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hydraulic valve

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WET TYPE SOLENOID OPERATED DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVE SL Series (Wiring System: Central Terminal Box) Lower Power Solenoid Valve 30r/min 7MPa Solenoid Valve Features qVery long life eLow power consumption type. yWide-ranging backward compatibility The movable iron core of the wet type The low power for the AC solenoid makes it simple to replace previous solenoid is immersed in oil, which 9.6 W (60 Hz), DC solenoid 10 W valve models with this one. keeps it lubricated and cushions it contribute to energy conservation. Combining this valve with a modular from impact and vibration, ensuring rEasy connections valve contributes to the compact con- very long life. A special wiring box provides a COM figuration of the overall device. wLow switching noise port and indicator light as standard for uGlobal support The wet-type solenoid valve provides simple wiring and maintenance. Meets overseas safety standards very low core switching noise, for tEasy coil replacement (CE, UL, and CSA). It can be safely quite operation. A plug-in type coil enables one-touch used anywhere in the world. Contact E coil replacement. your agent for certified products. Specifications JIS Symbol Operation symbol Maximum flow rate (r/min) -A5- JIS Symbol Operation symbol Maximum flow rate (r/min) -C4- -H5- -C5- -A3X- -C6- 30 -H3X- 30 -C9- -E3X- -C6S- -C1- -C7Y- 15 -C2- Solenoid Type Maximum Working Pressure P.A.B. Ports Maximum Allowable Backpressure T Port Changeover Frequency (per minute) Standard Indicator light Surgeless Options With manual push-button Quick Return Mass (kg) Double Solenoid Single Solenoid Ambient Temperature Recommended Viscosity Range Viscosity Index Filtration Mounting bolt Tightening Torque Note) Mounting bolts are not included. AC Solenoid C1 C2 DC Solenoid Built-in Rectifier E1 D2 7MPa {71kgf/cm2} 7MPa {71kgf/cm2} 240 120 240 R G − G N − Q − 1.5 2.0 1.2 1.5 -20 to 70°C 15 to 300mm2/s {cSt} 90 or greater 25 microns or less Hex bolt with hole of 12T hardness M5 × 45 4 each 5 to 7N.m {51 to} E-31 Solenoid Valve ¡Handling zIn order to realize the full benefits of the wet type solenoid valve, configure piping so oil is constantly supplied to the T(R) port. Never use a stopper plug in the T(R) port. xEnsure that surge pressure in excess of the maximum allowable back pressure does not reach the T port. cNote that the maximum flow rate is limited when used as a four-way valve, or by blocking ports for use as a two-way valve or one-way valve. vAlways keep the operating fluid clean. (contamination level: 12 or lower) bWhen using petroleum type operating fluid, use JIS K 2213 Class 1 or Class 2, or equivalent. nUse the SS series solenoid valve when using fire resistant hydraulic operating fluid. mUse this valve only within the allowable voltage range. ,Do not allow the AC solenoid to become charged until you install the coil into the valve. .Maintaining a switching position under high pressure for a long period can cause abnormal operation due to hydraulic lockup. Contact your agent when you need to maintain a switching position for a long period. ⁄0When using a detent type (3X), use constant energization in order to securely maintain the switching position. ⁄1Note that manual pin operating pressure changes in accordance with tank line back pressure. ⁄2Use the following table for specification when a sub plate is required. Pipe Maximum flow Weight Model No. Diameter rate (R/min) (kg) MSA-01X-10 