Infineon CoolMOS 选型指导手册

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Infineon  CoolMOS  选型指导手册。


CoolMOS Selection Guide Common CoolMOS Applications and Topologies PricePerformance Optimum Performance in the following more cost sensitive applications and topologies Voltage Range CoolMOS 500V 600V CoolMOS 650V 800V 900V Product Family RDSon Range Voltage Range CE 500V 0190 3 Product Family RDSon Range Applications Market Segment C6E6 600V 0041 3 P6 0041 06 C6E6 650V 0037 06 C3 800V 0085 27 C3 900V 0120 12 CE 0190 3 C6E6 P6 C6E6 Flyback Single Stage PFC Flyback Two Stage Adapter C......

CoolMOS™ Selection Guide Common CoolMOS™ Applications and Topologies Price/Performance Optimum Performance in the following more cost sensitive applications and topologies Voltage Range CoolMOS™ 500V 600V CoolMOS™ 650V 800V 900V Product Family & RDS(on) Range Voltage Range CE* 500V 0.190 - 3 Product Family & RDS(on) Range Applications & Market Segment C6/E6* 600V 0.041 - 3 P6* 0.041- 0.6 C6/E6* 650V 0.037 - 0.6 C3 800V 0.085 - 2.7 C3 900V 0.120 - 1.2 CE* 0.190 - 3 C6/E6* P6* C6/E6* Flyback / Single Stage PFC + Flyback / Two Stage Adapter C3 C3 0.041 - 3 PFC / TTF 80+ ; PFC/LCC 90+ PC Silverbox 0.041- 0.6 0.037 - 0.6 0.085 - 2.7 0.120 - 1.2 Applications & Market Segment LCD TV LLC Halfbridge PFC / LLC Halfbridge / Resonant Half Bridge / non-isolated Buck PFC / TTF 80+ ; PFC/LCC 90+ FL Lighting / LED PC Silverbox LCD TV / Adapter Quasi Resonant Flyback LCD TV / Adapter PFC + Quasi Resonant Flyback Server / Telecom PFC / ITTF & TTF / LLC Flyback / Single Stage PFC + Flyback / Two Stage Adapter LED Quasi Resonant Flyback LCD TV LLC Halfbridge Solar Booster LCD TV / Adapter Quasi Resonant Flyback LCD TV / Adapter PFC + Quasi Resonant Flyback Solar DC/AC PFC / LLC Halfbridge / Resonant Half Bridge / non-isolated Buck FL Lighting / LED Server / Telecom PFC / ITTF & TTF / LLC Solar Booster LED Quasi Resonant Flyback Solar DC/AC includes Infineon ICs recommended (for 600V, P6 is recommended from 0.041 - 0.6 and C6 is recommended above 0.6) Best-in-Class E ciency Highest Performance CoolMOS™ recommended for the following applications and topologies Fast Body Diode Series Optimum CoolMOS™ for resonant switching topologies in the following applications CoolMOS™ CoolMOS™ Voltage Range Voltage Range 500V 600V 650V 650V Product Family & RDS(on) Range CoolMOS™ Product Family & RDS(on) Range CoolMOS™ CP Voltage Range CP C7* Voltage Range CFD2* CFDA* 0.045 - 0.600 0.045 - 0.600 500V Applications & Market Segment 600V Product Family & RDS(on) Range 0.019 - 0.230 650V CP PC Silverbox PC Silverbox PFC PFC CP C7* Server PFC 0.045 - 0.600 0.045 - 0.600 0.019 - 0.230 Applications & Market Segment PC Silverbox PC Silverbox PFC PFC HID PFC includes Infineon ICs recommended Order