802 4CCO.17C12u28F8 PIC12902 4CCO.17C12u29F9PIC130 2 4CCO.17C13u30F0 PIC13102 CCO1C13311 100uFGND VCC3V3 PIC13901 PIC1401 PIC14101 PIC14201 PIC14301 PIC1401 PIC14501 PIC14601 PIC14701 PIC14801 PIC14901 PIC1501 PIC15101 PIC13902 1CCO01Cn133F99 PIC1402 C1CO01Cn144F00PIC14102 CCO1C14411 10nF PIC14202 C4CO71Cn144F22PIC14302 4CCO71Cn14F433PIC14 02 C4CO71Cn144F44PIC14502 4CCO71Cn144F55PIC14602 C4CO71Cn144F66PIC14702 4CCO71C0144n77FPIC14802 4CCO.17C14u48F8 PIC14902 4CCO.17C14u49F9PIC150 2 4CCO.17C15u50F0 PIC15102 CCO1C15511 100uFGND A VCC3V3 GND PIC15801 PIC15901 PIC1601 PIC16101 PIC16201 PIC16301 PIC15802 1CCO01C0155u88FPIC15902 C4CO.C1715u59F9PIC160 2 4CCO71C0166n00FPIC16102 C4CO7C1n166F11PIC16202 4CCO71Cn166F22 PIC16302 CCOC116633 10nF PIBIC3160B3 PICIC6160C6 VCCPO_MIO0VCCO_34 VCCPO_MIO0VCCO_34 VCCO_34 VCCO_34 VCCO_34 VCCO_34 PIIC1K60K1177 PIIC1L602L200 PIIC1N60N1166 PIIC1P601P199 PIIC1R602R222 T15 PIIC160T15 VADJ PIC16401 PIC16501 PIC1601 PIC16701 PIC16801 PIC16901 PIC1701 PIC17101 PIC17201 PIC17301 PIC17401 PIC17501 PIC17601 PIC16402 1CCO01Cn166F44 PIC16502 C1CO01Cn166F55PIC16 02 CCO1C16666 10nF PIC16702 C4CO71Cn166F77PIC16802 4CCO71Cn16F688PIC16902 C4CO71Cn166F99PIC170 2 4CCO71Cn177F00PIC17102 C4CO71Cn177F11PIC17202 4CCO71C0177n22FPIC17302 4CCO.17C17u73F3 PIC17402 4CCO.17C17u74F4PIC17502 4CCO.17C17u75F5 PIC17602 CCO1C17766 100uFGND B VCC1V8 GND PIC1701 PIC17801 PIC17901 PIC1801 PIC18101 PIC18201 PIC18301 PIC18401 PIC18501 PIC17 02 C1CO01C0177u77FPIC17802 C4CO.C1717u788FPIC17902 C4CO.1C717u79F9PIC180 2 4CCO71C0188n00FPIC18102 C4CO7C1n188F1PIC18202 4CCO71Cn188F22 PIC18302 C4CO7C1n188F3PIC18402 1CCO01Cn188F44 PIC18502 CCOC11885 10nF VCC1V0 A10 PIIC160A10 BPII1C1360B13 D9 PIIC160D9 EPII1C2160E12 VCCPO_MIO1VCCO_35 VCCPO_MIO1VCCO_35 VCCPO_MIO1VCCO_35 VCCPO_MIO1VCCO_35 VCCO_35 VCCO_35 VCCO_35 A20 PIIC160A20 PIIC1C601C166 D19 PIIC160D19 PIIC1E602E222 F15 PIIC160F15 PIIC1G60G1188 H21 PIIC160H21 VNLAVADDJJ PIC18601 PIC18701 PIC1801 PIC18901 PIC1901 PIC19101 PIC19201 PIC19301 PIC19401 PIC19501 PIC19601 PIC19701 PIC19801 PIC18602 1CCO01Cn188F6 PIC18702 C1CO01Cn188F77PIC18 02 CCO1C1888 10nF PIC18902 C4CO71Cn188F99PIC190 2 4CCO71Cn19F900PIC19102 C4CO71Cn199F11PIC19202 4CCO71Cn199F22PIC19302 C4CO71Cn199F33PIC19402 4CCO71C0199n44FPIC19502 4CCO.17C19u95F5 PIC19602 4CCO.17C19u96F6PIC19702 4CCO.17C19u97F7 PIC19802 CCO1C19988 100uFGND Low ESR Capacitors VNLCVCCC11VV00 B GND PIC1901 PIC2001 PIC20101 PIC20201 PIC20301 PIC20401 PIC20501 CCO1C19999 CCO2C20000 CCOC22001 CCO2C20022 CCOC22003 CCO2C20044 CCOC22005 PIC1902 47nFPIC2002 47nF PIC20102 47nFPIC20202 47nF PIC20302 47nFPIC20402 10nF PIC20502 10nF Low ESR Capacitors GND PIC21601 PIC21701 PIC21801 PIC21901 PIC201 CCOC22116 CCO2C21177 CCOC22118 CCO2C21199 CCOC22220 PIC21602 100uFPIC21702 4.7uFPIC21802 4.7uFPIC21902 4.7uFPIC202 470nF G8 PIIC160G8 PIHIC9160H9 J8 PIIC160J8 PILIC8160L8 N8 PIIC160N8 PIRIC8160R8 VCCPINT VCCPINT VCCPINT VCCPINT VCCPINT VCCPINT VCCINT VCCINT VCCINT VCCINT VCCINT VCCINT VCCINT VCCINT J12 PIIC160J12 PIIC1J610J414 K13 PIIC160K13 PIIC1L601L144 M13 PIIC160M13 PIIC1N60N1144 P13 PIIC160P13 R14 PIIC160R14 PIC20601 PIC20701 PIC20801 PIC20901 PIC2101 PIC2101 PIC21201 PIC21301 PIC21401 PIC21501 PIC40801 PIC40901 CCO2C2006 CCO2C20077 CCO2C2008 CCO2C20099 CCO2C21100 CCO2C21111 CCO2C21122 CCO2C21133 CCO2C21144 CCO2C21155 CCO4C40088 CCO4C40099 PIC20602 