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icDM Protection Suite Protect your brand by protecting your data label Message (Source Data) User Signature (Authentication) Product ID (Encryption) Combined (Authentication + Encryption)  3-Levels of Data Matrix Protection against counterfeiting  Symbol Authentication and Encryption  Instantaneous Brand Verification Directly at POS  Effective User Management System What is icDM Protection Suite? icDM Protection Suite (icDMPS) is an easy-to-use software package that allows not only to encode and decode text information into Data Matrix symbol, but to digitally protect this symbol from counterfeiting, as well. With icDM Protection Suite, protecting your products and documents has never been quicker or easier! icDMPS consists of the two software programs – encoding (icDMPS_E) and decoding (icDMPS_D). Encoding software has a proprietary built-in mechanism allowing either to authenticate the encoded Data Matrix symbol afterwards or to encrypt it. The Decoding software checks symbol for authenticity or decrypts it while extracting the information from the symbol. Depending on application, the programs can be used either together or separately. In a “Supply Chain Application”, for example, the encoding software can be used on the “manufacturing end” and the decoding software – on the “receiving end”. Why do we need data label protection? In 2007 – 1.95% of global trade was of counterfeit and pirated products. Accordingly, counterfeiting data labels, designed to carry certain information about the product, has become one of the important steps in manufacturing fake products. The rise of such fake products in different industries has driven strong requirements for anti-counterfeiting technologies to protect product integrity and company’s brands. This requirement calls for the new product protective data label which can be either tracked from factory to an end-user, or checked for legitimacy right at the POS. Anti-Counterfeiting - The New Adoption Driver for Auto ID “Track and trace” through an “information” label is a main application for the barcode industry. Upgrading this “information” barcode with the protective, anti-counterfeiting features creates 2 new opportunities for suppliers to build a more secure supply chain. It’s a natural extension – from tracking an individual item throughout the value chain with barcode to using that same system and that same barcode to ensure that all products within the value chain are authentic. Protecting labels, which are circulating in supply chain anyway, instead of building separate product protection systems, makes this approach very cost effective. Though creating security system for an open supply chain, requiring protective barcode deployment across a number of levels of a commercial value chain – from the point of manufacture through the point of sale – would still take some time and discipline, such systems for more closed, mission critical supply environment can be implemented just today utilizing icDPMS capabilities. Authentication, actually, has been one of the major news for the RFID developer and supplier communities for the last couple years. According to VDC Research, the use of anticounterfeiting and authentication applications in the RFID industry is expected to increase more than 100% over the next 3 years and listed as one of the most important adoption drivers. Barcode industry is not there yet but it will surely follow this course. . How does it work? icDMPS employs the concept of Digital Signature for data authentication. A digital signature scheme allows one to sign an electronic message and later the produced signature can be validated by the owner of the message or by any verifier. It normally utilizes asymmetric algorithm - a private key for signature generation, but a public key (which corresponds to, but is not the same as, the private key) - for signature verification. This is nearly always very computationally intensive and can not be used on DSP-based platform (scanner). Our patent pending method makes use of symmetric key algorithms integrated into the encoding/decoding mechanism. This makes our software suitable for embedded processing. As it is always a case with the symmetric-key algorithms, the single secret key is a subject of a certain key-exchange protocol. If this protocol is compromised the whole scheme may become disfunctional. To strengthen the Authentication mechanism, icDMPS also offers one more layer of protection additional encryption (on top of authentication) and establishing an alternate key-exchange protocol. This algorithm also satisfies the embedded processing requirements. For the sake of convenience icDMPS treats two above mentioned algorithms as two types of digital signatures – User Signature and Product Signature. The term “signature” is used only to underline the fact that each Data Matrix, generated using these algorithms, will have the 3 unique digital characteristics distinct from any other Data Matrix symbol with the same encoded message/data. User ID and Product ID – are those secret keys that are communicated within the above mentioned key-exchange protocols. Message Originator Originator Optional Encryption Encoding + Signing Message Receiver Receiver Decryption Decoding + Authenticating Both Authentication and Encryption keys are calculated using Random Number Generator (RNG) that uses all the data shown above as the input parameters. The length of this data string (input parameters) might be from 368 up to 2048 bits. Since the Authentication Key depends on encoded data sequence, it is different for every Matrix going through the Algorithm, which, in turn, makes it very difficult to break. 