Number: B152-H9585-G3-X-7600-DB2013-0008 Date: 08/2013 HID PFC Telecom PFC Solar Booster Server PFC Telecom PFC Solar Booster 0.041 - 1.4 0.048 - 0.66 650V Applications & Market Segment Product Family & RDS(on) Range Server / Telecom ZVS Full-brige / LLC CFD2* Lighting HID Resonant Half Bridge Applications & Market Segment 0.041 - 1.4 UPS ZVS Full-bridge Solar DC / AC Server / Telecom ZVS Full-brige / LLC CFDA* 0.048 - 0.66 Automotive Res. Full-brg. Lighting HID Resonant Half Bridge includes Infineon ICs UPS ZVS Full-bridge recommended (for 650V, CFD2 is recommended for industrial and consumer applications and CFDA is recommended for automotive applications) Solar DC / AC All rights reserved. © 2013 Infineon Technologies AG Automotive Res. Full-brg. ThinPAK 8 x 8 TO-251 IPAK TO-251 IPAK SL short leads TO-252 DPAK TO-262 I2PAK TO-263 D2PAK TO-220 IPD50R3k0CE IPD50R2k0CE IPD50R1k4CE IPD50R950CE IPD50R800CE IPD50R650CE IPD50R500CE IPD50R380CE IPD50R280CE IPD60R3K3C6 IPD60R2K0C6 IPD60R1K4C6 IPD60R950C6 IPD60R600C6 IPD60R520C6 IPD60R380C6 IPP50R500CE IPP50R380CE IPP50R280CE IPP50R190CE IPP60R1k4C6 IPP60R950C6 IPP60R600C6 IPP60R520C6 IPP60R380C6 IPP60R280C6 IPP60R190C6 IPP60R160C6 IPP60R125C6 IPP60R099C6 IPP60R074C6 IPA50R950CE IPA50R800CE IPA50R650CE IPA50R500CE IPA50R380CE IPA50R280CE IPA50R190CE IPW50R280CE IPW50R190CE IPA60R950C6 IPA60R600C6 IPA60R520C6 IPA60R380C6 IPA60R280C6 IPA60R190C6 IPA60R160C6 IPA60R125C6 IPA60R099C6 IPW60R280C6 IPW60R190C6 IPW60R160C6 IPW60R125C6 IPW60R099C6 IPW60R070C6 IPW60R041C6 IPI60R380C6 IPI60R280C6 IPI60R190C6 IPB60R950C6 IPB60R600C6 IPB60R380C6 IPB60R280C6 IPB60R190C6 IPB60R160C6 IPB60R125C6 IPB60R099C6 IPP60R750E6 IPP60R600E6 IPP60R520E6 IPP60R450E6 IPP60R380E6 IPP60R280E6 IPP60R190E6 IPP60R600P61) IPP60R380P62) IPP60R280P62) IPP60R230P62) IPP60R190P61) IPP60R160P62) IPP60R125P62) IPP60R099P62) IPP60R600CP IPP60R520CP IPP60R385CP IPP60R299CP IPP60R250CP IPP60R199CP IPP60R165CP IPP60R125CP IPP60R099CP IPI60R600CP IPI60R520CP IPI60R385CP IPI60R299CP IPI60R250CP IPI60R199CP IPI60R165CP IPI60R125CP IPI60R099CP IPB60R600CP IPB60R520CP IPB60R385CP IPB60R299CP IPB60R250CP IPB60R199CP IPB60R165CP IPB60R125CP IPB60R099CP TO-220 FullPAK TO-247 IPA60R750E6 IPA60R600E6 IPA60R520E6 IPA60R450E6 IPA60R380E6 IPA60R280E6 IPA60R190E6 IPW60R280E6 IPW60R190E6 IPA60R600P61) IPA60R380P62) IPA60R280P62) IPA60R230P62) IPA60R190P61) IPA60R160P62) IPA60R125P62) IPA60R099P62) IPA60R600CP IPA60R520CP IPA60R385CP IPA60R299CP IPA60R250CP IPA60R199CP IPA60R165CP IPA60R125CP IPA60R099CP IPW60R280P62) IPW60R230P62) IPW60R190P61) IPW60R160P62) IPW60R125P62) IPW60R099P62) IPW60R070P62) IPW60R041P62) IPW60R299CP IPW60R250CP IPW60R199CP IPW60R165CP IPW60R125CP IPW60R099CP IPW60R075CP IPW60R045CP IPW65R280E6 IPI65R380E6 IPI65R280E6 IPB65R380E6 