10nF PIC20702 10nF PIC20802 10nF PIC20902 47nFPIC2102 47nF PIC2102 47nFPIC21202 47nF PIC21302 47nFPIC21402 47nF PIC21502 47nF PIC40802 100nFPIC40902 100GnFND PIC4101 PIC4101 PIC2101 PIC2201 PIC2301 PIC2401 PIC2501 PIC2601 PIC2701 PIC2801 PIC2 901 CCO4C4110 CCO4C41111 CCO2C2221 CCO2C22222 CCO2C22233 CCO2C22244 CCO2C22255 CCO2C22266 CCO2C22277 CCO2C22288 CCO2C22299 PIC4102 100nFPIC4102 100nFPIC2102 470nFPIC2202 4.7uFPIC2302 4.7uFPIC2402 4.7uFPIC2502 4.7uFPIC2602 4.7uFPIC2702 100uF PIC2802 100uF PIC2902 100uFGND VCC1V8 GND PIC2301 PIC23101 PIC23201 PIC2301 PIC23401 PIC23501 PIC23601 PIC23701 PIC23801 PIC230 2 C1CO02C0233u00FPIC23102 C4CO.C2723u311FPIC23202 C4CO.2C723u32F2PIC23 02 4CCO72C0233n33FPIC23402 C4CO7C2n233F4PIC23502 4CCO72Cn233F55 PIC23602 C4CO7C2n233F6PIC23702 1CCO02Cn233F77 PIC23802 CCOC22338 10nF K9 PIIC160K9 M9 PIIC160M9 P9 PIIC160P9 PITIC9160T9 VCCPAUX VCCPAUX VCCPAUX VCCPAUX VCCAUX VCCAUX VCCAUX VCCAUX L10 PIIC160L10 N10 PIIC160N10 P11 PIIC160P11 PIIC1R601R100 PIC23901 PIC2401 PIC24101 PIC24201 PIC24301 PIC2401 PIC24501 PIC24601 PIC24701 PIC23902 1CCO02Cn233F9 PIC240 2 C1CO02Cn244F00PIC24102 CCO2C2441 47nF PIC24202 C4CO72Cn244F22PIC24302 4CCO72Cn24F433PIC24 02 C4CO72C0244n44FPIC24502 4CCO.27C24u45F5PIC24602 C4CO.2C724u46F6PIC24702 CCO2C24477 100uF VCC1V8 GND VCCPLL HPII1C1060H10 VCCPLL VCCO_0 PIIC1R601R122 VNLCVCCC33VV3 C XADC-AGND NXLAXADDCC0-11VV2255PIR18C6R01OR118PI8R16860NX2 LAXDADCC-0VVRREFP No Load PIR18502 RCO1R18855 PIR18501 0 CCOC22449 PIC24901 LPII1C2160L12 10nF VREFN_0 VCCADC_0 PIIC1K60K1111 PIC24902 MPII1C1160M11 VREFP_0 VCCBATT_0 PIICG1609G9 CRO1R18877 PIR18702 PIR18701 VCC1V8 XADC-VCC PIC250 1 CCO2C25500 PIC24801 PIC24802 CCO2C2448 100uFGND C 0 HEATSINK CIOCIC1166I XC7Z020CLG4841x2 No Load 1 2 PIJ1601 PIJ1602 0 GND PIC2502 10nF NXLAXDACDC-A0AGGNNDD VNLCVCCCPPLLLL FCOBFB88 PIFB801 PIFB802 VNLCVCCC11VV8 CTS BDN09-3CB/A01 0 ohm Shunt JCO1J166 PIC25101 600 CCO2C25511 FCOBFB99 XADC-AGND GND GNLNGNDD PIC25102 10uF PIFB901 PIFB902 L5 L9 L13 L15 M8 M10 M14 M18 N1 N9 N13 N21 P4 P8 P10 P12 P14 R9 R11 R13 R17 T20 U3 U13 V6 V16 W9 W19 Y2 Y12 Y22 0 PIC160L5 PIC160L9 PIC160L13 PIC160L15 PIC160M8 PIC160M1 PIC160M14 PIC160M18 PIC160N1 PIC160N9 PIC160N13 PIC160N21 PIC160P4 PIC160P8 PIC160P1 PIC160P12 PIC160P14 PIC160R9 PIC160R1 PIC160R13 PIC160R17 PIC160T2 PIC160U3 PIC160U13 PIC160V PIC160V16 PIC160W9 PIC160W19 PIC160Y2 PIC160Y12 PIC160Y2 PIC160K12 PIJP1201 PIJP1202 CIOCIC1166J CJOPJP112 XNLAXDADCC-V0VCCCC FCOBFB1100 PIFB1001 PIFB1002 No Load CRO1R18888 PIR18802 PIR18801 VCC1V8 XNLAXDADCC-011VV8 GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND 0 GNDADC_0 K12 PWR/GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND A5 A15 AA5 AA15 AB8 AB18 B8 B18 C1 C11 C21 D4 D14 E7 E17 F10 F20 G3 H6 H8 H12 H14 H16 J9 J11 J13 J19 K2 K8 K10 K14 K22 D XC7Z020CLG484 PIC160A5 PIC160A15 PIC160A5 PIC160A15 PIC160AB8 PIC160AB18 PIC160B8 PIC160B18 PIC160C1 PIC160 PIC160C21 PIC160D4 PIC160D14 PIC160E7 PIC160E17 PIC160F1 PIC160F2 PIC160G3 PIC160H PIC160H8 PIC160H12 PIC160H14 PIC160H16 PIC160J9 PIC160J1 PIC160J13 PIC160J19 PIC160K2 PIC160K8 PIC160K1 PIC160K14 PIC160K2 GND 1 2 Title ZED Circuit FPGA Power Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 11 out of 17 3 Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 4 1 2 3 VCC3V3 VCC1V8 A USB 2.0 B ZedBoard USB-JTAG Programming