1/4 MSA-01Y-10 3/8 20 1.2 40 E ¡Solenoid Assembly Specifications Solenoid Type AC Solenoid DC Solenoid Built-in Rectifier Power Supply Type C1 C2 E1 Voltage (V) AC100 AC110 AC200 AC220 AC100 Cycles (Hz) 50 60 60 50 60 60 50/60 Solenoid Coil Type EL64-C1 EL64-C2 ELC64-E1-1A Drive Current (A) 1.30 1.10 1.30 0.65 0.55 0.65 0.11 Holding Current (A) 0.30 0.24 0.28 0.15 0.12 0.14 For 01 Holding Power (W) 12.0 Allowable Voltage Range 80 to 110 9.6 12.2 90 to 120 12.0 160 to 220 9.6 12.2 180 to 240 10 90 to 110 Allowable Pressure (MPa{kgf/cm2}) 7 {71} Insulator Resistance (MΩ) 100 or greater (500 V) D2 DC24 − ELC64-D2-1A 0.42 10 21.6 to 26.4 Note) 1.A DC solenoid surge absorption circuit is effective in preventing misoperation in sensitive relays and IC circuits. (Applicable for power supply display D”, option: G) 2.A DC solenoid RAC type (power supply E1) greatly increases the life of the contacts by eliminating contact arc without changing circuit sequence on an AC line, 50/60Hz can be used. Understanding Model Numbers SL – G 01 – A 3 X – R – C2 – 31 Design Number Power supply C: AC (50/60 Hz) C1 = AC100 V C2 = AC200 V D: For DC D2 = DC24V E: AC (Built-in rectifier; 50/60Hz) E1 = AC100V With indicator light Auxiliary symbol (Can be combined in alphabetic sequence.) G: Surgeless type (Power supply C D2 Applicable) N: With manual push-button Q: Quick return type (Available with power supple E1) Transition flow path (*3*, C7* only) X Close Y Semi-open E-32 Center position 1 AB 2 AB 3 AB 4 AB 5 AB P T(R) 6 AB P T(R) 7 AB P T(R) 9 AB P T(R) 6S AB P T(R) P T(R) P T(R) P T(R) P T(R) Note 1. P is pressure port, A and B are connection ports to cylinder. T (R) shows the connection port to the tank. Operation Method A H C E Spring Offset type Spring Center Detent b AB AB a b AB a b A Ba PT PT PT PT Nominal Diameter: 01 size Mounting method: Gasket type Machine type: SL Series wet magnetic switching valve. Solenoid Valve Options (Auxiliary Symbol) Surgeless type (Auxiliary Symbol: G) The surge pressure waveforms when the DC solenoid valve power supply is opened and closed by a relay are shown at the bottom of this block. A built-in surge absorber element eliminates sparking and surge pressure. Features ¡Surge voltage is inhibited. ¡Sparking at relay contact points is eliminated. E Spark time Standard Type Surgeless Type Manual push-button type (Auxiliary symbol: N) Push-button Can be locked by pressing the button and rotating 90°. Stroke 11. 7.5 110.5 (140.5) Note) Dimensions for the DC solenoid valve are in parenthesis. Surge absorber Full Wave Rectifier Circuit Recovery Time Limiter Circuit 30 Quick Return Type (Auxiliary Symbol: Q) SW Power supply Solenoid Handling zThis type is used in the case of power supply type E1 (with built-in rectifier) to shorten the spring return time. This also applies to D2. xThe quick return mechanism is built-in. E-33 Installation Dimension Drawings AC Solenoid SL-G01-A**-R-C*-31 SL-G01-H**-R-C*-31 Indicator light SOL b Note) The SL-G01-H**-R-**-31 solenoid, is attached to the opposite side (SOL a) as shown in the diagram. A 2-G (Previously PF) 1/2 φ 7.5 Holes for temporary nameplate or customer’s nameplate mounting holes for wiring. Recommended nameplate dimensions. Self-tapping screws for mounting; 3.5 x 10. T B P 12 φ 2.8 Indicator light SOL a 25.5 48 71.5 87 26 32 E 46 SL-G01-C**-R-C*-31 SL-G01-E**-R-C*-31 Manual push-button SOL b 66 79 48.5 127.5 φ 5.5 Solenoid Valve SOL b SOL a DC Solenoid and Rectifier SL-G01-A**-R-D/E*-31 SL-G01-H**-R-D/E*-31 SL-G01-C**-R-D/E*-31 SL-G01-E**-R-D/E*-31 79 30.5 