IPB65R280E6 IPP65R600E6 IPP65R380E6 IPP65R280E6 IPA65R600E6 IPA65R380E6 IPA65R280E6 IPP65R190E6 IPA65R190E6 IPW65R190E6 IPI65R600C6 IPI65R380C6 IPI65R280C6 IPI65R190C6 IPI65R099C6 IPB65R600C6 IPB65R380C6 IPB65R280C6 IPB65R190C6 IPD65R099C6 IPP65R600C6 IPP65R380C6 IPP65R280C6 IPP65R190C6 IPP65R099C6 IPP65R074C6 IPA65R600C6 IPA65R380C6 IPA65R280C6 IPA65R190C6 IPA65R099C6 IPW65R280C6 IPW65R190C6 IPW65R099C6 IPW65R070C6 IPW65R037C6 ThinPAK 8 x 8 RDS(on) [mΩ] 3000 2000 1400 950 800 650 500 380 280 190 IPU50R3k0CE IPU50R2k0CE IPU50R1k4CE IPU50R950CE CoolMOS™ C6 600V IPU60R2k0C6 IPU60R1k4C6 IPU60R950C6 IPU60R600C6 3300 2000 1400 950 600 520 380 280 190 160 125 99 74 70 41 CoolMOS™ E6 600V CoolMOS™ P6 600V N e w ! 230/255 190/210 160/180 600 380 280 125 99 70 41 IPL60R255P62) IPL60R210P62) IPL60R180P62) CoolMOS™ CP 600V IPL60R385CP IPL60R299CP IPL60R199CP 600 520 385 299 250 199 165 125 99 75 45 CoolMOS™ E6 650V 600/640 380/420 280/310 IPL65R640E6 1) IPL65R420E6 1) IPL65R310E6 1) 250 IPL65R190E62) 190/210 CoolMOS™ C6 650V IPS65R1k4C6 IPS65R950C6 1400 950 600 380 280 250 190 99 74 70 37 CoolMOS™ CFDA 650V N e w ! RDS(on) [mΩ] 750 600 520 450 380 280 190 RDS(on) [mΩ] 660 420 310 190 150 110 80 48 IPD60R750E6 IPD60R600E6 IPD60R450E6 IPD60R380E6 IPD60R600P61)* IPD60R380P62)* IPD60R600CP IPD60R520CP IPD60R385CP IPD65R600E6 IPD65R380E6 IPD65R250E6 IPD65R1k4C6 IPD65R950C6 IPD65R600C6 IPD65R380C6 IPD65R250C6 CoolMOS™ Product List CoolMOS™ Series Launch Date Positioning / Characteristics C3 C6 E6 P6 CE CFD CFD2 CFDA CP C7 2001 2009 2009 2012 2012 2004 2011 2012 2005 2012 General purpose, easy to use series. Replacement for C3 series . Improved cost performance, light load efficiency and body diode capability but still easy to use. Optimised C6 series to give extra efficiency in DCM applications. New series. Price/performance technology with highest efficiency. New series. New cost optimized platform conceived for price sensitive applications such as Consumer (LCD, LED, PDP TV), Lighting and PC Silverbox. Original Fast body diode series, created for resonant topologies. Replacement for CFD series. Improved cost performance, light load efficiency and ease of use in EMI and low voltage overshoot. New series. Automotive Qualified Fast Body Diode Part. Performance same as CFD 2. Aimed at high efficiency hard switching topologies. New series. Best in Class RDSon/package, for hard switching topologies such as PFC with highest efficiency. / e c i r P e c n a m r o f r e P y d o B t s a F s e i r e S e d o D i n i t s e B s s a l C Application Cost/performance PFC, PWM hard switching topologies and soft switching resonant topologies Price/performance PFC PWM hard switching and soft switching resonant topologies Price/performance PFC and PWM stage in LLC topologies (resonant