Circuit TCK TDO-USB/TDI-FPGA TDI-USB TMS PS-RST JP13 PROG-RST The ZedBoard contains a proprietary USB-JTAG circuit which is obscured on this sheet. This circuit contains IC19, IC20, IC21, IC22, IC23, IC24, JP13, and J17, along with a number of resistors and capacitors. The firmware C for this circuit is not publicly available. However, the firmware does come pre-programmed in the SMT2 USB-JTAG module available from Digilent and Avnet. For more information, please see D 1 2 Title ZED Circuit USB Programming Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 12 out of 17 3 4 A B C Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 4 1 2 DDR1V5 DDR1V5 PIC27402 CA Byp PIC27401 CCOC227744 10nF DDRVREF A1 A8 C1 C9 D2 E9 F1 H2 H9 PIC250A1 PIC250A8 PIC250C1 PIC250C9 PIC250D PIC250E9 PIC250F1 PIC250H2 PIC250H9 B2 D9 G7 K2 K8 N1 N9 R1 R9 PIC250B2 PIC250D9 PIC250G7 PIC250K2 PIC250K8 PIC250N1 PIC250N9 PIC250R1 PIC250R9 A VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ DQ Byp GND PIC27601 PIC27602 CCOC227766 10nF B DDR3-A14 DDR3-A13 DDR3-A12 DDR3-A11 DDR3-A10 DDR3-A9 DDR3-A8 DDR3-A7 DDR3-A6 DDR3-A5 DDR3-A4 DDR3-A3 DDR3-A2 DDR3-A1 DDR3-A0 PMIIC8250M8 H1 PIIC250H1 VrefCA VrefDQ PITIC7250T7 PITIC3250T3 PINIC7250N7 PIRIC7250R7 PILIC7250L7 PIRIC3250R3 PITIC8250T8 R2 PIIC250R2 PIRIC8250R8 P2 PIIC250P2 PIPIC8250P8 N2 PIIC250N2 PIPIC3250P3 P7 PIIC250P7 PINIC3250N3 A14 A13 A12/BC# A11 A10/AP A9 A8 A7 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1 A0 MT41K128M16JT-125:K DDR3 CIOCIC2255 DQ15 DQ14 DQ13 DQ12 DQ11 DQ10 DQ9 DQ8 DQ7 DQ6 DQ5 DQ4 DQ3 DQ2 DQ1 DQ0 PIICA2503A3 B8 PIIC250B8 PIICA2502A2 PIICA2507A7 PIICC2502C2 PIICC2508C8 PIICC2503C3 PIICD2507D7 PIICH2507H7 PIICG2502G2 H8 PIIC250H8 PIICH2503H3 F8 PIIC250F8 PIICF2520F2 F7 PIIC250F7 PIICE2503E3 NDLDDDRR33-0DD1155 NDLDDDRR33-0DD14 NDLDDDRR33-0DD1133 NDLDDDRR33-0DD112 NDLDDDRR33-0DD1111 NDLDDDRR33-0DD110 NDLDDDRR33-0DD99 NDLDDDRR33-0DD8 NDLDDDRR33-0DD77 NDLDDDRR33-0DD6 NDLDDDRR33-0DD55 NDLDDDRR33-0DD44 NDLDDDRR33-0DD33 NDLDDDRR33-0DD22 NDLDDDRR33-0DD1 NDLDDDRR33-0DD0 DDR3-BA0 DDR3-BA1 DDR3-BA2 DDR3-CLK0_P DDR3-CLK0_N DDR3-CKE0 PMIIC2250M2 N8 PIIC250N8 PMIIC3250M3 BA0 BA1 BA2 PIIJC7250J7 K7 PIIC250K7 PIKIC9250K9 CK CK# CKE UDQS UDQS# LDQS LDQS# PIICC2507C7 B7 PIIC250B7 PIICF2530F3 G3 PIIC250G3 LDM UDM E7 PIIC250E7 PIICD2503D3 NDLDDDRR33-0DDQQSS110_PP NDLDDDRR33-0DDQQS1_0NN NDLDDDRR33-0DDQQSS000_PP NDLDDDRR33-0DDQQS0_0NN NDLDDDRR33-0DDMM0 NDLDDDRR33-0DDMM11 DDR3-S0 DDR3-RAS DDR3-CAS DDR3-WE L2 PIIC250L2 J3 PIIC250J3 K3 PIIC250K3 L3 PIIC250L3 CS# RAS# CAS# WE# ODT K1 PIIC250K1 ZQ RESET# L8 PIIC250L8 T2 PIIC250T2 DDR3-ODT0 DDR3-RESET VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS C GND B1 B9 D1 D8 E2 E8 F9 G1 G9 A9 B3 E1 G8 J2 J8 M1 M9 P1 P9 T1 T9 PIC250B1 PIC250B9 PIC250D1 PIC250D8 PIC250E2 PIC250E8 PIC250F9 PIC250G1 PIC250G9 PIC250A9 PIC250B3 PIC250E1 PIC250G8 PIC250J PIC250J8 PIC250M1 PIC250M9 PIC250P1 PIC250P9 PIC250T1 PIC250T9 PIR20901 CROR220099 PIR20902 1% 240 GND GND 3 4 DDR1V5 DNLDDRDR11VV55 PIC27502 CA Byp PIC27501 CCO2C27755 10nF NDLDDRDRVVRREEF A1 A8 C1 C9 D2 E9 F1 H2 H9 PIC260A1 PIC260A8 PIC260C1 PIC260C9 PIC260D2 PIC260E9 PIC260F1 PIC260H2 PIC260H9 PIC260B2 PIC260D9 PIC260G7 PIC260K2 PIC260K8 PIC260N1 PIC260N9 PIC260R1 PIC260R9 B2 D9 G7 K2 K8 N1 N9 R1 R9 A VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ DQ Byp GND PIC27 