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这是Extra 330 KT航模图纸

Extra 330-3D Park Flyer Wing cut from one piece of 6mm Depron foam Carbon Fiber Tube .157(3.9mm). Cut a channel (per plan) on the bottom of the wing only and CA or RC-56 in place. CG Aileron control horns Aileron cut line 3mm Depron 6mm Depron reinforcer. Glue to bottom of the x-brace behind the trailing edge of wing. Landing Gear Cut side plate (xBrace) from 3mm Depron 6mm Depron optional Glue scrape Depron triangles for extra strength Wing .8mm carbon rod landing gear support/stiffener. Groove foam and glue with order-free (foam friendly) CA or JZ Products Super RC Z 56 All parts are cut from 6mm Depron unless stated otherwise NOTE: landing gear shown is not functional but is recommended for improved flight performance All airframe parts and control surfaces are cut from Deporn Foam Dashed line represents alternative cut line if 6mm side plate xBrace is used Servo cutout Elevator Servo Rudder Servo Servo cutout Denotes cut-lines Aileron Servo 3 Cell 700-1350 mAh Li-Poly Battery Initial CG 2 - 2.5” from leading edge root Reinforce carbon rod landing gear crossing with 1/32 ply AXI Brushless Motor Shown AXI 2212/34 External Rotor Brushless 1/8” light plywood radial mount, reinforced with Depron triangle stock on all 4 sides 0 1 2 Inch Scale reference, check after printing. 3 4 3 2 1 0 EXTRA 330-3 D PARK FLYER SPECS Wing Span....... 36” Length............34.5” Weight............12-13oz Power.............AXI 2212/34 Prop.............. GWS 12x4 Ch................ 4 Battery.......... 3 Cell-700 to 1350mAh-Li-Poly ® Copyright 2005 All rights reserved. rev-1.0305 FLIGHT SYSTEM RECOMMENDATIONS Rx and Servos * GWS R-4PH 4ch receiver or equivalent * 4 Waypoint W-084 Micro Servos or Hitec HS 55 Brushless Motor * AXI 2212/34 outrunner (Max 3D performance) Speed Controller * Phoenix 25amp speed controller Battery * 3 Cell 700-1350mAh-11.1v Li-Poly Prop(s) * GWS 12x6 Slow Flyer * APC 12x3.8 electric slow flyer MATERIALS LIST * Depron 6mm/3mm White ( * Carbon Fiber Tube .157(3.9mm) x 30" (wing tube) * .040 Solid Carbon Rod (push rods + stab support) or...optional 3mm flat carbon rod tab support * .080 Solid Carbon Rod (landing gear support) * Medium or Thick foam friendly CA * Foam friendly CA accelerator * JZ Products Super RC “Z’ 56 glue * 1” Self-sticking Hook & Loop (Velcro-Industrial Strength) tape * Clear packing tape * 4-E-flite Micro Control Horns No. EFLA200 OR...4 Du-Bro Micro Control Horns No. 848 * 4 Du-Bro Micro E/Z Links No. 849 * .032 wire control arms * Du-Bro RC Electric Flyer Hinge Tape (3M Blenderm) * Zagi tape for trim scheme (optional) * Straight edge razor-blades * No. 11 Xacto knife * Metal yardstick * 3M Photomount Spray Adhesive (for plan transfer to Depron) HINGE DETAIL Best results are achieved by using 1” wide Du-Bro RC Electric Flyer Hinge Tape (3M Blenderm) for all hinges. Clean all parts with rubbing alcohol before applying. Tape PUSHROD DETAIL Use on control servo arms. CA 3” of wire to 2mm carbon fiber rod, secure with 1” of heat shrinking tubing. Carbon rod fits opposite side of control arms, wire connects and holds rod in place .032 wire control rods .040 Solid Carbon Rod push rods Heat shrink tubing Design by Mickey Crawley - Plans by Steven Gibson BUILDING & FINISHING DETIALS Lightly coat back of plan parts with Spray Adhesive, apply each part to Depron. Carefully cut each part out using a straightedge and #11 Xacto. A Rotary Tool Cutting Adapter is perfect for clean easy to make grooves for Fiber Carbon rod stiffeners. Speed control, Rx and rudder/elevator servos. Note landing gear set-up Nonfunctional landing gear setup. Adds to the overall flight characteristics. Not speed control and Rx locations. Battery is on the opposite side. Colored Zagi tape works great for trim. It’s best to trim each part before assembly.




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