Space required for coil removal 79 158 SOL b SOL a 37.5 For sub plate SL-G01 Model No. E MSA-01X-10 1/4 MSA-01Y-10 3/8 Gasket Surface Dimensions ( ) ISO 4401-03-02-0-94 JIS B 8355 D-03-02-0-94 60.5 Space required for coil removal 66 109 157.5 Mass 1.2kg 1.2kg 98 7.5 83 7.5 20 40.5 30.2 21.5 12.7 48.5 30 27 φ 5.5 0.75 7.5 5.1 12 15.5 25.9 31 31.75 55 70 T A B P 4 − φ 7.5 4 − M5 X 12 4 − φ 9.5X1 counterbore φ 5.5 hole B 4 − Rc“E” 7.5 71.5 41.5 11.5 T A P E-34 11.5 27.5 43.5 Solenoid Valve Wiring Diagram Ground terminal Common terminals SOL b COM SOL a SOL b Ground terminal SOL a Note) 1. In the case of a double solenoid valve, a common terminal is provided to simplify wiring. When the common terminal is not used, remove the terminal screws. 2. Use the ground terminal when grounding is required. 3. Use an M3 type as a solderless terminal. 4. Tighten terminal screws to a torque of 0.5 to 0.7Nm {5.1 to}. Electrical Circuit Diagram Type AC Solenoid Model No. SL-G01-***-R-C*-31 E Electrical Circuits 50/60Hz COM AC Solenoid Surgeless type SL-G01-***-GR-C*-31 50/60Hz COM Built-in Rectifier DC Solenoid DC Solenoid Surgeless Type SL-G01-***-R-E*-31 SL-G01-***-R-D*-31 SL-G01-***-GR-D*-31 50/60Hz COM ± COM ± COM Built-in Rectifier Quick Return Type SL-G01-***-QR-E*-31 See page E-4 for more information. E-35 Solenoid Valve Pressure Loss (MPa) Flow rate ( R /min) Performance Curves Pressure Loss Characteristics Hydraulic Operating Fluid Viscosity 20 mm2/s {cSt} {kgf/cm2} Flow Path P/A P/B A/T B/T P/T 1.4 14.3 A5 − c c − − 1.2 12.2 H5 c − − c − A3X, H3X, E3X b b e e − 1.0 10.2 e C1 c c a c − 0.8 8.2 C2 a c e c − d C4 a a c c d 0.6 6.1 c b 0.4 4.1 f a 0.2 2 C5, C6S C6 C7Y C9 c c c c − c c a a − f f e e d a a e e − E 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Flow rate ( R/min) Pressure − Flow Volume Allowable Value Operation Example b AB a b AB a b AB a Operation symbol PT PT PT A5 − B H5 B − A A3X, H3X, E3X C1, C2, C4, C5 B B C6, C9, C6S C7Y C C C A 30 B 20 C 10 0 2 4 67 {21} {41} {61} {71} Pressure (Mpa) {kgf/cm2} Switching Response Time Model No. SL-G01-**-R-C*-31 Response Time (sec) Solenoid ON Spring Return 0.010 to 0.020 0.010 to 0.020 Measurement Conditions 7MPa {71kgf/cm2} SL-G01-**-R-E1-31 0.055 to 0.080 0.150 to 0.185 20r/min SL-G01-**-(G)R-D2-31 0.055 to 0.080 0.025 to 0.035 40mm2/s {cSt} Note) 1.The switching response time changes slightly with operating conditions (pressure, flow rate, viscosity, etc.) 2. In the case of power supply type E1 (with built-in rectifier), the spring return time using Quick Return (option symbol: Q) is the same as D2. E-36 Solenoid Valve Cross-sectional Drawing SL-G01-A**-R-C*-31 13 20 14 15 16 SL-G01-C**-R-C*-31 13 20 14 15 16 10 18 11 12 6 19 17 3 1 7 4 5 8 2 SL-G01-A**-R-D/E*-31 13 20 14 15 16 11 12 9 19 5 4 SL-G01-C**-R-D/E*-31 13 20 14 15 16 17 3 1 7 18 10 E 10 18 11 12 6 19 17 3 1 7 4 5 8 2 11 12 9 19 5 4 17 3 1 7 18 10 List of Sealing Parts Part Part Name No. Type/ Part Number DC SOL AC SOL Q'ty Single Solenoid Double Solenoid 17 O-ring AS568-012(Hs90) 4 4 18 O-ring 1A-P20 1A-P18 1 2 19 O-ring 1B-P18 2 2 20 O-ring S-25 AS568-025(Hs70) 1 2 Note) O-ring 1A/1B-** indicates JIS B2401-1A/1B**. AS568 is SAE standard. Part No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Part Name Body Plug Spool Retainer A Retainer B Retainer C Spacer Spring A Spring C Nut Part No. 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Part Name Rod Solenoid guide Solenoid coil Packing Terminal box kit Nameplate O-ring O-ring O-ring O-ring E-37




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