01 PIC27 02 CCO2C27777 10nF DNLDDDRR33-0AA114 DNLDDDRR33-0AA1133 DNLDDDRR33-0AA112 DNLDDDRR33-0AA1111 DNLDDDRR33-0AA110 DNLDDDRR33-0AA99 DNLDDDRR33-0AA8 DNLDDDRR33-0AA77 DNLDDDRR33-0AA66 DNLDDDRR33-0AA55 DNLDDDRR33-0AA44 DNLDDDRR33-0AA3 DNLDDDRR33-0AA2 DNLDDDRR33-0AA1 DNLDDDRR33-0AA0 PMIIC8260M8 H1 PIIC260H1 VrefCA VrefDQ PITIC7260T7 PITIC3260T3 PINIC7260N7 PIRIC7260R7 PILIC7260L7 PIRIC3260R3 PITIC8260T8 R2 PIIC260R2 PIRIC8260R8 P2 PIIC260P2 PIPIC8260P8 N2 PIIC260N2 PIPIC3260P3 P7 PIIC260P7 PINIC3260N3 A14 A13 A12/BC# A11 A10/AP A9 A8 A7 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1 A0 MT41K128M16JT-125:K DDR3 ICCOI2C266 DQ15 DQ14 DQ13 DQ12 DQ11 DQ10 DQ9 DQ8 DQ7 DQ6 DQ5 DQ4 DQ3 DQ2 DQ1 DQ0 PIICA2603A3 B8 PIIC260B8 PIICA2602A2 PIICA2607A7 PIICC2602C2 PIICC2608C8 PIICC2603C3 PIICD2607D7 PIICH2607H7 PIICG2602G2 H8 PIIC260H8 PIICH2603H3 F8 PIIC260F8 PIICF2620F2 F7 PIIC260F7 PIICE2630E3 DNLDDRDR33-0DD3311 DNLDDRDR33-0DD30 DNLDDRDR33-0DD2299 DNLDDRDR33-0DD2288 DNLDDRDR33-0DD2277 DNLDDRDR33-0DD2266 DNLDDRDR33-0DD2255 DNLDDRDR33-0DD2244 DNLDDRDR33-0DD2233 DNLDDRDR33-0DD2222 DNLDDRDR33-0DD2211 DNLDDRDR33-0DD2200 DNLDDRDR33-0DD1199 DNLDDRDR33-0DD1188 DNLDDRDR33-0DD17 DNLDDRDR33-0DD16 B DNLDDRDR33-0BBAA0 DNLDDRDR33-0BBAA1 DNLDDRDR33-0BBAA22 DNLDDRDR33-C0CLLKK00_0PP DNLDDRDR33-C0CLLKK00_0NN DDR3-CKE0 PMIIC2260M2 N8 PIIC260N8 PMIIC3260M3 BA0 BA1 BA2 PIIJC7260J7 K7 PIIC260K7 PIKIC9260K9 CK CK# CKE UDQS UDQS# LDQS LDQS# PIICC2607C7 B7 PIIC260B7 PIICF2630F3 G3 PIIC260G3 LDM UDM E7 PIIC260E7 PIICD2603D3 DNLDDRDR33-D0DQQSS33_0PP DNLDDRD3R-3D0DQQSS33_0NN DNLDDRDR33-D0DQQSS22_0PP DNLDDRD3R-3D0DQQSS22_0NN DNLDDRDR33-D0DMM2 DNLDDRDR33-D0DMM33 DNLDDDRR33-0SS00 DNLDDRDR33-0RRAAS DNLDDRDR33-0CCAAS DNLDDRDR33-W0WE L2 PIIC260L2 J3 PIIC260J3 K3 PIIC260K3 L3 PIIC260L3 CS# RAS# CAS# WE# ODT K1 PIIC260K1 ZQ RESET# L8 PIIC260L8 T2 PIIC260T2 DNLDDRDR33-O0ODDTT00 DNLDDRDR33-R0REESSEETT VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSSQ VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS VSS PIR21001 RCO2R21100 PIC260B1 PIC260B9 PIC260D1 PIC260D8 PIC260E2 PIC260E8 PIC260F9 PIC260G1 PIC260G9 PIC260A9 PIC260B3 PIC260E1 PIC260G8 PIC260J2 PIC260J8 PIC260M1 PIC260M9 PIC260P1 PIC260P9 PIC260T1 PIC260T9 PIR21002 1% 240 GNLNGNDD C B1 B9 D1 D8 E2 E8 F9 G1 G9 A9 B3 E1 G8 J2 J8 M1 M9 P1 P9 T1 T9 GND GND CFOBFB113 NVLCVCCC11VV55 PIFB1301 DDR1V5 PIFB1302 600 PIC27801 PIC27901 PIC2801 PIC28101 PIC28201 PIC28301 PIC28401 PIC28501 CCO2C27788 CCOC227799 CCOC22880 CCOC228811 CCOC22882 CCO2C28833 CCOC22884 CCO2C28855 GND PIC27802 47nFPIC27902 47nFPIC2802 47nFPIC28102 47nF PIC28202 47nFPIC28302 47nF PIC28402 47nFPIC28502 47nF DDR1V5 PIC29401 PIC29501 PIC29601 PIC29701 PIC29801 PIC2901 PIC3001 PIC30101 CCO2C29944 CCOC229955 CCOC22996 CCOC229977 CCOC22998 CCO2C29999 CCOC33000 CCO3C30011 D GND PIC29402 47nFPIC29502 47nFPIC29602 47nFPIC29702 47nF PIC29802 47nFPIC2902 47nF PIC3002 47nFPIC30102 47nF DDR1V5 GND PIC3101 PIC3101 PIC31201 CCO3C31100 CCOC331111 CCOC33112 PIC3102 470nFPIC3102 470nFPIC31202 4.7uF 1 DDR1V5 PIC28601 PIC28701 PIC2801 PIC28901 PIC2901 PIC29101 PIC29201 PIC29301 CCO2C28866 CCOC22887 CCO2C28888 CCO2C2889 CCO2C29900 CCO2C2991 CCO2C29922 CCO2C2993 PIC28602 47nF PIC28702 47nFPIC2802 47nF PIC28902 47nFPIC2902 47nF PIC29102 47nF PIC29202 47nF PIC29302 47nF GND DDR1V5 PIC30201 PIC30301 PIC30401 PIC30501 PIC30601 