switching) and TTF topologies (hard switching) Soft switching resonant topologies with hard commutation requirements requiring a fast body diode Unidirectional and bidirectional DC/DC Converter, Battery Charger, HID Lighting High efficiency PFC Best in Class Efficiency SMPS PFC and Solar Boost CoolMOS™ CE 500V N e w ! TO-251 IPAK TO-251 IPAK SL short leads TO-252 DPAK TO-262 I2PAK TO-263 D2PAK TO-220 TO-220 FullPAK TO-247 ThinPAK 8 x 8 TO-251 IPAK TO-251 IPAK SL short leads TO-252 DPAK TO-262 I2PAK TO-263 D2PAK TO-220 TO-220 FullPAK IPD65R660CFDA* IPD65R420CFDA* IPD65R1K4CFD IPD65R950CFD IPD65R660CFD IPD65R420CFD IPD65R225C7 IPD65R190C72) SPD02N80C3A) SPD04N80C3A) SPD06N80C3A) IPB65R660CFDA IPP65R660CFDA IPB65R310CFDA IPB65R190CFDA IPB65R150CFDA IPB65R110CFDA IPP65R310CFDA IPP65R190CFDA IPP65R150CFDA IPI65R660CFD IPI65R420CFD IPI65R310CFD IPI65R190CFD IPI65R150CFD IPI65R110CFD IPB65R660CFD IPB65R420CFD IPB65R310CFD IPB65R190CFD IPB65R150CFD IPB65R110CFD IPP65R660CFD IPP65R420CFD IPP65R310CFD IPP65R190CFD IPP65R150CFD IPP65R110CFD IPA65R660CFD IPA65R420CFD IPA65R310CFD IPA65R190CFD IPA65R150CFD IPA65R110CFD IPB65R225C7 IPB65R190C72) IPB65R125C72) IPB65R095C72) IPB65R065C72) IPB65R045C7 IPP65R225C7 IPP65R190C72) IPP65R125C72) IPP65R095C72) IPP65R065C72) IPP65R045C7 IPA65R125C7 3) IPA65R095C7 3) IPA65R065C7 3) IPA65R045C7 3) SPI08N80C3 SPB11N80C3A) SPB17N80C3A) SPP02N80C3 SPP04N80C3 SPP06N80C3 SPP08N80C3 SPP11N80C3A) SPP17N80C3 SPA02N80C3 SPA04N80C3 SPA06N80C3 SPA08N80C3 SPA11N80C3 SPA17N80C3 IPD90R1K2C3 IPI90R1K2C3 IPI90R1K0C3 IPI90R800C3 IPI90R500C3 IPI90R340C3 IPP90R1K2C3 IPP90R1K0C3 IPP90R800C3 IPP90R500C3 IPP90R340C3 IPA90R1K2C3 IPA90R1K0C3 IPA90R800C3 IPA90R500C3 IPA90R340C3 IPB90R340C3 TO-247 TO-247-4 IPW65R310CFDA IPW65R190CFDA IPW65R150CFDA IPW65R110CFDA IPW65R080CFDA IPW65R048CFDA IPW65R660CFD IPW65R420CFD IPW65R310CFD IPW65R190CFD IPW65R150CFD IPW65R110CFD IPW65R080CFD IPW65R041CFD IPW65R190C72) IPW65R125C72) IPW65R095C72) IPW65R065C72) IPW65R045C7 IPW65R019C7 SPW11N80C3A) SPW17N80C3A) SPW55N80C3A) IPW90R1K2C3 IPW90R1K0C3 IPW90R800C3 IPW90R500C3 IPW90R340C3 IPW90R120C3 IPZ65R095C72) IPZ65R065C72) IPZ65R045C7 IPZ65R019C7 CoolMOS™ CFD2 650V 1400 950 660/725 420/460 310/340 190/210 150/165 110 80 41 IPL65R725CFD IPL65R460CFD IPL65R340CFD IPL65R210CFD 2) IPL65R165CFD 2) N e w ! CoolMOS™ C7 650V 225/230 190/195 125/130 95/99 65/70 IPL65R230C7 IPL65R195C72) IPL65R130C7 IPL65R099C72) IPL65R070C72) 45 19 CoolMOS™ C3 800V 2700 1380 950 650 450 290 85 CoolMOS™ C3 900V 1200 1000 800 500 340 120 A) close automotive variant available, see your local sales contact for details 1) Samples available by Q2/2013 2) Samples available by Q3/2013 3) Samples available by Q4/2013 * Not halogen free







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