4 Protection Levels Protection Levels correspond to the type of signature chosen – User Signature or Product Signature – when encoding the message/data: Encoding Diagram - Authentication & Encryption 0 Encoding (No protection) Encoded message Message (Source Data) 1 1 User Signature (Authentication) Message is encoded and "signed" with User ID Encoded symbol can be decoded by any 3rd party software, capable of decoding Data Matrix Symbol authentication requires icDMPS_D 2 Product ID 2 (Encryption) Message is encoded and encrypted using Product ID Encrypted symbol cannot be decoded by any 3rd party decoding software Symbol decription requires icDMPS_D Combined 3 (Authentication + Encryption) Message both encrypted with Product ID and signed with User Id Protection levels Data Matrix Description User Signature – provides protection from “repeated encoding” (when original Data Matrix is captured, decoded and the obtained data are used for generating counterfeited symbols) by providing Matrix authentication. It also verifies the encoded data integrity. The method allows Data Matrix to be “readable” by any standard, third party decoding software thus precluding a potential attacker from even knowing that the barcode is protected. If counterfeited symbol is discovered in the supply chain, for example, one can go backward through the chain authenticating symbols at each stage and quickly find out where the fake product was injected. Product Signature - provides protection both from “repeated encoding” and “direct copying” by encrypting the Data Matrix symbol. Unlike the User ID, which is designed to be a “permanent” characteristic of the “User” within the certain application class, Product ID is an arbitrary alphanumeric number (Serial Number, Batch Number, Tracking Number, etc.) and can be changed at any time, thus making the task of counterfeiting and copying symbols very difficult, or expensive, or both. 5 Decrypting and Authenticating Data Matrix Symbol The Decoding software decrypt symbol or checks for authenticity while extracting the information from it. icDMPS_D is built as an extension of the 2DTG’s icDMatrix-PRO SDK library and has an interface similar to it (Windows platform): There are two new fields in the “Options” section: • Signature - drop-down menu allowing to choose signature protection level • Product ID - the same parameter that was used for encoding One new field in the “Image Info” section: • User File Validation – indicates if the User File is invalid, corrupted, etc. – “Ok” in our case And there is a new “Signature Authentication” section which shows the result of authentication (OK or Failed) separately for User ID and for Product ID. icDMPS_D can run also on DSP-based platform - PlugIn to the commercially available POS scanner Honeywell Xenon 1900/1902 - making it a very convenient tool for POS inspections. 6 Xenon 1900/1902 output for the same “User” and “Product” settings looks as follows: 2DTG – Your optimum choice in robust performance USER.ID OK! Product ID , User Sign OK, Product Sign OK User Management Encoding software (icDMPS_E) comes with 2DTG’s User ID Generation software (User IDs are required for digitally signing Data Matrix symbols), and unique Master ID file. The file contains a string of 87 alphanumeric characters that are actually used for generating the User ID files that are, in turn, used for digitally signing the encoded (Data Matrix) information. The syntax of this string is as follows: Installation Key*Unique Identifier (29 characters) (58 characters) The Company can generate any number of User IDs with one Master ID that it receives from 2DTG depending on the application, which it is going to be used for. Digital Signature approach is recommended to be used within a defined circle of companies/organizations, associated by the intent to protect the integrity of a supply chain, or document exchange, or any other information exchange. Accordingly, every company/organization, belonging to this circle, should receive from the Master Company a User ID that is associated with the symbols to be protected. The user.ID file contains the string of up to 100 alphanumeric characters having syntax as follows: *User Name*689B18B4DEFF181276F245*033FA9F560B6830036CADC Up to 53 characters Unique Identifier In addition, every member of this circle should have Digital Signature enabled decoding software by 2DTG – icDMPS_D. 7 Delivery Packages Windows platform: • icDMPS_E – Software Development Kit (SDK) • Demo-applications built within the two development environments: Borland C++ Builder 3.0 and MSVS 2008 C++ and designed to demonstrate encoding, authentication and encryption functionality of the icDMPS_E SDK. • User_Gen and Master ID – User ID generating application – optional, per customer request --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• icDMPS_D SDK • Demo-application (Borland) designed to demonstrate decoding, authentication and decryption functionality of the icDMPS_D SDK. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• User’s Guide “icDM Protection Suite” Honeywell Xenon 1900/1902 platform: • icDMPS_D - MOC-file for Xenon 1900 • icDMPS_D - MOC-file for Xenon 1902 • User’s Guide “icDM Protection Suite” All packages are available in a Demo-version. It is fully functional but some characters in the decode output are replaced with asterisks. 8 Contact our US Office or visit our web-site: 8909 Cherbourg Dr. Potomac, MD 20854 USA +1-866-542-5177, ext.1000 FAX: +1-301-302-0892 © Copyright 2008-2014 2D Technology Group, Inc. All rights reserved. 2DTG and IcEveryCode are trademarks of 2D Technology Group, Inc. All contents in this document are subject to change without notice. 9




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