PIC30701 PIC30801 PIC30901 CCO3C30022 CCOC33003 CCO3C30044 CCO3C3005 CCO3C30066 CCO3C3007 CCO3C30088 CCO3C3009 PIC30202 47nF PIC30302 47nFPIC30402 47nF PIC30502 47nFPIC30602 47nF PIC30702 47nF PIC30802 47nF PIC30902 47nF GND DDR1V5 PIC31301 PIC31401 PIC31501 CCO3C31133 CCOC33114 CCO3C31155 PIC31302 470nFPIC31402 470nFPIC31502 4.7uF GND 2 3 NDLDDDRR33-0CCKKE0 DDR3-RESET RCO2R21111 PIR21102 PIR21101 40 RCO2R21122 PIR21202 PIR21201 4.7K DNLDDRDR00VV75 GND Title ZED Circuit DDR3 Memory Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 13 out of 17 4 Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 1 2 3 4 DDR3 TERMINATION DDR0V75 A NOTE: A PIR21301 RCO2R21133 PIR21401 RCO2R21144 PIR21501 RCO2R21155 PIR21601 CROR221166 PIR21701 CRO2R21177 PIR21801 CRO2R21188 PIR21901 CRO2R21199 PIR22001 CRO2R22200 PIR22101 CRO2R22211 PIR22201 CRO2R22222 PIR22301 RCO2R22233 All Termination Resistors are 1%. PIR22401 PIR21302 40 PIR22501 PIR21402 40 PIR2601 PIR21502 40 PIR22701 PIR21602 40 PIR22801 PIR21702 40 PIR22901 PIR21802 40 PIR23001 PIR21902 40 PIR23101 PIR2200240 PIR23201 PIR2210240 PIR23301 PIR2220240 PIR23401 PIR2230240 PIR23501 CROR222244 CROR222255 CROR222266 CROR222277 CROR222288 CROR222299 RCO2R23300 RCO2R23311 RCO2R23322 RCO2R23333 RCO2R23344 RCO2R23355 PIR22402 40 PIR22502 40 PIR2602 40 PIR22702 40 PIR22802 40 PIR22902 40 PIR23002 40 PIR23102 40 PIR23202 40 PIR23302 40 PIR23402 40 PIR23502 40 NDLDDDRR33-0AA1144 NDLDDDRR33-0AA133 NDLDDDRR33-0AA1122 NDLDDDRR33-0AA111 NDLDDDRR33-0AA1100 NDLDDDRR33-0AA99 NDLDDDRR33-0AA88 NDLDDDRR33-0AA77 NDLDDDRR33-0AA66 NDLDDDRR33-0AA55 NDLDDDRR3-0AA44 NDLDDDRR3-0AA33 NDLDDDRR3-0AA22 B NDLDDDRR3-0AA11 B NDLDDDRR3-0AA00 NDLDDDRR30-SS00 NDLDDDRR33-0RRAAS NDLDDDRR33-0CCAASS NDLDDDRR33-0WWEE NDLDDDRR33-0OODDTT00 NDLDDDRR33-0BBAA22 NDLDDDRR33-0BBAA11 NDLDDDRR33-0BBAA00 NDLDDDRR33-0CCLLKK000_PP PIR23601 CRO2R2336 PIR23602 80 1% NDLDDRDR33-C0CLLKK0_0NN C NDLDDDRR00VV7755 C PIC31601 PIC31701 PIC31801 PIC31901 PIC320 1 PIC32101 PIC32 01 PIC32301 PIC32401 PIC32501 PIC32601 PIC32701 CCO3C3116 CCO3C31177 CCOC33118 CCOC33119 CCOC33220 CCOC33221 CCOC33222 CCOC33223 CCOC33224 CCOC33225 CCO3C3226 CCO3C3227 NDLDDDRR11VV55 PIC31602 10nF PIC31702 10nF PIC31802 100nF PIC31902 100nF PIC3202 100nF PIC32102 100nF PIC3202 100nF PIC32302 100nF PIC32402 1uF PIC32502 1uF PIC32602 2.2uF PIC32702 2.2uF Title Rev ZED D.2 D Copyright 2013 D Circuit DDR3 Termination Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 14 out of 17 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 VCC5V0 GND PIC32801 +CCO3C32288 PIC32802 100uF PIC32901 PIC32902 CCO3C32299 22uF PIC3 0 1 PIC3 0 2 CCO3C33300 22uF A PIC3 101 PIC3 201 PIC3 102 CCOC333311 100nF PIC3 202 CCOC333322 100nF GND PIC2709 PIC27016 LCOL22 3 A DVDD1 9 DVDD2 16 GND PG-1V8 PIIC42704 5 PIIC2705 PVIN1 PVIN1 1 PIIC2701 SEL PII1C027010 EN1 LX1 LX1 PIIC32703 6 PIIC2706 FB1 11 PIIC27011 COMP1 PIIC2172012 PIL201 PIL202 1uH/6A SNR6045-1R0N PIR23901 CRO2R23399 1% PIR23902 18K PIR23702 CRO2R23377 0.1%PIR23701 10K CCO3C33333 CRO2R23388 PIC33301 PIC33302 PIR23801 PIR23802 PIR24002 CRO2R24400 750pF 150 VCC3V3 PIC3 401 PIC3 501 PIC3 402 CCO3C33344 47uF PIC3 502 CCO3C33355 47uF PGND1 PGND1 PGND1 PIIC22702 PIIC72707 PIIC82708 PIC3 602 PIC3 601 C4CO73C0333p66FPPIICC33 770012 PIR24001 2.2K CCOC333377 0.1% 10pF 3 MAX15021ATI+ LCOL33 19 PIIC27019 PVIN2 27 PIIC27027 AVIN 25 PIIC27025 EN2 LX2 18 PIIC27018 FB2 24 PIIC27024 COMP2 23 PIIC27023 NRS5020T1R0NMGJ PIL301 PIL302 PIR24102 1VNuLHAVA/D3DJ.J6-0FAFBB CRO2R24411 0.1%PIR24101 10K CCO3C33388 CRO2R24422 1% PIR24301 CRO2R24433 PIR24302 18K PIC33801 PIC33802 PIR24201 PIR24202 750pF 150 3.3V 2.5V NVLAVADDJJ PIC3 901 PIC340 1 PIC3 902 CCO3C3339 47uF PIC340 2 CCO3C3440 47uF SGND SGND B PII2C827028 RT PGND2 PIIC2177017 PIC34102 PIC34201 CCO3C34411 CCOC334422 2x3 PIJ1801 1 2 PIJ1802 1.8V B GND PIC34301 CCOC334433 PIC34 02 PIR24 01 CCOC334444 CROR22444 PIC34302 100nF PIC3401 0 PIR2402 16K P 26 PIC270P PIC2706 ICCOIC2277 PIC34101 470pFPIC34202 10pF PIR24501 CRO2R24455 0.1%PIR24502 5K PIJ1803 3 4 PIJ1804 PIJ1805 5 6 PIJ1806 PIR24601 PIR24701 JCO1J188 RCO2R2446 CRO2R24477 0.1%PIR24602 8.56K PIR247024K 0.1% No Load SGND and PGND to connect at one location J18 - 2x2 loaded in 3-6pin location. Pin 1-2 not laoded by default. VCC5V0 GND PIC34501 +CCO3C34455 PIC34502 100uF PIC34601 PIC34602 CCO3C34466 22uF PIC34701 PIC34702 CCO3C3447 22uF PIC34801 PIC34901 PIC34802 CCOC33448 100nF PIC34902 CCOC33449 100nF GND PIC2809 PIC28016 3 DVDD1 9 DVDD2 16 LCOL44 C GND NPLGPG-011VV8 PIIC42804 5 PIIC2805 PVIN1 PVIN1 1 PIIC2801 SEL 10 PIIC28010 EN1 LX1 LX1 PIIC32803 6 PIIC2806 FB1 11 PIIC28011 COMP1 12 PIIC28012 PGND1 PGND1 PGND1 2 PIIC2802 PIIC72807 8 PIIC2808 PIL401 PIL40S2 NR6045-PIR214902 R0N 1uH/6A CRO2R24499 0.1%PIR24901 10K CCO3C35500 CRO2R25500 PIR25101 CRO2R25511 PIR25102 18K PIC35001 PIC35002 PIR25001 PIR25002 PIR25202 CRO2R25522 750pF 150 PIC35302 1% PIC35401 CCO3C35533 PIR25201 6.7K CCOC33554 0.1% PIC35301 470pFPIC35402 10pF VNLCVCCC11VV5 PIC35101 PIC35201 CCO3C3551 CCO3C3552 PIC35102 47uF PIC35202 47uF 1 VNLCVCCC33VV3 PIR24801 RCO2R24488 PIR24802 390 PILD130A C PILD130K GREEN LCODLD1133 3 PNLGP-GA0ALLLL PIQ403 1PIQ401 CQOQ44 PIQ402 2 MAX15021ATI+ LCOL55 GNLNGNDD NVLCVCCC55VV0 NPLGPG-055VV0 19 PIIC28019 PVIN2 27 PIIC28027 AVIN 25 PIIC28025 EN2 LX2 18 PIIC28018 FB2 24 PIIC28024 COMP2 23 PIIC28023 NRS5020T1R0NMGJ PIL501 PIL502 1uH/3.6A 0.1%PIR25302 CRO2R25533 PIR25501 CRO2R25555 PIR25301 10K CCO3C35555 CRO2R25544 PIC35501 PIC35502 PIR25401 PIR25402 PIR25502 18K 1% PIC35802 PIC35901 PIR25602 CRO2R25566 750pF 150 VNLCVCCC11VV0 PIC35601 PIC35701 CCO3C3556 CCO3C3557 PIC35602 47uF PIC35702 47uF SGND SGND PII2C828028 RT PGND2 PIIC2187017 PIC35801 CCO3C35588 470pFPIC35902 CCOC33559PIR25601 10pF 15K 0.1% Title Rev PIC360 1 CCOC336600 PIC36102 PIR25701 CCOC336611 CROR22557 P 26 PIC280P PIC2806 ICCOIC2288 D GND PIC3602 100nF PIC36101 0 PIR25702 16K ZED Circuit D.2 Copyright 2013 D Power Regulation No Load SGND and PGND to connect at one location Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 15 out of 17 1 2 3 4 1 2 A VCC5V0 GND PIC36201+CCOC336622 PIC36202 22uF PIC36301 PIC36302 CCOC336633 0.1uF PG-1V0 PID250K CDOD2255 PID250A NPLGPG-011VV88 PIR26402 CROR226644 PIR26401 20K IN A3 PIBIC3300B3 EN PIC30A3 MAX15053EWL+ LX PIICA3002A2 PICIC3300C3 PGOOD PIBIC2300B2 SKIP FB PIICC3001C1 LCOL66 2 PIR26 02 CROR226666 PIL601 PIL602SRNPI6C36402045-1R0YPIR26702 1uH/6A CCO3C36644 CRO2R26677 PIR26601 1 0.25W/1% PIC36401 100pF PIR26701 8.06K 0.1% NVLCVCCC11VV88 PIC36501+CCO3C36655 PIC3601+CCO3C3666 PIC36502 22uF PIC3602 22uF PIR27002 A1 GND GND PICIC2300C2 SS/REFIN PIC36902 PIC3702 PIC36901 C1COnC33F6699PIC370 1 CCO3C37700 22nF CIOCIC3300 PIC30A1 COMP PIICB3001B1 PIC37102 CROR227711 PIR27101 PIR27102 PIC37202 1%2.32K PIC37302 PIC37101 CNCOC3o377L11oadPIC37201 CCOC337722 1nF PIC37301 CCOC337733 3.3nF CRO2R27700 PIR27001 4.02K 0.1% B 3 4 VREF3V0 1% PIR25802 CRO2R25588 PIR25801100K VNLCVCCC55VV00 VNLCVCCC33VV33 1% PIR25902 CRO2R25599 PIR2590143K VNLCVCCC11VV0 PIC2903 PID230K CDOD2233 PID230A PIR260 2 PIR26102 RCO2R26600 RCO2R26611 PIR2601 100K PIR26101100K PIR26202 RCO2R26622 PIR2620110K A GND V+ 3 NPLGP-GD0DDDRR VCC3V3 RCO2R26633 PIR26302 PIR26301 1% 33K NVLCVCCC11VV55 RCO2R2665 PIR26502 PIR26501 1% 15K GND RCO2R26699 PIR26902 PIR26901 9.7K 1% VREF3V0 PIR27202 CRO2R27722 1% PIR27201100K PG-ALL NVLRVREEFF33VV00 NVLAVADDJJ-0FFBB CRO2R26688 PIR26802 PIR26801 1K 5 PIIC2905 PIIC42904 7 PIIC2907 PIIC62906 PIIC92909 PIIC82908 PI1IC129011 PI1IC029010 IN1+ IN1IN2+ IN2IN3+ IN3IN4+ IN4- OUT1 OUT2 OUT3 OUT4 2 PIIC2902 PIIC12901 PIIC1294014 PIIC1293013 12 GND PIC29012 ICCOI2C299 LM339M GNLNGNDD PID240K DCO2D244 PID240A PIC36702 PIC36802 PIC36701 1CCOn3CF36677PIC36801 CCO3C36688 220nF 15%, 10V PNLGP-G10V1V0 PNLGP-GA0LALLL PNLSP-SP0OPORR-0BB 1% PIR27302 CRO2R27733 GND PIR2730124K B VCC5V0 GND CRO2R2774 PIR27402 PIR27401 400 CDOD2266 PID2601 PID2603 PID2602 BZX34-A3V0 VREF3V0 VCC3V3 PIC37 01 CCO3C3777 C GND PIC3702 1uF VCC 2 PIC302 MAX1510ETB VCC3V3 PIC37801 CCO3C3778 PIC37802 10uF PG-DDR PI1IC033010 IN PIIC53305 PGOOD 7 PIIC3307 SHDN OUT OUTS PIIC93309 6 PIIC3306 PGND AGND 8 PIIC3308 3 PIIC3303 DNLDDDRR00VV755 PIC37901 CCOC33779 PIC37902 100uF P GND VCC1V5 CRO2R27799 0.1PIR27%1901 0KPIR27902 PIR28001 RCO2R28800 PIC38202 0.1%PIR28002 10K PIC38201 4 PIIC3304 REFIN CCOC33882 CIOCIC3333 1nF REFOUT 1 PIIC3301 PIC30P GND * DNLDDRDRVVRREF PIC38301 PIC38401 CCOC33883 CCOC33884 PIC38302 0.33uF PIC38402 100nF GND XADC-5V0 XADC-AGND PIC37401 PIC37402 CCO3C37744 10uF MAX1983EUT+ 6 IN PIIC3106 3 PIIC3103 SHDN OUT 5 PIIC3105 PIR27501 RCO2R27755 PG/ADJ 4 PIIC3104 PIR27502 49.9K 0.1% 2 PIIC3102 GND BIAS 1 PIIC3101 ICCOI3C311 PIR27601 RCO2R27766 PIC37501 CCO3C37755 PIR27602 40K PIC37502 0.1% 0.1uF XNLAXDADCC-011VV88 PIC37601 CCO3C37766 PIC37602 10uF XNLAXDADCC-055VV0 XADC-5V0 CRO2R27777No Load C PIR27702 PIR27701 VCC3V3 0 CRO2R27788 PIR27802 PIR27801 MAX6037AAUK12+T PIIC43204 IN OUT PIIC53205 XNLAXDADCC-011VV25 0 PIC380 1 CCO3C38800 PIIC33203 SHDN IC/ADJ PIIC13201 PIC3802 1uF 2 PIIC3202 GND PIC38101 CCO3C38811 PIC38102 1uF CIOCIC3322 NXLAXDACDC-A0AGGNNDD Title FCOBFB1144 ZED D VCC5V0 PIFB1401 PIFB1402 XADC-5V0 GND PIR28101 PIR28C1R02OR22881 NSLHSIHEILELDD 600 1x2 1 PIJ1901 2 PIJ1902 CJO1J199 XADC-AGND 1M CCOC33885 PIC38501 PIC38502 1nF/250V Circuit Power Regulation Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 16 out of 17 1 2 3 Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 4 1 2 3 4 A A CLOL77 VU12V0 GND PIC38701 PIC38 01 PIC38901 PIC390 1 CCO3C38877 CCOC338888 CCOC338899 CCOC339900 PIC38702 22uF PIC3802 22uF PIC38902 22uF PIC3902 22uF GND CCO3C39966 PIC39601 PIC39602 PIR28501CROR22885 PIR28502 10 PIPIC2340P2 PI1IC834018 PI1IC934019 PI2IC034020 PI2IC134021 PI2IC234022 PI2IC334023 PI2IC434024 25 PIIC34025 PI2IC634026 27 PIIC34027 IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN INA LX LX LX PIICP3430P3 PIIC53405 PIIC1346016 BST PIIC3341031 CSCS+ PIIC13401 PIIC23402 MAX8686ETL+ RS+ RS- PIIC3349039 40 PIIC34040 PIC39501 PIC39502 CCO3C39955 0.22uF PIL701 PIL702 1.5uH CRO2R28822 CCOC338866 PIR28202 PIR28201 PIC38601 PIC38602 470 1% 1uF RCO2R28833 PIR28301 PIR28302 11%00 VCC5V0 PIC39101 PIC39201 PIC39301 PIC39401 CCO3C39911 CCO3C39922 CCO3C39933 CCO3C39944 PIC39102 47uF PIC39202 47uF PIC39302 47uF PIC39402 47uF PIR28401 RCO2R28844 PIR284024.7K 1% PIR28601 B GND 0.1uF PIR28801 CRO2R28888 PIR2802 182K 4 PIIC3404 EN/SLOPE 37 PIIC34037 PHASE/REF0 36 PIIC34036 REFIN 38 PIIC34038 COMP POK PIIC3342032 AVL PIIC2349029 VL PIIC3340030 PNLGPG-505VV0 PIR28701 CRO2R28877 PIR28901 PIR28702 10K CRO2R28899 PIR28902 10 RCO2R28866 PIR286029.1K 1% B GND PIR290 1 PIR290 2 CROR22990 4.5K PIC40 01 PIC40 02 CCO4C40000 330pF PIC40101 PIC40102 CCO4C40011 15pF PIC40202 PIC40302 CCO4C40022 CCOC44003 PIC40201 150pF PIC40301 15nF No Load CCO3C3999 PIC39901 PIC39902 20nF RCO2R29911 PIR29102 PIR29101 1812%K 3 PIIC3403 PI3IC334033 GFREQ FREQ PI3IC434034 6 PIIC3406 35 PIIC34035 SS RTN ILIM 28 PIIC34028 P1 PIIC340P1 GND GND PGND PGND PGND PGND PGND PGND PGND PGND PGND 7 PIIC3407 PIIC83408 9 PIIC3409 PIIC1340010 11 PIIC34011 12 PIIC34012 PIIC1343013 14 PIIC34014 PIIC1345015 PIC39701 PIC39801 CCO3C3997 CCO3C3998 PIC39702 1uF PIC39802 0.22uF GND CIOCIC3344 C Power Connector 0603SFF500F/32-2 12V INPUT! PIJ2001 FCOF55 PIF502 PIF501 5A 2.5mm I.D 5.5mm O.D PIJ2003 PIJ2002 GND CJO2J200 163-054, 2.5x5.5mm, RA N1L21V2SVSNNS1 CROR22992 NWLAWALL1122VV0 PIR29202A PIR29201A N1L21V2SVSNNSS2 PIR29202B PIR29201B 10m/1W RCWE120610L0JNEA Current Sense Power Switch D 1x2 1 PIJ2101 2 PIJ2102 12VSNS1 12VSNS2 WAL12V0 PISW803 CSOWSW8 PISW802 PISW801 VU12V0 CJO2J211 1 2 C Zynq Fan Connectors 1x2 1 PIJ201 2 PIJ202 JCO2J222 VNLUVU1122VV0 GND 1x2 1 PIJ2301 2 PIJ2302 JCO2J233 VNLCVCCC55VV0 GNLNGNDD Title ZED Circuit Power Regulation Doc# 500-248 Engineer EG Author GMA Date 3/4/2013 Sheet# 17 out of 17 3 Rev D.2 Copyright 2013 D 4 Rev C.1 to D.2 Change History Issue: Update Zynq to Production Silicon PCB: no change. Parts: load IC16 with XC7Z020-1CLG484C Issue: Update DDR3 to newer device PCB: no change. Parts: load IC25 and IC26 with MT41K128M16JT-125:K Issue: IC31 IN oscillates due to insufficient decoupling PCB: change C374 pad size to 0603. Parts: load C374 with 10uF 10V. Issue: C89 incorrect value PCB: no change Parts: Load C89 with 150uF tantalum (already implemented) Issue: Two DDR3 power/termination pins not in schematic part PCB: fix DDR3 part to include two missing pins Parts: no change Issue: CKE signal pull-down revised PCB: add 0402 resistor from CKE to VTT. Parts: Load new resistor with 40ohm resistor. Issue: SD Card clock requires termination resistor PCB: add series termination resistor to SD Clock. Parts: load new resistor with 50ohm resistor. Issue: Heat issues PCB: add two 1x2 pin headers (5V/GND and 12V/GND) to power a fan if needed Parts: load headers; add heat sink Issue: VBUS must connect to power pin on USB connector PCB: move existing 0402 resistor between USB power pin and VBUS Parts: no change Issue: Parts not fitting pads (J12, L7) PCB: Extended pads on L7 to accommodate larger parts Parts: load only specified parts Issue: HDMI signals radiate energy causing CE testing to fail PCB: no change Parts: add ferrite to HDMI cable Issue: Replace RJ-45 PCB: no change. Parts: load J11 with 1840750-7




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